Service Delivery Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | August 28, 2023
Service Delivery Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Service Delivery Managers provide effective coordination of companies’ service delivery teams.

Service Delivery Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

What Does a Service Delivery Manager Do?

The job description of the service delivery manager entails coordinating and directing the activities of the service delivery team to ensure set goals are achieved.

He/she ensures that his/her team members adhere to laid down instructions.

His/her duties begin in the area of policy formulation by assisting the management in formulating policies that are geared towards improving service delivery.

In some companies, he/she may be allowed to make policies, plan, and present them to the management team for evaluation and approval.

After the policy formulation stage, the service delivery manager will also be responsible for coordinating the service delivery team to make sure those policies and plans formulated are fully implemented so as to achieve policy objectives.

The manager’s role also involves training the members of the service delivery team. He/she is also expected to educate the team members of new policies and their implications on service delivery.

He/she also assesses the individual and collective performance of the team members, as well recommending them for reward or praise when necessary.

Based on the performance and needs of the team, the manager is also expected to prepare and submit periodic reports.

Such reports should contain the success and limitations of the team for the period under review, as well as recommendation for change or improvement.

The service delivery manager work description also entails organizing and heading meetings with his/her team.

He/she is also expected to be present or be represented in board meetings.

He/she will ensure that clients’ satisfaction is always guaranteed and will consistently collate data on customer satisfaction, inquiry and complaint, and work development strategies to maintain or improve on the quality of service delivery.

Another important responsibility of the service delivery manager is to make sure that the service delivery process is effective by minimizing the cost incurred in the processes.

These could be achieved by eliminating unnecessary delivery processes and administrative costs and procedures.

His/her job description also include carrying out regular research and attending seminars and enlightenment workshops to learn new and better ways of improving customer experience.

To succeed in his/her duties, the service delivery manager must hold a minimum of Bachelor’s degree in any discipline preferred by the potential employer.

Usually, the preferred discipline is dependent on the company’s area of service delivery.

Also, being innovative is very necessary to succeed in this role since service delivery involves constant changes and adjustment to improve customer experience.

Being able to communicate effectively with customers, team members and senior managers is also very important.

Exceptional planning and business acumen is also important skills expected of service delivery managers.
Now, let us look at the specific job duties and skills expected of service delivery managers:

Service Delivery Manager Job Description Example

If you need to know the details of what service delivery managers do, the following job description example shows you the typical tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the position:

  • Take part in the policy formulation of the company, especially as it affects the area of service delivery
  • May be solely in charge of delivery service planning but subject to evaluation and approval
  • Ensure that policies and plans formulated are in line with the organization’s goals
  • Ensure that policies formulated are fully implemented to achieve policy objectives
  • Assist in hiring and training the members of the service delivery team
  • Educate the members of the service delivery team on new policy plans and implication on service delivery
  • Assess the individual and collective performance of the team members
  • Recommend team members for reward, which could be praise, financial, or material incentive or promotion
  • Organize and head meetings with the service delivery team
  • Prepare periodic reports and present such reports to the senior management
  • Attend important meetings on behalf of the service delivery team or appoint representatives
  • Make recommendations for policy or technological change
  • Collate data and information on client satisfaction, inquiry, and complaint
  • Develop new strategies to maintain or improve on the quality of service delivery
  • Develop strategies to increase profit and minimize cost incurred on service delivery
  • Carry out research regularly and attend seminars to learn improved service delivery procedures and processes.

Service Delivery Manager Resume Preparation

If you are making a service delivery manager resume, you can quickly make the job experience part of it with the sample job description for the role presented above.

This section of your resume requires you to highlight the functions that you carried out working as a service delivery manager in previous employment.

Therefore, if you have worked before as a manager in a service delivery capacity, you can simply use the highlighted duties and responsibilities of the position in making your resume’s professional experience section.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Service Delivery Manager Job

Below are the typical skills, qualities, and qualifications employers normally expect applicants seeking the service delivery manger job to possess to be considered for the position:

  • Education: A minimum academic qualification of Bachelor’s degree is required to be considered for a service delivery manager position. Some firms require higher qualification, including professional qualification. The choice of discipline and professional qualification depends on the hiring company’s area of service delivery and their specific needs for that position. In addition, service delivery managers are usually experienced and accomplished professionals in their chosen fields
  • Innovative: To succeed in as service delivery manager, you must be highly innovative because the job involves constant look out for ways of improving customer experience
  • Planning and Business acumen: He/she must have exceptional ability to plan and implement service delivery processes. In addition, a keen eye for identifying business opportunities, developing business case and translating such plans into solutions to improve service delivery is also very important
  • Communication and leadership ability: The service delivery manager must be effective at communicating with all kinds of individuals – clients, managers, and subordinates.

Service Delivery Manager Skills for Resume

If you are making a resume for the job of a service delivery manager, it will be useful to include a section that highlights relevant skills and qualities that you have that will help you to be effective in carrying out the tasks of the position.

The above requirements for the position can assist you in making a compelling skills section for your resume.


Whether you are a individual seeking to work as a service delivery manager or an employer trying to design a good job description for the role, the information provided about the role above, as well as the sample work description given will be very useful to you.

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