Cyber Forensic Certification – How to Get It

By | August 29, 2023
Cyber forensic certification
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Cyber Forensic Certification – How to Get It

Are you excited about computers and crime fighting? If yes, then, you can think of becoming a cyber forensic expert; obtain certification and build your career to the top.

What is Cyber Forensic?

Cyber forensics, also known as computer forensic is a method of gathering and preserving digital or computer related evidence in such a manner that it can assist in determining the way a crime was committed, or even becomes admissible as evidence in court.

The goal of any cyber forensic activity is to maintain a chain of digital evidence that can enable law enforcement agents and the court to determine the role of a computing device in a crime and probably the perpetrators of the act.

Forensic investigators in this area usually follow a set of procedures, first is to isolate the concerned device so it cannot be contaminated; duplicating where necessary the storage media of the device and storing it; and applying a variety of techniques to access the hidden or needed document or evidence, which may be deleted, hidden, encrypted, or stored in unallotted disk spaces.

The findings are documented and prepared for legal proceedings where necessary.

Educational Requirements and Training to become a Cyber Forensic Expert

To become a cyber forensic professional, there are a number of associate degrees programs to complete for law enforcement agents and individuals who are interested in entry-level security positions in places like insurance and security businesses.

Here, they are exposed to a two-year study requiring them to undergo courses in white-collar cybercrime, criminal law, as well as in general areas like English, math and social studies.

Bachelor’s degree requires a two year course work with computer forensics as a major, and two additional years in general education areas. Some May also include internships in cyber forensic workplaces.

Cyber forensics can also be offered in the certificate level, offering basic skills in cyber forensics. Also available are a master’s degree program and a graduate certificate program, comprising three to eight courses for those who possess bachelor’s degrees and need cyber forensic skills.

A doctorate program in cyber forensics is also available for graduates with a strong background in computer science and who are willing to delve into the research-intensive aspect of this career.

It is important to note that obtaining training in cyber forensic will require a background in IT or a related field.

Cyber Forensic Certifications

Certifications in this area can be from the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners (ISFCE), which is earned by the completion of a training program approved by the Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) board with professional experience and passing of an examination.

The International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) is awarded to candidates who pass the examination, with both the ISFCE and the IACIS offering Certified Computer Forensic Examiner Certifications (CFCE).

Certifications can be obtained in any of the following areas: Advanced Computer System Security, Computer Forensics, or Advanced Computer Forensics.

The Certified Cyber Forensics Professional certificate is also available, qualifying candidates as experts in cyber forensic techniques and procedures.

It is available worldwide with regional adaptations for countries in the EU, India, South Korea, and the United States.

The exam formation is of 4 hours requiring 125 questions to be answered, and a passing grade of between 700 and 1000 points.

Institutions and Schools for Cyber Forensic Training

Institutions like Florida Tech, Capella University offers online education in computer Forensics.

Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities of Cyber Forensics Experts

Cyber forensics role is generally appreciated in two interrelated areas: legal/courtroom proceedings and law enforcement/crime. While the latter is in the information security branch of law enforcement agencies, to assist in the recovery of data from computers that may have been involved in cyber or other types of criminal acts, the former is in the interpretation and presentation of such findings to indict or convict an accused.

The role of a cyber-forensic expert can be summed to include the use of forensic tools and other methods to find specific electronic data, analyse such digital data and determine its relevance to an investigative process; and to convert the evidence that has been recovered to formats that can be admissible in court.

Cyber Forensics Skills

The cyber forensic expert should have an enquiring mind, develop skills to interpret data, be able to pay close attention to details and identify or spot glitches in large amount of data.

He/she must be conversant with laws concerning computer or cyber forensics and should have proper evaluation skills, and be obedient to instructions.

In addition to these skills, the cyber forensic professional should be innovative and be computer savvy.

Career Opportunities in Cyber Forensics

With the increase in the use of information systems and the surge in cybercrimes, scams, financial frauds, identity theft, and spamming, cyber forensics may experience tough competition.

Their services may be required in sectors like the law enforcement agencies, legal practitioners, and private investigators.

They may also work for companies usually as a support technician, network engineer, or as a developer.

They may also, depending on their qualifications, be involved in research institutes as researchers.

Salary Expectations for Cyber Forensic Professionals

Salaries vary greatly depending on experience and the sector the individual is employed in. While private detectives and investigators may earn about $43,000 on average annually, law enforcement detectives can earn as much as $69,000, while experts in information security can earn between $89, 000 and $122, 000.