Inventory Clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
inventory clerk resume
Due to high competition for the inventory clerk job, a good resume will be of great help. Image source:

Inventory Clerk Resume Writing Tips and Example

If working as an inventory clerk appeals to you, then, you need to have a good resume that can win the heart of hiring managers.

The position of inventory clerk is very important in organizations that store and distribute goods, and it is equally very rewarding.

For the fact that it is also a competitive position in the job market, you will need a great resume to have an edge over other applicants.

To create a good resume for the inventory clerk job, you need to understand certain things about resume writing, which this post seeks to address.

Creating a good inventory clerk resume starts with understanding the specific needs of the hiring organization for the position. T

This includes knowing the qualities, expertise, and skills required of the ideal candidate for the job.

With this knowledge, you can go on to create an inventory clerk resume specifically targeted to exactly what the hiring company wants of a clerk in charge of their inventory.

The second step to take in creating a targeted inventory clerk resume is to choose a format that will allow you to specify your skills and qualities in a simple, clear, and detailed manner.

Then, make sure that you make the resume concise and grammatically accurate; and avoid unnecessary errors in spelling and grammar.

A good format for your inventory clerk resume may contain the following four sections:

Resume Objective Section

The objective section of your inventory clerk resume must be targeted if it is to appeal to the hiring manager.

To do this, you must state your intention to work as an inventory clerk for the hiring company as well as key skill, expertise, or experience you are bringing to the job if given the job.

See examples of inventory clerk resume objective below to make the explanation clearer:

Examples of Inventory Clerk Objective Statement for Resume

  • To obtain the position of an inventory clerk with Seagull Company where strong communication and clerical skills and vast experience in the area of logistics operation will be utilized to ensure efficient inventory operations.
  • Seeking the position of an inventory clerk in a reputed company where demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and perform clerical duties in a high tempo environment will be fully put to use.

Core Competence Section

If you clearly understood the job description for the inventory clerk position that is normally published together with the job advertisement, then creating a targeted core competence section of your resume will not be a big deal.

All that is required of you in this section is to make sure that the skills and expertise you include are in line with the hiring company’s requirements.

Job Experience Section

Depending on the need of your potential employer, including work history in your inventory clerk resume may be mandatory.

However, if you have worked before as an inventory clerk or in a related position, then, including the company you worked with, the location of the organization, the position you held, and the functions you performed while on the job is necessary.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

If you have the required educational qualification to apply for the inventory clerk position, it is important to clearly state the institutions you attended, the qualifications obtained, and the year you obtained each qualification.

We have just seen how to effectively write the different parts of an inventory clerk resume.

We will now put the various parts together to make a complete resume for the position as shown in the example below:

Inventory Clerk Resume Example/Sample/Template

Patrick Vienna
98, Jacks Street, Carson City, Nevada
Home: (+1) 443-777, Cell: (+1) 443-8769

Objective: To obtain the position of an inventory clerk with Seagull Company where strong communication and clerical skills and vast experience in the area of logistics operation will be utilized to ensure efficient inventory operations.

Core Competence

  • Ability to maintain documents and files manually and electronically
  • Strong inventory review ability and proficient in computer and inventory software applications
  • Trustworthy, accountable and strong multitasking ability
  • Exceptional dexterity in handling forklifts and other hand operated devices
  • Excellent numerical and analytical ability.

Job Experience

Nevada Logistics, Carson City, Nevada
Inventory Clerk
2011 – Present

  • Maintain accurate record of incoming and outbound goods
  • Periodically review stock to ascertain the amount of goods in the warehouse
  • Inform the procurement manager when there is need to replenish stock
  • Prepare invoice for outbound merchandize and period report of inventory activities
  • Check outbound merchandize to ensure accuracy of details before writing invoice
  • Check inbound goods to ensure accuracy in quantity, quality, and price
  • Assist the logistics manager in arranging for transportation of orders when the need arises.

Education and Professional Qualification

 University of California, California, Associate degree in Supply Chain Management, 2009.

Note: You may apply the above sample inventory clerk resume as a template to guide you when writing yours; you are free to make necessary modifications to make it suitable for your use.


Having a great resume can be the decider of whether you land the desired inventory clerk job or not as your chances of getting an interview from hiring managers are brighter with a good resume.

Therefore, you might want to take out some time to studying the guide in this post to learn and acquire the skills that will enable you to make your resumes yourself whenever you need to send in an application to a vacant inventory clerk position.

What additional tips would you suggest for creating a great inventory clerk resume? Please make your comment in the box below.

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