Kroger Facility Maintenance Supervisor Job Description Example

By | August 29, 2023
Kroger Facility Maintenance Supervisor job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Kroger Facility Maintenance Supervisors ensure effective coordination of maintenance staff and activities.

Kroger Facility Maintenance Supervisor Job Description Example

What Does a Kroger Facility Maintenance Supervisor Do?

Kroger facility maintenance supervisors are responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of all maintenance activities at the outlet.

The Kroger facility maintenance supervisor job description entails supervising all staff members involved one way or the other in the maintenance operation at Kroger.

He/she must be well informed about various aspects of the organization and be able to handle various forms of machineries and equipment.

Aside the above, the facility maintenance supervisor must be conversant with simple maintenance activities on the building, tools, and even the furniture used in it.

This way, he/she will know how to direct other maintenance staff members on how to properly handle these items.

His/her role also includes directing the activities of facility maintenance workers and staff, as well as assessing what they do.

At Kroger, the maintenance supervisor is employed to organize the facility and monitor those involved in its various maintenance activities.

He/she may also have to undertake a number of technical tasks by him/herself, related one way or the other to maintenance of Kroger facility.

The maintenance supervisor is also expected to provide required technical support and assistance to the director of the department.

Kroger has laid down rules and regulations on how maintenance processes should be carried out and the supervisor must be conversant with these rules.

He/she must also follow the rules to the letter since this will go a long way to determine how the outlet meets profit and customer service goals.

The facility maintenance supervisor can work during the day or night. Shift depends on the particular maintenance task to be completed; some maintenance duties are best tackled during the night while it is convenient to do some in the day.

The work description of the facility maintenance supervisor at Kroger also entails regular inspection of machines and tools to spot and repair damages before they cause major problem to the operation of the outlet.

The maintenance supervisor should understand how to troubleshoot faults so as to detect the exact problem that may be affecting a given machine in order to know the right solution to proffer.

There are times the outlet may need to bring in trained experts to handle certain tasks. The facility maintenance supervisor is usually responsible for contacting the experts and relating with them on behalf of Kroger.

Kroger Facility Maintenance Supervisor Job Description Example

The supervisor of facility maintenance operation at Kroger performs various duties, tasks, and responsibilities to ensure machines are in great working condition at the outlet all the time.

The major parts of these functions are highlighted in the following job description example:

  • Participate and review the tasks being handled by maintenance team
  • Assign tasks to members of the maintenance team and prioritize such duties before they are assigned
  • Plan what task to be done at any particular time
  • Work out methods and schedules for the provision of the required facility maintenance
  • Work together with the appropriate management staff to review maintenance needs and effectively allocate resources
  • Take part in development of objectives and goals towards better customer services
  • Follow procedures and policies laid down by Kroger while carrying out maintenance tasks towards better customer services provision
  • Implement procedures and policies laid down by the outlet and ensure other maintenance team members adhere to these rules
  • Assess and monitor all maintenance activities to ensure they are in accordance with the outlet’s requirements
  • Take part in budget administration and preparation
  • Monitor budget implementation and prepare maintenance cost estimation
  • Coordinate and train maintenance team on maintenance techniques and procedures
  • Educate maintenance team on safety methods and procedures
  • Assist in preparing reports, requests for proposal, and various contracts related to maintenance.

Kroger Facility Maintenance Supervisor Resume Preparation

Searching for a job at Kroger for the role of facility maintenance supervisor will require you to prepare a resume and send to HR.

Your resume must be compelling because there will be other applicants for the same position to compete with.

To make a strong work experience section, the duties and responsibilities of the position shared in the sample job description above can be conveniently applied.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Kroger Facility Maintenance Supervisor Role

Achieving success as a facility maintenance supervisor at Kroger or any other restaurant will require certain skills to be able to coordinate staff and workers to achieve the goal of ensuring continuous machine operation day and night.

Here are major skills and attributes to have to be on top of your job:

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in related fields. High School Diploma with years of experience also considered
  • Ability to read and interpret various construction specifications, plans, and drawings
  • Ability to direct, implement, and organize maintenance activities and operations
  • Ability to evaluate, train, and supervise any staff assigned to a particular task
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Ability to multitask
  • Knowledge of office equipment and how to operate them
  • Ability to demonstrate diplomacy and tact in relating with staff members and customers
  • Possess excellent leadership skills
  • Ability to explain and interpret procedures and policies related to his/her department.

Kroger Facility Maintenance Supervisor Skills for Resume

Your resume will be stronger with a great skills section, where you show the employer the skills and qualities you have developed that will enable you to be highly effective as a facility maintenance supervisor.

The qualities listed above can help you make an attractive skills section for your resume since they are the same attributes employers usually look out for when hiring new facility maintenance supervisors. Therefore, work towards developing these skills and then use them in your resume.

Would you like to share your job description or work experience as a facility maintenance supervisor at Kroger or elsewhere? Please do in the comment section below; we would like to hear from you.