Manager Technical Accounting and Reporting Job Description Example

Technical Accounting and Reporting  Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Technical Accounting and Reporting Managers offer assistance on complex accounting matters. Image source:

Manager Technical Accounting and Reporting Job Description Example

The manager technical accounting and reporting is a staff whose role in an organization includes offering assistance on intricate accounting matters for the current and existing accounting standards, prominently in income taxes, revenue recognition and acquisition accounting.

He/she takes active part in implementation and unification functions such as in acquisition accounting, fair value, appraisal and affiliated techniques.

The job description for this position entails functioning with foreign and external auditors, and advisors, as well as business personnel.

The individual on this job will offer assistance in omissions during yearly audit and evaluations performed quarterly, to guarantee prompt completion.

The individual working as a technical accounting and reporting manager will be responsible for functioning in operations related to quality review, research development, preparation and circulation of information for incorporated ledgers and accounting affiliated with important business areas.

He/she will assist in the quarterly closure for the organization’s SEC filings and function with management to assess balances and transactional operations to guarantee they are recorded or stated in the monetary records according to conventionally recognized accounting principles and in line with reporting prerequisites.

The duties here will also involve offering precise and up to date accounts of existing performance according to organization procedures.

The manager carries out specialized project work and assessment as orchestrated by finance management.

He/she will transmit results as necessary while connecting with clients to enhance the development of diverse project works.

Job Description Example for the Manager Technical Accounting and Reporting Position

The job description example below shows a list of duties, tasks, and responsibilities that an individual in the position of manager technical accounting and reporting would be expected to carry out:

  • Collaborate with diverse parties, including external reporting staff, corporate controllers, and others in guaranteeing all applicable accounting matters and intricate operations are identified, settled, and documented
  • Give support to company-wide educational work on monetary and accounting related matters, including current accounting principles or new corporate procedures
  • Convey fresh ideas and innovations of accounting utmost practices and latest business trends
  • Organize and give support to other initiatives as demanded with accounting inferences
  • Decide and suggest fundamental accounting framework and controls required for initiatives
  • Render assistance in organizing specialized projects such as internal DPSG audits, as well as external audits
  • Participate in discussing generally approved accounting theories and other company’s monetary policies.

The above technical accounting and reporting manager job description sample can also be used in writing a resume for the position.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – for the position of Manager Technical Accounting and Reporting

The skills, abilities, and knowledge base necessary to perform the obligations of a manager technical accounting and reporting with utmost effectiveness will include but are not limited to the following:

  • An Undergraduate degree from an accredited college in courses like finance or accounting with a functioning CPA license
  • A minimum of eight years workable experience with six of the years functioning actively in a reputable accounting corporation as a senior manager
  • Commendable written and oral presentation and interaction skills
  • Must be confident, be a self starter, often at peace, working self reliantly and as an instructor of a cross functional unit
  • Excellent technical accounting aptitude in addition to skills in constructively unifying accounting principles with real life organizational goals
  • Professional competence in developing and executing procedures and regulations that will adhere to company guidelines.

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