Kroger Facility Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Kroger Facility Maintenance Technician job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Kroger Facility Maintenance Technicians ensure the store’s facilities are functioning properly at all times. Image source:

Kroger Facility Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

What Does a Kroger Facility Maintenance Technician Do?

The major duty of the Kroger facility maintenance technician is to ensure proper functioning of the stores facilities.

The Kroger facility maintenance technician job description entails coordinating all projects relating to the installation, repair and maintenance of the company’s facilities.

He/she is equally expected to properly monitor, detect and report any flaw that may disrupt the smooth functioning of existing facilities.

The facility maintenance technician’s role also involves keeping accurate record of all works performed, including maintenance, repairs, and installations.

He/she will ensure proper upkeep of all heating and cooling facilities utilized by the organization.

He/she is equally responsible for the maintenance of all security facilities within the store, such as CCTV facilities and fire alarms.

The maintenance technician is also expected to be a person with eye for innovation. He/she must always be on the lookout for new ways of making his/her job efficient and effective.

His/her work description also involves the installation of some furniture, fixtures and fittings.

His/her duties and responsibilities also include performing maintenance and minor repairs of the furniture and fittings, as well as carrying out the installation, maintenance, and repair of pipes and other plumbing facilities.

The facility maintenance technician at Kroger could also be required to provide maintenance of vehicles, machines, and automobiles utilized in the company.

In addition to keeping accurate record of his/her operations, the maintenance technician is also expected to provide feedback to the senior management team and submit reports and proposals concerning the facility under his/her care when required to do so.

In a nutshell, it is his/her responsibility to perform all the fundamental electrical, mechanical, furniture, and plumbing work of the company.

Being similar to a handyman role, the job of the facility maintenance technician comes with some challenges.

The technician is most times exposed to extreme weather conditions, chemicals, and radiations. He/she is equally exposed to all sorts of pollutants, especially air and noise pollutants.

However, a Kroger maintenance technician is entitled to some benefits like medical insurance, life insurance, drug prescription plan, and paid holidays.

To be able to discharge his/her duties efficiently and effectively, the maintenance technician is expected to possess some characteristics and skills.

He/she is expected to possess the necessary qualifications such as the Universal HVAC certification, HSE training and certification, and others.

A hand on experience in the field plus experience working in similar roles is also very important.

High school diploma is required as he/she is expected to be able to write quotations and draft work proposals.

The facility maintenance technician at Kroger is expected to have the ability to work flexible shifts and must be willing to work in extreme weather conditions.

He/she must be good at detecting faults before hand and troubleshooting to arrive at intelligent solutions to any problem.

He/she must be able to work in a high pressure environment and deliver within deadline.

The job involves constant lifting of equipment and the likes. So, the technician must have the strength to lift loads of above 50 lbs.

Finally, the facility maintenance technician must be skilled at using all necessary tools to ensure quick repair of plants, machineries, and equipment when there is need for that.

Kroger Facility Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

The facility maintenance technician position is vital to the smooth operation of retail stores, including Kroger, therefore, anyone aspiring to work in this role should expect to perform various tasks, duties, and responsibilities as presented in the job description example below:

  • Installation, operation, repair, and maintenance of all electrical and mechanical facilities in the firm
  • Ensure that all heating, cooling, lighting, and air conditioning systems are working perfectly at all times
  • Monitor all controls, gauges, and meters to ensure that the equipment are working efficiently and effectively
  • Monitor the performance and sound of equipment to detect any change in performance or sound that require immediate repair
  • Perform the installation, maintenance, and repair of furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Perform the installation, maintenance, and repair of pipes and other plumbing facilities
  • Keep accurate records of work activities including installation and maintenance costs
  • Maintain and repair vehicles and automobiles
  • Carry out routine check, maintenance and repair of facilities in the office, such as patching the roof, patching cracked walls, and maintaining the garage
  • Suggest new technologies, equipment or machineries that may improve the company’s productivity
  • Prepare quotations and proposals for new projects
  • Monitor the activities of subordinates and that of outsourced contract technicians
  • Report any major break down to the supervisor
  • Adhere strictly to safety standards stipulated by the company and regulatory authorities
  • Update the top management about the progress of each project
  • Perform other functions that may be assigned by the supervisor or any other member of top management.

Kroger Facility Maintenance Technician Resume Preparation

If you are preparing a resume for the job of the facility maintenance technician at Kroger or other stores, you can apply the job description sample shown above in making the work experience part of it.

Using the above material will enable you to properly inform employers of the activities you have done before or are currently into as a facility maintenance technician, which makes them to be sure you will be able to succeed on the job if hired.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Kroger Facility Maintenance Technician

Here are important skills and quality requirements employers, including Kroger, usually set when hiring for the post of facility maintenance technician:

  • Must possess all necessary training and educational qualifications. These include a minimum of high school diploma, Universal HVAC certification and HSE training and certification
  • Possess on the job experience as a facility maintenance technician or experience in a role with similar responsibilities
  • Must be willing to work flexible shifts, including working on facilities at night and during holidays
  • Most importantly, must be a skilled technician capable of solving difficult problems within a short period.