Medical Support Assistant Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | July 14, 2023
Medical Support Assistant Job Description
Medical support assistants perform clerical and administrative duties in support of the work of physicians and other medical staff.

This post provides detailed information on the medical support assistant job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

What Does a Medical Support Assistant Do?

The medical support assistant job description entails providing clerical and administration support to physicians and other medical staff.

By performing some of the administrative or clerical work required by the physician or other persons, including supervisors, the medical support assistant plays their part in ensuring patients get quick service and properly treated.

The medical support assistant provides such support and services to the physician, including working with administrative staff to keep and maintain medical records.

They assist the physician by completing clerical tasks such as preparing reports, bills of health, and maintaining file systems.

Medical support assistants perform duties that contribute towards a successful hospital or clinic operation, such as maintaining a clean environment and providing supplies and materials.

This position performs duties in a manner that will not disturb or disrupt the physician’s work.

Following federal and state requirements for health workers with regard to protection of workers’ rights and immunizations, as applicable, is a very important part of their duties.

The medical support assistant is conscientious in taking care of patient and other human resources, including providing courtesy to others.

It is also their responsibility to follow all applicable safety regulations, protocols, and policies as prescribed by supervisors.

More on Medical Support Assistant Job Description

The medical support assistant is responsible for assisting other doctors and staff by providing related services within the scope of the job description.

It is also their duty to assist other physicians by performing clinical tasks, such as taking vital signs, recording intake and output, administering medications as directed, and collecting specimens for laboratory tests.

They help the physician by maintaining a clean and safe environment in the office setting.

Supporting other physicians by performing housekeeping tasks, including general maintenance and cleaning of equipment, medical supplies, rooms, labs and offices is part of their tasks.

The medical support assistant reports to the supervisor any unusual problems which may arise and resolves minor issues regarding patient care or service.

It is their responsibility to provide clerical and/or administrative support to the physician, other medical personnel and/or hospital staff.

Medical Support Assistant Job Description Sample/Example/Template

The medical support assistant job description involves the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Provide trained medical support staff (medical assistants) to patients who require assistance with physical, sensory or mental aid and comfort
  • Apply the proper techniques of medical assistances to provide care while in a patient’s home, hospital or clinic
  • Assist physicians, nurses, dentist and other medical staff who perform procedures such as examinations and treatments; prepare patients for tests; coordinate patient therapies; schedule appointments; delegate health care tasks to personnel and participate in the development of patient programs that promote overall well-being
  • Maintain confidentiality standards with respect to health information about patients and maintain all related laws requiring notice of disclosure and access
  • Receive, complete, and maintain all medical records required for patient case management
  • Coordinate and execute therapeutic programs, such as exercise routines, for patients in need of rehabilitation; furnish additional instruction to patients who require further training after discharge from a facility and arrange for health assessments of more complex needs to be provided by other health care professionals
  • Deliver medical information to patients’ families and/or guardians, who may be involved in the patient’s care

More on Medical Support Assistant Job Description

  • Assist in preparing and maintaining facilities, equipment, supplies and medications.
  • Assist patients with activities of daily living that are physically or mentally challenging, such as bathing, dressing and walking; promote adequate nutrition by supplying food or drink to the patient; assist with simple meal preparation when required; use equipment to monitor vital signs or administer injections, if needed
  • Coordinate medications dispensed by physicians with patients’ treatments scheduled by other health care professionals to ensure compatibility with other therapies and prevent potential side effects related to drug interactions
  • Maintain positive relationships with patients, their families, other health care professionals, volunteers and the public by promoting confidence in the quality and professionalism of services provided
  • Participate in educational and developmental activities to improve education and professional growth to provide continuity of care.

Medical Support Assistant Job Description for Resume

 If you are writing a resume or CV as someone who has worked before as a medical support assistant or presently on the job, you can make a compelling Professional Experience section for your resume by applying the above medical support assistant job description sample.

From using the medical support assistant duties and responsibilities above, you can create a very impressive Professional Experience for your resume that shows that you have been successful on the job.

This can help you get an interview invitation from the employer, especially if the new job that you are seeking requires someone with some medical support assistant work experience.

Medical Support Assistant Job Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, Abilities for Career Success

Here are general requirements you may be expected to meet to be hired for a medical support assistant position:

Ability to:

  • Work in a fast-paced environment and perform assigned tasks with minimal supervision
  • read and write English, including verbal and written communication skills, including the terminology and language of health care
  • work well with groups of two or more people in a highly interactive environment
  • use and maintain a variety of office machines (copier, fax machine, PC and modem
  • learn job-specific computer software applications (all on Microsoft Windows operating system) within one year from hire date
  • work a varied schedule of nights, weekends, holidays and overtime during peak times
  • lift up to 50 pounds without assistance, frequent bending, kneeling and walking for the duration of an 8-hour shift
  • organize thing and people and give attention to detail.


  • strong interpersonal skills
  • excellent verbal communication skills – noted as being effective and professional in all interactions with patients, staff and members of the public
  • High School Diploma or a general education degree.

Medical Support Assistant Salary

The average salary for a medical support assistant is $42,713 ( and $51,704

( annually.

The top paying cities according to Indeed, are Washington, DC, $59,210; San Diego, CA, $55,506; Atlanta, GA, $54,411; Dallas, TX, $53,933; and Richmond, VA, $52,826 per year.

Zippia reports that there are currently over 24,950 medical support assistants working in the United States.

Women make up 75.1% of all medical support assistants, while men make up 24.9%.

An employed medical support assistant is 47 years old on average.

White (74.5%) is the most common ethnicity among medical support assistants, followed by Black or African American (10.8%), Hispanic or Latino (9.0%), and Asian (3.3%).


If you are interested in becoming a medical support assistant, you should have an interest in the medical field and a caring personality.

You must be a team player with great communication abilities. We hope this post has helped in your understanding of the job description for a medical support assistant.

This post is also helpful to employers/recruiters in making a description for the medical support assistant position in their organizations, for use in recruiting for the role.

They can apply the sample medical support assistant job description provided above.