Music Teacher Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 30, 2023
music teacher resume
Looking for a music teacher job? Having a great resume will help secure an invitation
to interview.

This post gives in detail how to write a good resume for the music teacher job, including writing a compelling objective statements and other sections of the resume.

If you are searching for the job of music teacher, you should have it in mind that several other people are too.

Therefore, you should have a compelling resume to have an edge over others and be invited to an interview.

You may have seen many formats for writing a resume, but if you desire to land the job of music teacher; your resume should supply vital information to your prospective employer.

Information like your qualification, core competence, and experience gained so far as a teacher of music.

This post will show you how to prepare a good resume using the format with four sections, namely Objective, Core Competence, Works Experience, and Professional Qualification.

It will explain how each of the sections can be written to make it irresistible for employers not to read the entire resume and be convinced of your suitability for the job.

Let’s start with the first part of the resume, which is very vital to the effectiveness of the resume, the objective statement:

The Music Teacher Resume Objective Sections

The objective section of the music teacher resume is where to arrest the attention of your prospective employer by communicating your passion for instructing music and bringing out the musical genius in your trainees.

This kind of first impression goes a long way in enhancing your chances of getting the job.

Music, they say is the food of the soul. But being a good performer and being a good music teacher are quite different.

However, having both qualities stands you out. So ensure you communicate the tested and trusted values that make you an exceptional music teacher.

The objective section is your first contact with your would be employer, make the most of it.

Identify their specific major needs for a music teacher by carefully observing the content of their advertisement for the job.

Music teachers have various capacities, so employers seeking their service usually state the requirements and particular job description for their ideal music teacher in such advertisements.

Here are examples of music teacher objective statements you can study to write your own:

Music Teacher Objective Statement Examples for Resume:

These examples will illuminate the point and further serve as a guide in helping you create a productive objective section in your resume.

  • Seeking the position of music teacher in XYZ Music School where my exceptional ability to teach music appreciation, instrument technique, harmony, choral music, and voice enhancement techniques as commended by my past employers and students alike will be employed.
  • Seeking the job of music teacher in a growing school that offers music education where my many years of experience teaching music to various age grades both in person and in groups will be a great asset in creating a thriving music department in your school.

Please take note that the first example can only be used when applying to specific and known music institution where such vacancies exist. The second is for the general music teaching industry.

Done with the objective section, the next is the skills or competence section where we need to emphasize the skills and special attributes we have that are vital to effective performance on the job.

Core Competence Section

In the core competence section you are expected to highlight your exceptional qualities that stand you out as a music teacher; key talents, knowledge, skills, and experience.

Music is a booming and yet growing industry in many countries, especially in the United States of America. Schools, from elementary to high school are now making music an integral subject in their academic system.

So they select only music teachers that are competent in teaching music appreciation, instrumentation, choral music, harmony, voice coaching and talent grooming. Use this section to highlight your unique strengths as a music teacher.

Finished with highlighting your special skills and qualities, the section that follows provides the opportunity to show you’ve got the needed experience for the work:

Work Experience

The work experience section, which some term as professional experience or work history, is the place to instill trust in the minds of your prospective employers.

Most employers would settle for experience than mere talent. Tested hands, as they say, are trusted hands.

So use this section to state the duties and responsibilities that through performance have made you an experienced music teacher.

This section shows verifiable proof of your abilities. To maximize the benefit of this section, it is advisable to use a copy of music teacher job description when writing this section, provided the duties and responsibilities in it are in sync with your true experience.

And ensure that all verbs used in describing your current work description are in present tense while previously held positions should be in past tense. You’d be amazed at the little things that disqualify one for a job.

Now, we are on the final section, where we show our academic and other relevant trainings that qualify us for the post:

Professional Qualification

In this section, you are required to state in chronological order, your educational qualifications and all completed training programs that qualify you as a music teacher.

Music Teacher Resume Example/Sample/Template

Here, we have a complete sample resume for the job of music teacher by putting together the various sections discussed earlier.

You can use it as an example or template in making your own resume and improving your chances of getting an interview.


Gabrielle Peterson
35 Moore Street, Princeton, New Jersey. Home: (111) 555-9999, Cell: (222) 999-9999 •

OBJECTIVE: Seeking to be a music teacher in XYZ Music School where my exceptional ability to teach music appreciation, instrument technique, harmony, choral music, and voice enhancement techniques as commended by my past employers and students alike will be employed.


  • In-depth understanding of music instrumentation
  • Exciting and effective teaching skill
  • Voice coaching
  • Music arrangement technique
  • Choral music
  • An ear for sound
  • All round musical talent development


New Jersey School of Music, Medford, NJ
Music teacher

2010 – Present

  • Teach music appreciation and musical skills in accordance with the school’s curriculum
  • Give notes
  • Organize physical exercise and practice sections and then give evaluation
  • Maintain musical instruments
  • Do voice enhancement training
  • Prepare students for in-house or outdoor musical presentation


  • Princeton High School, Princeton, New Jersey, 2000
  • Columbia University, NY, Degree in music education, 2004

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