Graphic Designer Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 3, 2023
Graphic Designer job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Graphic Designers create clear design solutions from scratch to finish. Image source:

This post presents detailed information on the job description of a graphic designer, to help you learn what they do.

What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

A graphic designer is an individual who is highly skilled in creating clear design solutions from scratch to finish with high visual effect on a given project.

He/she serves as the tool which helps to bring to fore the ideas and concepts of clients.

Graphic designers are highly sought after as they are vital in creating desired visual images for brands, products and organizations.

The job description of the graphic designer entails paying attention to the demands and preferences of clients, and working diligently to ensure that their needs and expectations are met in the end.

As a creator, the designer has a reservoir of ideas where he/she taps from to create unique and exciting designs to suit client taste.

They usually keep an open mind to receive inspiration. They also usually try out different things until they are able to create out-of-the-world pieces.

The graphic web designer will need to exercise a lot of patience in explaining the professional idea(s) or creative perception of a particular job to clients, giving reasons why they ought to be done in a particular way to avoid agitations and dissatisfaction.

In addition to being responsible for formulating the designs of projects, graphic designers also work with other professionals on the job, such as the creative director and the project coordinator, in order to have a clear picture of job specifications.

His/her role also includes taking instructions from the creative director and making the necessary adjustments to the designs.

Graphic Designer Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Graphic designers perform specific roles for different organizations to meet the peculiar needs of the organization they are working for. However, certain functions are common to most of them.

Shown below is an example of most graphic designers’ job description, which includes important tasks, duties, and responsibilities they are usually expected to execute by employers.

  • Attend meetings with the account manager and creative directive on a regular basis to discuss the concept of designs to be created for varying products. At these meetings, the graphic designer pays rapt attention to detail in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes
  • Work closely with clients to have first hand information of their thoughts and expectations for the job, and work in line with their specifications to achieve the desired end product for their satisfaction
  • Evaluate new designs and make an estimate of when the job will be ready, keeping to deadlines without disappointing clients
  • Constantly engage in research to come up with in-depth views and angles of designs to give them a fresh look that will be appealing to both clients and the public in the competitive market
  • Identify all items that are needed to create specific designs so that they will be provided to achieve best results
  • Ensure that designs are properly assessed after completion in order to identify errors and correct them accordingly before presenting them to clients to avoid complaints
  • Work closely with others and maintain good relationship with them for the smooth flow of the job
  • Constantly work on new designs, discarding old ones until the best results are obtained.

Graphic Designer Job Description for Resume

The graphic designer’s resume can be prepared by using information from the job description for the position, such as the sample above.

Such information can be used in creating the professional experience section of the resume. This section provides proof of the resume owner’s competence for the job to the prospective employer.

Graphic Designer Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

The graphic designer will be expected to possess the following attributes, which aid their success on the job:

  • He/she must be computer literate and be abreast with designing software
  • He/she must have good listening skills to take instructions from clients and instructors
  • He/she must be highly focused and detailed oriented so as to produce zero error designs
  • He/she must be able to interact cordially with other team members
  • He/she must have passion for creating designs
  • He/she must be acquainted with the latest trends and developments in design software to be able to identify best applications for jobs.

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