Medical Assistant Specialist Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Medical Assistant Specialist job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Medical Assistant Specialists perform both medical and administrative duties in support of the work of doctors and nurses. Image source:

Medical Assistant Specialist Job Description Example

What Does a Medical Assistant Specialist Do?

A medical assistant specialist is someone who executes both medical and administrative tasks in a medical establishment.

The job description for the position of medical assistant specialist usually involves ensuring that healthcare facilities operate smoothly.

He/she will work closely with the doctor in rendering assistance in medical operations such as optometry, podiatry, and ophthalmology.

Medical assistant specialists usually work as aides to doctors and nurses where they carry out specific tasks to facilitate client treatment.

After a patient’s prescription has been issued, the medical assistant specialist will help in administering the medication on him/her, instructing the patient to adhere strictly to the doctor’s advice on their medication schedule.

The specialist must endeavor to make the job of the doctor easier by getting patients ready for surgical operations. He/she will inform them of the procedure and possible reactions to expect during surgery.

His/her role also includes getting the operation room ready for use and ensuring that all tools needed are available for the doctor’s use.

Other duties medical assistant specialists perform include sterilizing the tools to prevent infection, a measure that helps in promoting good hygiene in the clinic.

After treatments have been done on patients, it will be the specialist’s job to dispose used materials and to tidy up the room.

By the nature of the medical assistant specialist’s job, he/she usually have close contact with clients who visit the hospital.

He/she will provide useful information to clients’ inquiries about clinic services and mode of operations.

His/her responsibilities will also include scheduling appointments for patients to meet with doctors, and facilitating correspondence with both the doctor and the patient to ensure that appointments are honored.

Medical Assistant Specialist Job Description Example

Here is a job description example for the position of medical assistant specialist. It shows major duties, tasks, and responsibilities commonly performed by people who work as medical assistant specialists in hospitals.

  • Great visitors and patients as they arrive at the clinic in a polite manner to make them feel welcomed; and answer telephone inquiries accordingly
  • Keep patients’ records safely in the clinic; obtain vital information from patients to fill in their personal details and health history forms for doctor’s use during treatment; and update information regularly to stay current
  • Inform patients of specimen required and direct them on their lab appointments; and collect patients’ lab results which are needed for further treatment
  • Participate in brainstorming session to generate ideas for more effective techniques in tackling specific health conditions; participate in the testing and experimentation of new strategies; observe patients closely and note the impact of said treatment to determine its efficiency or lack of it
  • Pass relevant information from the doctor regarding treatment to patients
  • Check patients’ blood pressure and temperature and take record of their health conditions as part of treatment preparatory processes, which provides the data the doctor needs for treatment
  • Assist in the creation of post treatment activities and routines for patients to hasten their recovery; maintain communication with patients and observe their recovery process
  • Participate in surgical procedures by performing non sensitive tasks, such as equipment handling, signs recording, and patient stabilization
  • Assist nurses in handling emergency cases by taking patients to the emergency room; assist in resuscitating them through administering CPR and first aid before the arrival of the doctor
  • Participate in specialized training programs so as to improve knowledge and adopt latest treatment techniques for effective treatment of patients

Medical Assistant Specialist Resume Preparation:

The sample job description shown above highlights the daily activities and responsibilities of individuals who work as medical assistant specialist. The information provided can be employed in making the professional experience part of a resume for the position.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Medical Assistant Specialist Job

The increase your chances of being selected for an interview by majority of employers for the medical assistant specialist position, you will need to develop the following skills, knowledge, and abilities, which can enable individuals to excel on the job:

  • Certification: Must have medical assisting certification from a reputable academic institution as evidence of competence on the job
  • Human relations: Must be able to relate well with people, including patients and clients, and develop cordial relationships with them to foster smooth treatment
  • Compassion: As a member of the healthcare team, you have to treat patients with compassion as this will motivate you to render effective care to them
  • Agility: The job involves lots of activities, therefore the ability to move around and get things done is important, which means you need to be in a great shape both mentally and physically to be effective on the job