OTR Driver Job Description Example

OTR Driver job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

OTR Drivers ensure safe delivery of goods to clients over a long distance.

OTR Driver Job Description Example

What Does an OTR Driver Do?

An Over the Road (OTR) driver is a person who is responsible for driving truck over long distances. This could mean the driving of lorries, dump trucks, and box trucks.

The job description of an OTR driver entails conveying of goods, raw materials, equipment, and sometimes wastes or chemicals between terminals or locations.

Unlike other types of drivers, an OTR only conveys freights – goods, materials, equipment, and chemicals, not passengers.

The OTR driver is also responsible for inspecting the truck before and after each travel, carrying out minor mechanical or electrical repairs, and reporting major break down to the dispatcher.

He/she must make sure that the vehicle is kept neat all the time. To this end, he/she is supposed to vacuum clean the interior of the vehicle and wash the outside before and after each delivery.

It is also expected that the driver maintains a log book to record all his/her work details – hours travelled, miles covered, expenses incurred on licenses, and repairs.

In addition, he/she must be licensed to operate or drive heavy duty vehicles. He/she must also be physically strong so as to be able to assist in loading and unloading the truck.

An OTR driver ought to be able to sit and drive for long hours and must feel comfortable spending hours, sometimes days or weeks away from home.

An in-depth knowledge of road signs and regulations is also imperative for this role, just as the ability to find routes and locations using maps and GPRS devices.
Above all, the driver must ensure safe conveyance of freights to supposed destinations.

OTR Driver Job Description Example

Here is an example of the OTR driver job description. It includes the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities you will likely be required to perform by most employers when hired for the position.

  • Maintain a log book to record miles covered and hours travelled, and ensure that all necessary documentation with respect to freight is filled and submitted. Also, record damages and shortages incurred. In addition, make sure that all receipts are kept safe and secure
  • Observe and comply with all traffic regulations – federal, state and local
  • Inspect assigned vehicle regularly to identify and repair minor faults, and to report major mechanical breakdown to a skilled mechanic
  • Assist in the loading and unloading of goods or equipment to be transported
  • Communicate with the dispatcher, supervisor, or clients using wireless devices or on-board computer systems
  • Ensure safe transportation and delivery of freight to designated locations
  • Ensure that assigned vehicle is always neat and tidy, and carry out other regular upkeep like inflating the tires, refueling, changing oil and water, and tightening nuts and bolts
  • Report any delay that may affect the timely delivery of freight to the dispatcher and client
  • Report any accident incurred in the course of transporting the freight to the dispatcher or supervisor immediately
  • Report any damage incurred during transportation to the supervisor or dispatcher
  • Pay tolls and other necessary vehicle levies.

OTR Driver Resume Preparation

If you are looking to work as an over the road driver, you will need to present a resume to employers, which should contains information about your experience and competence.

To help you create a compelling experience section, the sample job description provided above contains the common roles for most OTR drivers that you can apply in creating the section.

Necessary Skills and Competencies for OTR Drivers

To be able to effectively carry out the work description of an OTR driver, the individual holding this role should develop the following skills and competencies:

  • Truck drivers are expected to be excellent communicators. He or she may not be a grammarian, but the ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner is very important. They spend most of their time on the road carrying other peoples’ goods, materials, or equipment. So, they must be able to maintain constant and effective communication with the dispatcher/supervisor or the owner of the goods
  • Average numerical skill is also very important for an OTR driver as he or she may be required to collect payment on behalf of his/her client or company. He/she must be able to record quantity of the goods being transported
  • In-depth knowledge of routes within the region is very important as the driver is expected plan trips and chart shorter routes before embarking on any journey to shorten delivery time
  • Expansive knowledge of road signs and safety procedures is expected of the driver
  • He/she must be of legal working age stipulated by law for the position. In some countries, the legal working age for OTR driver is 18 years and above, but in the U.S. it is 21 years and above
  • An OTR driver is expected to be experienced, especially if he/she wants to hold the vehicle on behalf of a company. Most companies prefer drivers who have had experience in driving. In addition, a clean driving record in his/her previous role is imperative. So, an excellent driving skill is very essential to succeed in OTR driving
  • Physical strength is very necessary as the driver is expected to assist loading and off loading of merchandize
  • Lastly, he/she must be properly licensed to drive commercial heavy duty vehicles.

OTR Driver Skills for Resume

The above highlighted skills and qualities needed to succeed as an OTR driver can also be used in making the skills section of a resume for the position.

Most employers would be interested in seeing what skills you are bring to the job that will enable you to excel on the job.

Acquiring the above skills and qualities and stating them in your resume will give it a boost as these are what most employers look out for when hiring new OTR drivers.

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