Kroger Deli Worker Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Kroger Deli Worker job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Deli Workers must be able to work speedily, especially during rush hours. Image source:

Kroger Deli Worker Job Description Example

What Does a Kroger Deli Worker Do?

The primary duty of a deli worker is to take care of the counter at the deli section of the Kroger store.

The Kroger Deli worker job description entails making meals and sandwiches, and also making use of the cash check in.

A deli worker at Kroger is expected to be fast when rendering his/her services, especially at the peak hours of the day, like during lunch and dinner, or occasionally during holidays.

He/she arranges, prepares, serves, and stocks the kitchen with food items and deli products.

At Kroger a deli worker is also expected to assist in washing dishes and keeping the food preparation area very neat.

It is within his/her work description to engage in tasks such as cutting vegetables, receiving grocery shipments, and preparing different delicacies, including salads and soups.

His/her role also involves keeping inventory of the items he/she uses, and must inform the inventory manager to replenish the stock when it is running low.

He/she is also expected to assist in keeping the kitchen area neat and tidy.

The deli worker must have a good knowledge of menus to be able to understand each customer’s request.

In addition, he/she must be able to listen attentively to understand each customer’s request and sometimes be able to give suggestions.

Some of the meals prepared by a deli worker are done in front of the customer, like the sandwich.

Therefore, he/she must be very fast so as not to keep the customer waiting for long.

A Kroger deli worker is also expected to be able to fulfill closing-minute requests. He/she must be able to prepare some meals as instructed by the customer.

For instance, some customers may desire a less peppery soup, thicker soup, and cold instead of hot soup. Likewise, some customers may desire sandwiches with a little less or more cheese.

Needless to say, a deli worker should be skilled in preparing the various delicacies that the shop offers to its customers.

Getting a job as a deli worker at Kroger usually requires no formal education or certificate.

While a high school diploma is necessary and may give you an edge if there are many applicants to be considered, it is not as important as having the required personal attributes like being able to multitask, friendly and courteous, and fast in delivering services.

However, having “food handler’s permit” is required in some states or cities. So, it is also necessary to check with the department of health in the city or state to know if such is the case in the city where you are seeking for the employment.

Kroger Deli Worker Job Description Example

Working as a deli worker at Kroger will see you handling several duties, tasks, and responsibilities, which you can see in the following job description example:

  • Coordinate the preparation and packaging of Kroger deli products
  • Tag each deli product with appropriate date and costs
  • Coordinate the activities of other deli workers to ensure quick service delivery to customers
  • Ensure that the store and product preparation areas are always neat and tidy
  • Ensure that each product is prepared according the store’s standards
  • Receive orders from customers and ensure that their orders are attended to
  • Accept delivery of stock and ensure safe packing of the items
  • Check inbound shipment to ensure that damaged items are not stored
  • Keep inventory of incoming and used stoc
  • Supervise deli counter to activate offerings to clients
  • Display products on the shelves in a neat manner
  • Ensure that shelves and the products on them are always cleaned and dusted
  • Take away damaged or old products from the shelves
  • Introduce new products to customers in a convincing and friendly manner
  • Welcome and greet each customer that approaches the counter
  • Maintain a good level of hygiene and appear smart always
  • Handle the cash register.

Kroger Deli Worker Resume Preparation

To succeed in hurting for a deli worker job at Kroger or at any other store, you will need to arm yourself with a good resume to win the heart of employers.

One of the things they will likely be interested to see in your resume is a history of your work as a deli worker or in a similar role.

To help you put this information in a more compelling fashion is by applying the statements in the sample job description given above. You can find help in writing the different parts of a resume, including the job history section from our previous what makes a good resume post.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Kroger Deli Worker Job

As a deli worker, your ability to perform excellently on the job will depend on having certain skills and qualities.

Here are the mostly looked out for skills and qualities by employers, including Kroger when carrying out screening for hiring new deli workers, it will therefore serve you well to develop them if you are seeking to work as a deli worker in the future:

  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills are necessary since a deli worker is expected to be in constant communication with customers and co-workers
  • Exceptional customer service skill is necessary as the deli worker is required to attend to each customer in a satisfactory manner
  • He/she must be friendly and courteous in welcoming and dealing with each customer
  • He/she must be able to multitask as he/she will be carrying out many tasks simultaneously
  • A lot of standing, bending, talking, and sometimes sitting is required. So, the deli worker must have the stamina and endurance to handle these
  • No formal education is required but a high school diploma might be an added advantage
  • Food handler’s permit may be necessary if the deli worker is to be deployed to a city where such permit is required.

Kroger Deli Worker Skills for Resume

Another part you should include in your resume for seeking the job of a deli worker at Kroger or elsewhere is the skills section, where you let employers know the relevant skills and qualities you have developed that will make you a top performer on the job.

This section can conveniently be created by adopting the information shown in the skills requirement above.

Did we leave out something from our Kroger deli worker job description? Do let us know how you feel about this post; and please don’t hesitate to share your experience of the job if you are a deli worker.