Kroger Facility Maintenance Engineer Job Description Example

Kroger Facility Maintenance Engineer job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Kroger Facility Maintenance Engineers ensure machines and equipment run smoothly.

Kroger Facility Maintenance Engineer Job Description Example

What Does a Kroger Facility Maintenance Engineer Do?

The Kroger facility maintenance engineer has the responsibility to maintain all machines being used at the outlet.

His/her job description entails providing maintenance to all movable and immovable machines used for the company’s operations.

He/she does not have to work alone, but with a number of engineering staff members that report directly to him/her.

He/she has the responsibility to properly assess the tasks completed by other engineering staff members.

The facility maintenance engineer, aside having an engineering degree, must also have adequate experience in facility maintenance.

He/she must be conversant with machineries and equipment used at Kroger and must be able to manage them and keep them in good working conditions.

The role of the facility maintenance engineer at Kroger also involves procuring spare parts or accessories for machineries so as to ensure smooth operation of the outlet.

The smooth running of machines goes a long way to determine how effective the outlet runs and how well they are able to meet their customers’ needs.

The Kroger facility maintenance engineer is required to carry out both emergency and preventive maintenance of machineries.

His/her work description entails inspecting and maintaining the company’s machineries periodically, which means that he/she must never wait for machines to develop faults before attending to them.

This will prevent hitches in company’s operation during periods of maintenance activities. All machineries and tools are directly under the care of the facility maintenance engineer.

The facility maintenance engineer does his/her work well when there are not customers around at the outlet, and this is usually during the night.

This means he/she must be ready to work during the night along with other members of his/her crew.

His/ her duties are however not limited to night time alone; there are some tasks that are best carried out when machines are running, especially the maintenance tasks.

Inspections and certain maintenance work are best done while the machines are being used.

The facility maintenance engineer should look out for faulty or damaged parts in the machines during inspection and maintenance.

Additionally, he/she should gauge how efficient the machines and tools are working. He/she should make the necessary repairs and replacement of parts.

There are times machines would need to be upgraded to improve on efficiency at Kroger. At such times, the facility maintenance engineer is expected to carry out this duty too.

He/she must be aware of the latest development in software and hardware upgrading procedures as it affects the machineries and equipment used at Kroger.

Finally, the Kroger facility maintenance engineer must be a good communicator, as well as a good team leader. This way, he/she will be able to carry along other members of the engineering team.

Kroger Facility Maintenance Engineer Job Description Example

The goal of the facility maintenance engineer at Kroger majorly involves keeping machines running without hitches every day.

To achieve this, the facility maintenance engineer’s job description will usually consist of the following tasks, duties, and responsibilities:

  • Inspect the machineries, tools, and the building for any sign of damage
  • Ensure the consistent functioning of systems that make the outlet work efficiently
  • Carry out electrical maintenance work, including repairs and replacement of fixtures
  • Maintain all aspects of the building, including cords, minor appliances, fuses, sockets, ballast, tubes, and bulbs
  • Carry out maintenance of all plumbing works at the outlet and ensure machines work constantly
  • Repair or replace faucet and drain leaks, and unclog drains
  • Lay and trench new drainage lines when necessary
  • Carry out painting, masonry, and carpentry works
  • Remount, position, install, and reconfigure modular space within or outside the outlet when needed
  • Paint various equipment and structures, and also renew wall and floor surfaces
  • Make order for machines or spare parts, and also preserve all order documents pending submission to appropriate authority.

Kroger Facility Maintenance Engineer Resume Preparation

To prepare a resume for the role of facility maintenance engineer at Kroger, you can work with the job description sample shown above as it provides suitable information for making certain parts of the resume.

In particular, the duties and responsibilities of the facility maintenance engineer heighted in the above work description example can be adapted in creating the job experience section of the resume, which shows the employer that you have the necessary experience to be effective on the job.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Kroger Facility Maintenance Engineer Job

To excel as a facility maintenance engineer at Kroger you need to possess certain skills and qualities, which are also the primary requirements employers commonly demand from applicants for the position when they are employing.

Here they are:

  • Education: High School Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in Engineering
  • Years of experience in maintenance and engineering are added advantages
  • Possess good understanding of carpentry, plumbing, and electrical appliances
  • Ability to communicate both in written and verbal forms
  • Possess sound interpersonal and communications skills
  • Possess top class customer service orientation
  • Ability to meet deadline and company goals
  • Ability to utilize common tools
  • Ability to work in line with laid down instructions
  • Ability to function with little or no supervision
  • Ability to operate various office equipment, like copiers, FAX machines, computers, typewriters, calculators, and lots more.

Kroger Facility Maintenance Engineer Skills for Resume

The skills section is a key part of the resume that when prepared well can win the interview appointment for you as most employers give it a lot of consideration.

They want to know if you have the right skills and other qualities to be able to do the work effectively and efficiently.

To be able to write a strong skills section, the above skills requirements for the role can easily be used.

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