Hotel General Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 16, 2023
Hotel General Manager Job Description
Hotel General Managers ensure the smooth and efficient operation of their hotels.

Hotel General Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post exhaustively discusses the job description of a hotel general manager, highlighting the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities commonly performed by individuals who work in the position.

It also reveals the major requirements most recruiters will expect prospective candidates for the hotel general manager’s job to fulfill to be hired.

With the information contained in this post, you will learn a great deal about the hotel general manager work description and what you need to have to succeed in the career. Please, continue reading:

What Does a Hotel General Manager Do?

The smooth and effective operation of a hotel requires the enthusiasm and diligence of the hotel general manager, as he or she is expected to perform various important functions in order for the hotel to meet up to good standards.

The hotel general manager is responsible for coordinating, overseeing, and organizing all the activities involved in the smooth and effective running of a hotel.

One of the major functions of the hotel general manager is to recruit staff in various areas of concentration of the hotel (such as receptionist, cleaners, and janitors, train them, and supervise them in order to ensure effective management of the hotel, as well as to meet the standard needs of the hotel and that of the customers/people lodging in it.

In the process of discharging his or her duties, the hotel general manager is also responsible for managing budgets by prioritizing the spending of money in order to help the hotel attain its goal, as well as maintaining statistical and financial records.

Furthermore, while there are staff occupying various positions that are needed for the effective running of the hotel, the general manager also oversees various functions like planning maintenance work, events, and room bookings; handling customer complaints and queries, and also promoting and marketing the business.

He or she also ensures compliance with health and safety legislation and licensing laws.

In addition, a hotel general manager should possess good communication and interaction skills as he or she is expected to interact with guests.

This includes personally welcoming V.I.P hotel guests, anticipating and addressing guest’s needs and getting feedback from them in order to ensure satisfaction, ensuring all information provided to the guest is current and accurate.

Academically, a hotel general manager should possess a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality or Hotel Management, though more employers now seek those with a Master’s degree in the field.

Professional working experience through an internship or paid position, is also required by many employers for the hotel general manager position.

Hotel General Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Hotel General Managers perform various functions, including providing good leadership, communication, and coordination to their team members in ensuring the smooth operation of their hotels.

Here are major responsibilities, tasks, and duties that usually define the job description of a hotel general manager:

  • Keeping an eye on all the operations of the hotel, including activities of all departments
  • Inspecting all the rooms regularly in order to check if they are keeping up with the hotel standards
  • Responsible for recruiting, training, and supervising staff
  • Responsible for managing budgets
  • Planning maintenance works, events, and room bookings
  • Managing and coordinating employees’ duties (receptionist, janitor, clerks, and so on)
  • Motivating workers and promoting teamwork to ensure optimum service and guests’ needs are met
  • Organizing and coordinating the use and rental of hotel spaces for social events, meetings, and parties, and conferences, etc.
  • Ensuring good, smooth, and effective interaction with guests
  • Monitoring daily and monthly revenue generated, as well as cost and expenses
  • Keeping track of budgets and expenses, including reviewing financial reports and statements
  • Upholding the guidelines established by the hotel owner and ensuring that employees adhere to the laid down rules and guidelines.

Hotel General Manager Job Description for Resume

If you’ve had the experience of working as a general manager at a hotel and are writing a resume for a new job, you can apply the job description sample provided above in making the your resume.

You can specifically create the job experience section of your resume by highlighting the hotel general manager duties and responsibilities shared above.

This section of the resume is important to have for individuals who have worked or are presenting working as a hotel general manager to convince the recruiter that they have the needed experience and competence to succeed on the job.

Hotel General Manager Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

When trying to find new people for their organizations who can effectively perform the objectives, obligations, and purpose of the hotel general manager role, recruiters commonly set some requirements for interested applicants to meet to qualify to access the position.

A hotel general manager should possess crucial key skills such as problem-solving, customer service, and leadership skills, as well as physical stamina to succeed on the job.

Now, here are major requirements most recruiters will expect candidates seeking the hotel general manager job to possess before they are called up for an interview:

  • A good hotel general manager must be hospitable, embracing the business of providing catering, lodging, and entertainment service. A good manager should demonstrate friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, and even workers so as to make everyone comfortable. Demonstration of hospitality will make guests comfortable and to patronize the hotel more, and also make the hotel workers more comfortable and motivated to work
  • He/she should be analytical to be able to identify problems with customers, workers, or the hotel generally, and must be able to come up with solutions immediately
  • He/she should be vibrant in the planning, organizing, and directing, and controlling the financial activities of the enterprise. In other words, a general manager of a hotel should be financially intelligent, and he/she should be able to manage, monitor, and keep financial records
  • Interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills are other important skills a hotel general manager should possess. He/she must be able to communicate effectively with the hotel staff, and also interact with customers by anticipating and catering for their needs
  • As mentioned earlier, a hotel general manager should be academically qualified by possessing at least a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality or Hotel Management. He/she should also possess professional working experience either through an internship or paid position.


If you are a recruiter, HR manager, or employer in the process of hiring someone for the general manager position in your hotel, you need to clearly let prospective candidates know what the job entails in terms of the duties and responsibilities they will be assigned.

To do this, you need to write a detailed description of the hotel general manager position in your company, which you can quickly and easily do by adapting the duties and responsibilities of the role contained in the job description sample above.

Also, if you are someone interested in the hotel general manager career and wants to increase your knowledge of the job, this article will be useful to you.

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