Publix Customer Service Staff Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | October 18, 2023
Publix Customer Service Staff Job Description
The Publix customer service staff assists customers with their orders. Image source:, Joni Hanebutt/Shutterstock.

This post provides detailed information on the Publix customer service staff job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to meet to be hired for the customer service staff role at the Publix supermarket.

What Does a Publix Customer Service Staff Do?

A Publix customer service staff is responsible for the pickup and drop off of customers’ groceries.

The Publix customer service staff job description entails helping those who have not eaten before at the store to decide which variety of food they should order (pizza, salad, etc.).

It also involves offering assistance when customers have problems with their orders or questions about where it’s located.

The customer service staff also states that you should make a list of what you need and then order it early so there is enough time to prepare.

They will give the weight for each item as well as count the money in case there is no sales person on duty.

Publix customer service staff also assist customers who don’t know how to use the self-checkout machine, they will teach them how to use it and help them to complete their transaction.

Their duties also involve answering questions about seasonal products, because sometimes it’s hard for customers to identify them.

Monitoring inventory and making sure that there are enough items in stock for customers to purchase is another responsibility of the Publix customer service staff.

They also help to package customers’ groceries and give receipt to them.

The Publix customer service staff work description also include washing customers’ car seat or bumper if need be, and getting an ice scraper or ice pick if customers should have one.

It also involves selling newspapers to customers or getting them some self-care products, such as shampoo, conditioner, and lotions.

Offering assistance when customers need direction to the store or about the store layout is another task that the customer service staff performs at the Publix store.

They are also responsible for taking care of customers’ special requests, such as getting a broken item replaced, emptying customers’ shopping cart items, and getting a catalogue out if customers want to order something that Publix store doesn’t have in stock.

It is also the duty of the Publix customer service staff to track down items that are not kept properly and adjust them for the customer (when its lost).

Publix Customer Service Staff Job Description Sample/Example/Template

The Publix customer service staff job description consists of the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Provides general customer service
  • Retails groceries and food products
  • Receives, verifies, and processes payment by customers
  • Greets customers, provides assistance, and corrects problems
  • Serves as a liaison between the store and its management on product distribution, stocking requirements and other general situations
  • Sets up store displays according to company policy
  • Escorts shoppers to designated departments within the store
  • Provides assistance to customers with their carts or personal items  
  • Refers problem cases to other departments within the store (Customer Service)  
  • Assists in maintaining a courteous and professional approach to customers of all ages
  • Adheres to company policy, safety regulations and Publix store procedures in all situations
  • Keep appearance clean and neat all the time
  • Observes safety protocols associated with the handling of tobacco products, alcohol or firearms that may be carried by customers or potential customers
  • Completes any required training taught in the Publix Customer Service System program.

Publix Customer Service Staff Job Description for Resume

If you have worked previously as a customer service staff at the Publix supermarket or are presently working in that role and are making a new resume or CV, then you can craft a compelling Professional Experience section for your resume by applying the Publix customer service staff job description example provided above.

You can highlight the major duties and responsibilities you have performed or are currently performing as a customer service staff at the Publix store by utilizing the ones provided in the sample job description above.

This will show that you have been effective performing the duties and responsibilities of the Publix customer service staff job, which can greatly influence the hiring manager to granting you an interview and hiring you, especially if the new position that you are seeking requires someone with some Publix customer service staff work experience.

Publix Customer Service Staff Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

Here are important requirements candidates may be asked to fulfill to be hired for the Publix customer service staff role:

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • At least graduate of high school with a diploma or equivalent certificate
  • Preferably a college degree and other certifications in the related field
  • Computer skills are a plus but not necessary
  • Has the ability to multi-task and has excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Is articulate, well spoken with a pleasant phone voice (useful in recording messages)
  • Good customer service skills and provide vital information for customers about the store layout, products, specials, etc.
  • Must have and maintain a clean, professional appearance at all times
  • Good physical condition  (able to lift 30 pounds without assistance)
  • Ability to work within a strict code of conduct and a controversial policy that sets rules that must be followed by all in the store and customer service position
  • Must be willing to work at all Publix stores nationwide
  • Ability and willing to work weekends, holidays and all scheduled company holidays that suit company’s customers’ needs
  • Willing to work overtime as needed, such as after store hours on Fridays and Saturdays
  • A good attitude and positive outgoing personality towards customers
  • Must ensure that all safety regulations, policies, and procedures are followed in the same manner as required by the Publix policy.

Publix Customer Service Staff Salary

The average Publix customer service staff salary is $26,965 per year, according to Glassdoor. Publix customer service salaries range from $18,570 to $37,836 per year.


The Publix employee who is part of the Publix customer service team takes pride on their job because they know that they are helping individuals and families.

This post is helpful to individuals interested in the customer service staff career at Publix. They will be able to learn all they need to know about the duties and responsibilities that Publix customer service staff do.

It is also beneficial to recruiters/employers in similar industry to Publix in making a detailed job description for the customer service staff position, for use in hiring competent individuals for the role.