Limousine Driver Job Description Example

Limousine Driver job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Limousine Drivers ensure their guests get receive pleasurable experience on the trip.

Limousine Driver Job Description Example

What Does a Limousine Driver Do?

A limousine driver is responsible for providing comfortable and safe transportation to company guests to and from assigned locations.

His/her job description entails providing exceptional guest service, and upholding enviable integrity, dedication to duty, and ethical standards.

In most leisure and entertainment companies, limousine drivers are important part of their success.

Whenever one boast about being a limo driver, the first question that pops up is usually – what is so special about being a limo driver?

Limo is not just any vehicle, it is a special car. A limo driver ought to be special in a way.

He/she is expected to possess special skills over and above those required of a regular driver.

He/she is also expected to perform some special tasks over and above the duties of a regular driver.

So, if your aim is to become a limo driver, you may as well consider the qualities and duties listed in this post.

To be a limo driver, you must be trained. No big training is required if you already know how to drive.

However, most limo companies offer special training to their drivers upon employment to ensure they perform their roles excellently well.

The driver is also expected to have a valid driver’s license. In some countries or regions, special license (limo license) is required.

Asides good skills, expansive knowledge of road signs, traffic rules, and safety procedures are also necessary attributes that a limousine driver should have.

Needless to say, he/she must always appear dapper – neatly pressed suit, cut and combed hair, clean fingernails, and of course, polished shoes.

He/she should be able to sustain a meaningful conversation with their passengers to make their trip enjoyable.

The driver must have in-depth knowledge of routes within the region he/she operates in, read map and chart routes for travels, and must be able to use GPRS to chart routes and locate places.

He/she must also have in-depth knowledge of all traffic laws and road sign, and obey them.

He must be able to sustain a meaningful conversation with a client.

Additionally, there are other essential qualities required of a limo driver that we will highlight in a later section. But before that, let us consider the essential duties and responsibilities that usually make up the work description of limo drivers.

Limousine Driver Job Description Example

The job description example below highlights the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities of limousine drivers, which you will be expected to perform if hired for the role:

  • Report to the office or garage daily for work
  • Pick up clients and safely convey them to their destinations
  • Introduce self in a friendly but professional manner to each client
  • Open the door for the client to enter or exit the limo
  • Vacuum clean the interior of the limo and ensure that the external is properly washed and shined before and after each duty
  • Carry out regular inspection on the limo before and after each run
  • Help clients to load and unload their luggage
  • Collect all extra charges from clients when ordered to do so the manager or dispatcher
  • Listen and answer all questions from clients as intelligently as possible
  • Assist guests to get in and out of the car when needed
  • Inspect the limo regularly and perform minor repairs and, maintenance
  • Run errands for guests when necessary.

Limousine Driver Resume Preparation

Are you seeking the job of a limo driver? If you are and you are trying to prepare a resume, the sample job description shown above can be of help to you.

The functions of the position stated in the work description can conveniently be used in making the professional experience part of the resume, which provides proof of your ability to do the job effectively.

Essential Qualities and Skills Required of a Limousine Driver

A limo driver will need to develop the following skills and qualities to be effective on the job:

  • Good driving skill: No company wants to have their costly sedan bashed by a reckless driver. Worst still, no company wants to lose their customers’ trust. So, most limo or leisure companies only hire experienced and skilled drivers. Hands-on experience driving either a sedan or other types of vehicle is necessary. In addition, he/she must have a clean driving record. He/she must be careful and patient behind the wheel and must know routes to maneuver traffic congestion seamlessly
  • Punctual: Most limo drivers are employed by limo services or leisure companies. So, punctuality is expected from the driver when going to work and when scheduled to meet a client. Clients pay premium fees for the limo experience and usually on appointment for an occasion or meeting. Arriving late for appointments will mean that your client may also go late for his or her appointment.
  • Effective communication and friendliness: You are expected to welcome each client with a smile and warm greeting. Open the door and make him or her feel relaxed. Assure him or her that you are the best and promise to make the experience worthwhile. You should be able to dictate the mood of the client and determine if he or she is in the mood for a conversation. Never bore him or her with irrelevant conversation; neither should you argue with him/her.
  • In-depth knowledge of routes in the area you run is imperative. In addition, map reading, and the ability to use GPRS devices is also necessary. It is also important to know the destination of the client before hand as this will enable you plan for the trip and chart better routes to the destination to avoid delays due to traffic congestion or wrongly taking longer routes.

Limousine Driver Skills for Resume

Again, if you are making a resume for the limousine driver job, you can use the above essential limo driver skills to create the resume’s skills section, which shows employers the relevant qualities you’ve acquired that will enable you to succeed on the job.

Compensation and Prospects for Limo Drivers

Depending on whether you own the limo or you are driving for a limo services company, the pay of a limo driver could be good because clients pay premium fees for the limo experience.

Companies and clients pay experienced limo drivers more. There is equally the tendency that you will receive higher payment if customers are happy with your services and leave positive reviews about you.

For a limo driver, growth prospect is low but there is low barrier to entry.

Do you have other tips you want to add to our limousine driver job description? Do leave your comment in the box below if you do. You can also share your experience as a limo driver if you are one, your comment is appreciated.

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