Medical Administrator Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Medical Administrator job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
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Medical Administrator Job Description Example

What Does a Medical Administrator Do?

A medical administrator is a person who handles administrative duties by coordinating and managing activities in medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals.

The medical administrator job description entails managing daily operations of a medical facility and ensuring the delivering of best services at a minimal cost.

They work as the engine room of clinics, making sure that medical and administrative activities that promote the smooth running of the organization are carried out.

The medical administrator is also known as the office record keeper because they keep records of activities in the clinic.

They will keep close contact with visitors to the clinic, noting their purpose for visiting and the clinical procedures that have been administered to them.

They will document the clinic’s operations, which helps in evaluating its level of productivity, progress, and shortcoming.

The role of the medical administrator also includes coordinating visits to the clinic by scheduling clients’ appointments with doctors.

To effectively manage visitors to the clinic, the administrator has to communicate with the doctor to confirm when he/she will be available before fixing an appointment for the client to see him/her.

If there is need to reschedule or cancel an appointment the administrator will keep both the doctor and the patient informed about it well before time.

The administrator works closely with the clinic management to facilitate excellent service delivery.

They play the role of middle man between staff and the executives by informing management of staff needs that require urgent attention. A quick response to such requests by management can serve as encouragement to staff to increase their productivity.

They will also handle issues relating to staff salaries, benefits, and allowances.

Other duties administrators in medical facilities perform include collecting personal and medical data from patients, which is needed in creating their files by issuing specific forms to be filled by them.

They will brief patients on the kind of information to provide and guide them on the need to provide accurate information.

They will also verify patients’ records for authenticity to prevent fraud.

Medical Administrator Job Description Example

The duties, tasks and responsibilities that form the daily work schedule of most medical administrators are given in the job description example shown below:

  • Prepare tax reports from statements of financial transactions made in the course of the year, with details of billing and receipts as evidence; present the reports to relevant authorities for proper taxation records
  • Perform front desk duties such as answering telephone inquiries and relaying calls to the right department, and issuing forms to visitors to fill; send mails to clients and to relevant organizations
  • Create synergy between all departments in the clinic through effective communication with staff members; entertain their complaints and appreciate the challenges they face on the job; proffer solutions to the problems that may arise at workplace
  • Promote productivity by making information and documents needed for execution of duties available to staff
  • Evaluate staff performance periodically and ensure that remunerations and other benefits are paid as at when due
  • Make arrangements for staff training to enhance their technical know-how on the job and improve service delivery in the clinic with reputable training institutions
  • Assist clients in filling insurance documents; provide medical records as evidence for the procurement of insurance benefits
  • Prepare expense reports from details of purchases made and patients’ treatment records

Making a resume for the position of medical administrator:

Certain sections, like the job experience section of a resume for the position of medical administrator can be completed using the statements on work activities in the sample job description given above.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for the Medical Administrator Position

Individuals aspiring to work as an administrator in a medical establishment should develop the following skills, which have been proven to boost productivity on the job:

  • Managerial skills: This is required to be able to collate records of various departments when preparing reports and evaluating performances
  • Organizational skills: This is key to be able to collect, sort, and arrange documents accordingly, and to keep them safe and accessible only to authorized persons
  • Knowledge of arithmetic: This helps to be able to calculate and equate figures effortlessly, which is required to get the job done faster and more accurately
  • High level computer literacy: This is needed to be able to record operational and financial activities of the clinic with specialized programs so as to achieve its goals for effective record keeping
  • Multitasking: This skill is needed to perform several assignments together without making mistakes