Walmart Cashier Job Description Example

By | August 29, 2023
Walmart Cashier job description, duties, tasks, and responsbilities
The Cashier at Walmart performs a lot of financial and accounting duties.
Image: Inside Walmart West Plains

Walmart Cashier Job Description Example

What Does a Walmart Cashier Do?

Walmart cashiers have the responsibility of overseeing the various financial and accounting aspects of the sales outlet.

The Walmart cashier job description usually entails handling of cash register, ringing up sales, and processing of payments. It also involves applying discount and scanning of coupons.

He/she is equally required to participate in a number of customer service provisions along with the customer care agents of the sales outlet.

His/her role may also involve answering questions clients may pose regarding the services being provided by the company.

The cashier is usually the first point of call when clients enter Walmart, and so should be prepared to attend to their inquiries, such as information about ongoing promotions, store policies, and merchandise.

The Walmart cashier may be employed either on part- or full-term basis. If he/she improves in terms of experience and knowledge regarding the outlet’s operations, he/she may get promoted to a managerial status in the company.

The cashier is usually required to work at checkout aisles and this is usually located at the frontends of the store.

Other duties and responsibilities usually contained in the Walmart cahier’s work description include assisting stock and sales associates, especially during slow hours, and checking out customers and ensuring that items bought are properly totaled.

The Walmart cashier should be ready to work at very fast pace, especially during holiday sessions when people would have more time to visit the store.

The working environment is always friendly and this act as encouragement for the newly employed.

As part of his/her duty, the Walmart cashier should also be jovial and have listening ears for everything customers have to say; this further raises the bar regarding the store in the minds of its clients.

In order to make things easy for applicants for the role of cashier at Walmart, the job interview is usually done online.

The prospective employee will have to undertake an assessment test and this will determine if he/she gets employed or not.

The cashier should be ready to contribute positively to the progress of the store in his/her own little way; in fact, this point will be stressed during the interview.

He/she should be able to do proper record keeping and also be an organized individual.

He/she should listen and follow instructions as laid down by superior officers in the restaurant.

He/she must be warm towards customers and welcome them jovially, and also ensure security devices on items and bags are deactivated.

The Walmart cashier may not be able to do all the tasks alone during rush hours, therefore, the store would usually make baggers available to help in loading and packing the items purchased by customers.

Some items are restricted to certain age limit and it is the responsibility of the Walmart cashier to check if the customer has attained the age limit before he/she is allowed to purchase such a restricted item.

Walmart Cashier Job Description Example

Walmart is a busy place where so many people visit to shop. If you are thinking of working there as a cashier, you should be prepared to attend to lots of people on daily basis.

Here is a job description example to show you the kind of duties, tasks, and responsibilities you will likely be expected to perform at Walmart as a cashier:

  • Make total and also itemize products purchased
  • Record departments and prices of items, and also record both taxable and nontaxable items
  • Operate cash register
  • Record changes in price using special sales bulletins and price sheets as references
  • Redeem coupons to discount purchases
  • Receive payment from customers via charge payment, check or cash
  • Provide change on items sold to cash customers
  • Operate authorization systems for credit card and record the number on driver’s license to verify credit acceptance
  • Count cash received at the start and end of work shift in order to balance cash drawer
  • Ensure clean and safe working environment and report to superior any challenge unable to handle in the course of work
  • Comply with all procedures and policies lay down by the store management.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Wal-Mart Cashier Role

The following abilities, knowledge and skills will help you succeed as a cashier at Walmart:

  • Education: High School Diploma or its equivalent
  • Possess sound knowledge about cashier job and the modes of operation of Walmart stores.
  • Possess high level of professionalism in handling customers
  • Ability to work as a member of a group
  • Ability to remain calm even when working under pressure
  • Possess skills in relevant computer applications
  • Possess excellent communication skills – both verbal and written
  • Possess good knowledge of Walmart to be able to respond effectively to queries posed by customers
  • Possess great attention to details
  • Possess top notch skill in General Mathematics
  • Pre-employment tests: Walmart may require that you take an assessment test to confirm your ability to succeed in this job.
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