McDonalds Service Crew Job Description Example

By | August 29, 2023
McDonalds Service Crew job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
McDonalds Service Crew members ensure customers get the best of service from the restaurant. Image source:

McDonalds Service Crew Job Description Example

What Does a McDonalds Service Crew Do?

A McDonalds service crew member is employed by the fast food restaurant for the purpose of promoting the organization’s relationship with its clients.

He/she is among the first sets of people the client will meet once they enter into the restaurant environment,.

The McDonalds service crew member job description entails shoring up the image of the company towards improving on profit making through top level customer service delivery.

They are expected to be the exact image of top customer service and to possess required skills in this regard.

His/her role also entails serving the customer in accurate and fast manners. He/she is also required to show genuine sensitivity to the needs of the individual customer.

A high level of hygiene and cleanliness is required for the service crew member to possess; he/she should be exceptionally clean and hygienic in conduct. They must always act in line with the high standards laid down by the restaurant.

In order to ensure consistent adherence to company’s cleanliness rules, McDonalds usually take some time to train newly employed service crew member on how to ensure adherence to laid down rules regarding handling of various chemical cleaning products and cleaning utensils.

The service crew member is also trained regarding the correct use of protective equipment.

The work description of the McDonalds service crew member is primarily to deliver exceptional customer service experience to the clients every time, towards ensuring repeated patronage.

He/she is expected to get the laid down tasks and responsibilities done in line with the values of McDonalds restaurants and to also adhere to the procedures and policies laid down by the restaurant.

The service crew member should carry out duties in his/her job description in a safe and consistently clean environment.

He/she must follow every hygiene, sanitation and food safety practices and requirements laid down by the outlet.

He/she should be on hand to welcome all clients with ready and genuine smiles each time a customer steps into the restaurant.

He/she should only be focused on meeting the needs of customers always. If he/she encounters any difficulty while carrying out his/her assigned duties, such should be reported to the appropriate manager.

The McDonalds service crew member should have good understanding of the Hazard Log and how to use the log to assess and identify various hazards.

Every illnesses and injury related to his/her work at the restaurant must be reported to the appropriate quarters and such reports must be made as early as possible.

The service crew member should always put on personal protective equipment provided by the company and also follow laid down procedures while carrying out assigned tasks.

He/she must be able to work as member of a team, since each crew member will have to look out for the others.

He/she should carry out his/her duties without putting visitors, contractors or customers at risk of illness or injury.

The service crew member must always be on recommended uniform, punctual to work, and well groomed.

He/she must understand the procedures, policies and modes of operation of McDonalds; as well as understand what the Open Door policy of the restaurant is and to abide by it.

McDonalds Service Crew Job Description Example

Working as a service crew member at McDonalds will see you performing various tasks, duties, and responsibilities, such as those shown in the following job description example:

  • Promote teamwork towards achieving the business goals of the restaurant
  • Assist other crew members whenever called upon to do so
  • Demonstrate proper procedure on constant basis
  • Understand the contents of the Crew Essentials handbook provided by McDonalds and consistently follow the instructions laid out in it
  • Follow the instructions as laid down by the licensee, manager, crew trainer or any other authorized person
  • Act as McDonalds brand ambassador every time and everywhere.

Requirements -Skills, Knowledge, abilities – for McDonalds Service Crew Role

The job of a member of a service crew at McDonalds can be tough, but having the following skills, abilities, and knowledge, you are sure of making success of it:

  • Ability to deliver accurate, friendly, and fast customer service
  • Ability to adhere to performance standards of the restaurant for the crew station according to directions of the shift manager
  • Ability to maintain kitchen and operational area cleanliness to ensure provision of constant convenience and comfort for the clients
  • Ability to work as member of a team
  • Ability to follow directions and instructions regarding new procedures and products to the letter
  • Ability to follow laid down standards for raw and finished products to ensure consistent cleanliness, service speed, and quality
  • Pre-employment tests: To be hired as a service crew at McDonalds, you may be required to take certain assessment tests that seek to confirm if you are well suited for the job or not. Learn about job assessment tests and how to make top scores in them.