Medical Billing Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 10, 2023
Medical Billing Manager Job Description
Medical billing managers ensure maximum cash flow and provide effective leadership to the medical billing/intake department.

This post provides detailed information on the medical billing manager job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the medical billing manager role by most employers/recruiters.

What Does a Medical Billing Manager Do?

The medical billing manager is responsible for providing leadership to the medical billing/intake department comprising 15+ employees to ensure optimal cash flow, as well as improved relations with physicians, patients, and other customers.

The medical billing manager job description entails designing, executing, and ensuring policies and procedures are adhered to, as well as fine tuning effective billing/intake processes for improvement.

He/she is responsible for managing the revenue cycle, including 15+ persons and acts as the expert and go-to person in the department for all processes relating to coding and billing.

The billing manager’s role also involves planning and directing workload coding, patient insurance documentation, data processing, and billing and collection to achieve efficient account collection and accurate billing.

In collaboration with the senior management, he/she prepares and analyzes insurance contracts, weekly and monthly financial reports, and accounts receivable reports.

It is also part of his/her duties to ensure accurate collection and compilation of statistical reports.

The medical billing manager work description involves coordinating and directing the activities of the billing operations follow overall departmental protocol; and that State, Federal, and payer requirements, guidelines, and regulations are complied with.

It also involves providing effective supervision, including training, work allocation, and problem resolution to billing office personnel.

His/her tasks also involve evaluating the performance of employees and making recommendations for appropriate actions to be taken; as well as motivating personnel to achieving peak performance and productivity.

Medical Billing Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Medical billing managers perform various functions in ensuring the effective management of the medical billing/intake department.

The duties, tasks, and responsibilities commonly performed by billing managers who work in the medical field are presented in the sample job description below:

  • Perform as a practice expert at the department on all issues relating to billing and intake processes
  • Supervise the billing/intake department operations; perform duties such as charge entry, payment posting, reimbursement management, referral intake and insurance verification, claim submissions, and accounts receivable follow-up
  • Carry out audits of current procedures and processes, discover billing/intake operations areas to improve on and effect the necessary actions
  • Train, allocate work, and resolve problems among billing office personnel
  • Carry out performance evaluation of personnel and recommend necessary actions
  • Provide motivation to employees to achieve their best performance and high degree of productivity
  • Ensure quality and appropriate trainings are provided to newly hired and existing billing/intake staff through effect supervision and coordination of the training process, and by adhering to established company operating policies, procedures and systems, protocols, techniques, and standards
  • Coordinate time away requests of team members to ensure the daily functions of the department is not negatively affected
  • Carry out analysis of trends affecting coding, charges, accounts receivable, and collection, and assign manageable tasks to billing staff
  • Collaborate with other departments to get and analyze additional information about patients to be able to record and process billing effectively
  • Ensure the billing/intake department carries out all its activities in accordance with its overall protocol, and also that they complied with payer, State, and Federal requirements, regulations, and guidelines
  • Remain updated on HIPAA and all other health information management issues and regulations
  • Ensure strong team building and protocol in the billing and intake department by holding bi-weekly staff meetings
  • Give report of all concerns and issues at the department to the Director of Revenue for prompt necessary action.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Medical Billing Role

When hiring for the medical billing manager role, employers commonly require that applicants possess certain qualities, abilities, knowledge, experience, and skills to be qualified to access the position.

Below are typical employers requirements for the job of medical billing manager that applicants may be asked to fulfil before they are invited to an interview:

  • Strong experience of medical insurance/healthcare billing and collections work in a health system or medical practice
  • Possess profound knowledge and understanding of rules and regulations affecting medical billing and insurance verification
  • Considerable number of years working in a supervisory or management position
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of revenue cycle, collections and payment posting, medical billing, Medicare and Medicaid, and third party payers
  • Thorough knowledge and working experience of CPT and ICD9 codes, UB04 claim forms, HCFA 1500, HIPAA, medical terminology, appeal processes, billing and insurance regulations, and insurance benefits
  • Solid knowledge of basic accounting principles and business management to be able to effectively give direction to the billing and coding office
  • Profound knowledge of company policies and procedures to be able to provide the right answers to inquiries from all customers (both internal and external)
  • Strong negotiation skills to be able to effectively deal with customers and secure payment, as well as to be able to discuss the finances of patients
  • Possess current knowledge of technologies in the health information sector and their applications
  • Strong interpersonal skills to be able to effectively relate with the public, patients, organizations, and other employees
  • Strong skills in carrying out every part of the work process, i.e. development, implementation, and administration, effectively
  • Detail-oriented with the ability to work under pressure and frequent interruptions from staff and patients without being distracted
  • Strong ability to communicate effectively with staff, colleagues, patients, physicians, and insurers in person, over the telephone, and in writing
  • Strong proficiency in the use of Word, Outlook, Excel, and other Microsoft Office tools
  • Strong ability to display exceptional initiative and work under little or no supervision
  • Strong ability to train and supervise the work of employees; effectively organize, prioritize, and schedule tasks to ensure practice timelines are met
  • Strong ability to handle problems consisting of multiple variables in an organized manner.


If you are in the medical sector and seek to hire a billing manager for your company, the sample job description provided in this post can be useful to you in creating a good description for the role in your organization.

It is exhaustive on major duties and responsibilities of medical billing managers which you can apply as a template in creating the perfect description for the position in your company.

This article is also useful to individuals seeking careers in the medical billing management field. They will be able to have deep knowledge of what managers in charge of medical billing offices do, and so will be able to decide if that is the career they want to get into.