Home Depot Service Desk Lead Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | July 17, 2023
Home Depot Service Desk Lead Job Description
Home Depot service desk lead provides effective supervision of all employees in the service desk department. Image source: rutedesign.

This post provides detailed information on the Home Depot service desk lead job description, including the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that they perform.

It also provides the major requirements you will need to meet to be hired for the service desk lead role at the Home Depot or other large retailers.

You will also find information on the service desk lead salary at the Home Depot in this post.

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What does a Home Depot Service Desk Lead Do?

The service desk lead at the Home Depot is responsible for supervising the employees in the service desk. This individual should make sure that the store has enough cashiers and checkers to meet customer demands.

The service desk lead also ensures that the workers in the store are wearing required attire and have completed any tasks assigned to them.

The Home Depot service desk lead job description also involves overseeing in-store operations and ensuring that all repairs, cleanings, and installations comply with company standards and regulations.

It’s also his/her responsibility to collect monthly sales data from each department, which can help managers

He/she is also responsible for resolving customer complaints to their satisfaction, including but not limited to lack of knowledge about products or store location

The Home Depot service desk lead’s duties also entails answering phone calls and emails from customers with questions or inquiries about goods, services, warranties, etc.

The service desk leader must be knowledgeable about all company policies and procedures concerning merchandise return policies, including how many returns are allowed per customer purchase.

His/her tasks also include assisting management team with problems related to short staffing at service desks.

He/she keeps records of anything that may affect operations or personnel efficiency.

Some tasks include computer system ownership/administrator duties; inventory tracking; monitoring wait time levels.

He/she reports any discrepancies accordingly.

The Home Depot service desk lead keeps documentation and records of all goods and services that customer received and in orderly fashion to ensure proper billing.

He/she monitors the performance of the employees in the service desk.

The service desk lead needs to be observant of how often employees need to take breaks, whether they are wearing required attire, and if they have completed tasks assigned to them.

He/she prepares service desk personnel schedules in the computer program, that action helps personnel know who should work together in order to be more efficient.

He/she participates in training and development activities that will help him/her to meet company objectives.

Service desk leads are also responsible for ensuring that safety standards are met per company policy.

They need to take initiative in reporting any violations to the store manager so that they are properly addressed.

Their job description also involves overseeing how well employees are performing their tasks.

Service desk team leaders need to make sure employees on the service desk have not exceeded wait times and whether they were wearing required attire.

The leader of the service desk team is required to be knowledgeable about tools, equipment, and product specifications.

He/she is expected to know what the company’s policies are when it comes to installation, repair, and cleaning, as well as about all of the tools and equipment that Home Depot offers its customers.

He/she assist managers to make sure customer satisfaction is met by taking phone calls or emails from customers who need help with products or services.

This includes helping them find items in the store, explaining how appliances work, resolving issues between employees and customers

Home Depot Service Desk Lead Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The following gives the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that make up the job description of the Home Depot service desk leader:

  • Monitor and assess the work of other service desk leads to improve customer experience
  • Plan and organize the workspace, hours, and shift assignments
  • Assist in handling customer inquiries both in person and over the phone
  • Participate in periodic annual reviews with store management
  • Maintain a service desk to ensure an organized space for customers to interact with employees
  • Perform routine tasks, such as stocking shelves, replenishing supplies, and getting merchandise ready for shipment
  • Cooperate with different departments when necessary or requested to complete tasks
  • Assign different leads to routes and ensure they meet daily quotas
  • Check work at the end of each day and handle any problems or complaints
  • Ensure that all service desk leads adhere to Home Depot standards and rules, as well as all safety guidelines
  • Communicate with other home depot workers using a radio or personal phone
  • Address customer complaints and concerns over the phone, in person, or by email
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Home Depot Service Desk Lead Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

Here are major requirements that you may need to meet if you are seeking the job of a service desk lead with Home Depot or other similar companies:

  • Must have at least six months of customer service experience
  • Must know how to handle customer questions and complaints, including how to explain product warranties and return policies
  • Must be 18 years or older, and be comfortable with computers
  • Must be willing to work shifts that include nights, weekends, and holidays
  • At least a High School diploma or GED equivalent.

If you meet the above requirements, you will be eligible for training opportunities, as well as a competitive salary with paid time off and a great benefits package!

Home Depot Service Desk Lead Salary

As presented by Glassdoor, there is a competitive salary for the position of Home Depot service desk lead.

The salaries can range from $13.00 to $17.00 an hour, depending on the location and the role of the service desk lead.


If your goal is to become a service desk lead at Home Depot, then the information provided here will be beneficial to you.

By learning about the duties, tasks, and responsibilities that you will be expected to perform as a service desk leader at the Home Depot Company, you will be better prepared for the role and to succeed in it.