Medical Assistant Instructor Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Medical Assistant Instructor job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Medical Assistant Instructors provide training and mentoring to young medical assistants. Image source:

Medical Assistant Instructor Job Description Example

What Does a Medical Assistant Instructor Do?

A medical assistant instructor is a person who trains and mentors students in schools and colleges, with the aim of getting them ready for a medical assisting career.

The medical assistant instructor job description entails simplifying complex terms and procedures, to the lowest level of understanding, so that students can have better grabs of the concepts.

In order to educate students effectively, he/she must not only have a reservoir of knowledge of the medical assistance practice, but must also be able to pass this knowledge across to the students, specializing in a particular course or a variety of courses in either administrative or clinical section.

As a teacher, the instructor has to equip him/herself with teaching techniques that will guaranty transfer of knowledge to the students.

This means he/she has to come up with creative and interactive teaching methods that will engage students in practical terms to bring out the best in them as future medical assistants.

The role of the instructor of medical assistant program will also include designing course work and activities that make learning more effective and easier for students.

The job entails a practical test of knowledge, thus, the instructor must constantly engage in self study to improve his/her skills, in order to competently teach the students, and properly answer questions asked, to their understanding.

Medical Assistant Instructor Job Description Example

The medical assistant instructor job description example shown below presents the major duties, tasks and responsibilities usually performed by people working in that position.

  • Teach specified subject(s) in the medical assistant curriculum for students’ comprehension. This entails having a strong understanding of the topics to be taught, and preparing well for lectures
  • Go through the curriculum and make useful suggestions on possible ways to improve on them to foster effective learning
  • Prepare detailed lecture notes on each topic to be taught, in line with acceptable standards in the institution and deliver lectures in class with authority on the given topic
  • Carryout research on topics to identify various insights and angles in the medical assistant field, to make students versatile in discharging their duties on the job
  • Create room for interaction and students’ participation in class to x-ray different opinions on a given topic
  • Administer tests and assignments to students to assess their understanding of topics they have taken, as well as to measure the efficiency of the teaching methods adopted
  • Participate in meetings and trainings organized by industry associations to equip practitioners with latest trends and practices in the medical assistant field, and transfer acquired knowledge to students
  • Personally supervise academic activities of students to ensure they are doing well, and to put them through where they are experiencing difficulties
  • Promote the use of technology in teaching, such as ICT facilities and libraries
  • Counsel students on their career choices, informing them of best opportunities and career paths to follow
  • Evaluate students’ performances and create effective means of rewarding excelling students, while encouraging those not doing so well, by working with them to improve their academic performances
  • Make reading materials and textbooks available to students to encourage personal learning and extensive reading

Medical Assistant Instructor Resume Preparation

A resume will be needed if you are applying for the job of instructor in a medical assistant program.

To make a resume for the position, the sample job description given above can provide the right information for creating the work experience part of the resume.

Requirement – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for the Post of Medical Assistant Instructor

The skills, knowledge and abilities usually required by employers to be considered for hiring as instructor of medical assistants include the following:

  • Must have qualified as Certified Medical Assistant (CMA): Obtaining this qualification from an approved institution is mandatory
  • Good communication skills: This is very important to be able to interact with students, knowing their academic needs and reaching out to them to solve their academic challenges
  • Human relations: There has to be a healthy teacher-student relationship in order to foster learning and create conducive learning environment
  • Leadership skills: As a teacher, you need to win students respect by having things under control, with firm, but gentle approach. This entails leading by example by showing students good traits to emulate