Legal Assistant Resume Sample

By | September 3, 2023

If you are seeking the job of a legal assistant, then you need to present a highly impactful resume or CV to the recruiter/employer to stand a better chance over other candidates for the position.

Legal assistant resume samples like the one below can help in preparing a good resume for the position.

The objective section is a statement that clearly tells the employer that you are seeking the job of a legal assistant in their organization.

It also expresses the value you are bringing to their firm if employed. Employers usually look for the benefits job seekers are coming with, therefore, don’t fail to have them in your objective as shown in the resume example below.

Other important sections are the core competence and professional experience, which provide the opportunity for you to convince the employer of your competence and ability to perform the job of a legal assistant effectively and efficiently.

You are allowed to use this sample as a template in writing your legal assistant resume and increase your chances of nailing the job.


Legal Assistant Resume Sample/Example/Template

Maria Stone
ABC Link Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 77777 • Home: (111) 555-9999, Cell: (222) 999-9999 • mariastone@this-is-a-legal-assistant

OBJECTIVE: looking for the position of Legal Assistant with XYX where four years experience will be employed in providing quality support to attorneys and senior legal assistants.


  • Four years experience working as legal assistant
  • Exceptional knowledge of law classification, sources, and their application to cases brought forward for the firm to handle
  • Excellent skills and knowledge in the preparation of legal drafting and document
  • Strong ability in managing pressure
  • Exceptional human relation and communication skills
  • Strong knowledge and the use of the computers, computer networking and office management
  • Proven ability in performing legal research, law reporting, and providing paralegal assistance to attorneys
  • Ability to develop good relationship with clients and to get more clients
  • Strong understanding of the legal procedure both in criminal and civil procedure and mode of instituting a legal procedure either civil or criminal.


Krame, Ryan & Yuri Law Firm
2008 – Present

Legal Assistant

  • Coordinate research and group facts finding among secretaries
  • Make available to the counsel relevant cases law and statutory provision needed for their arguement in court and also prepare antagonizing cases so as to help them prepare for any surprises in court
  • Responsible for distributing and coordinating the mode and method through which research is going to take in the firm
  • Coordinate and train newly recruited legal secretaries on how to make research and relate with clients
  • Ensure proper address and good treatment of clients and prepare them in the conference room while they wait for their counsel
  • Monitor the human relation of other secretaries in comparison with their research strenght and channel them to the field where they are most efficient
  • Make relevant record of all secretaries progress and help improve those who needed help in improvement and suggest the well performed secretaries for remuneration
  • Accompany counsel to depositions to assist with relevant sources when needed, and to also have a knowledge of what to look for should the case end in court
  • Take record of every meeting done in the firm for easy access when it is needed.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Office Management, University of California, 2008
  • CPR / First Aid Certified
  • Certificate, Word Processing and Graphics Development and Design, XYZ Computer Institute, 2009
  • Certificate, Legal Research and Use of Legal Library, XYZ School of Legal Administration, 2010
  • Certificate, Professional Human Relation Practice, XYZ College of Administration, 2010.

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