Telecommunications Integration Engineer Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Telecommunications Integration Engineer job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Telecommunications Integration Engineers supervise the design and implementation of clients’ focused solutions. Image source:

Telecommunications Integration Engineer Job Description Example

What Does a Telecommunications Integration Engineer Do?

The job description of the telecommunications integration engineer involves assisting in running tests on various mobile and host computing platforms.

The individual holding this position will have the opportunity to be part of his/her company’s leadership project team.

It is therefore required for the engineer to be able to run test cases on the basis of top level instructions, and also carry out explanatory examination on test cases so as to expand coverage where required.

He/she must find it convenient operating in a laboratory setting which will involve setting up and handling defined tests, and carrying out examinations on protocols and advanced multiple platforms.

The telecommunications integration engineer will supervise the enhancement, execution, and design of a client focused solution based on specified prerequisites, defined within a contract.

The role of this engineer also includes rendering assistance to the project manager in compiling required resources to complete technical work package.

Most times, technical risk is handled by the telecommunications integration engineer, which he/she is expected to resolve accordingly applying appropriate skills and experience.

To be effective in an organization with global reach and outstanding benefits, applicants for this position must be willing to enlarge their operation capacity and travel quite often.

Telecommunications Integration Engineer Job Description Example

Here is an example of the job description of an individual working as telecommunications integration engineer.

It shows important duties, tasks, and responsibilities that form the daily work activities of the perform holding the position in most companies.

  • Outline and review departmental records, which include total network assessment and voice system appraisals
  • Perform liaison duties, including providing daily support and essential telecommunications activities to customers
  • Suggest equipment and solutions to technical network problems, to enhance customers’ business needs
  • Carryout business correspondences with customers on projects
  • Organize customer meetings and individual presentations for the communication systems
  • Prepare reports and presentations to both internal management and direct clients
  • Provide mentoring to less experienced members of the team
  • Work on client requests for support in terms of helping out with telephony, sudden changes, maintenance, and repair issues
  • Actively participate in reporting and supervising telephony systems, network nodes, and other associated voice equipment

Telecommunications Integration Engineer Resume Preparation

When writing a resume for the position of engineer specializing in telecommunications integration, the job experience section of the resume can be made with information from the sample job description given above.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – for the position of Telecommunications integration Engineer

Individuals aspiring to the position of telecommunications integration engineer are expected to possess the following skills, abilities, and knowledge base, which are essential to effectively function on the job:

  • A minimum of five years system testing and integration experience
  • Possession of outstanding written and verbal communication skills, as well as having strong interpersonal skills
  • Self motivated individual, with great confidence working with diverse stakeholder groups
  • Ability to read and comprehend technical information and give explanation to management in a brief and clear manner
  • Strong knowledge and experience in testing intricate systems configuration, and in integrating software and communications protocols involving non-real time settings into systems
  • A first degree in computer/ electrical engineering; a Master’s degree will be preferable
  • Strong experience working on telecommunication systems integration
  • Must be eligible to acquire passport and other necessary documents for international travel as may be required
  • Possess the ability to communicate effectively in English language, in addition to having multilingual skills