Factory Worker Resume Sample

By | September 3, 2023

To write a factory worker resume that gets employers attention, you will need to emphasize the capacity and experience to work in a factory and perform the duties of the position excellently (see factory worker job description here).

Below is a sample factory worker resume that can help you in preparing your resume to submit for the position.
The format of this sample consists of the objective section, core competencies, and the professional experience sections.

In the objective section, you are stating the exact position you are applying for as well as highlighting one or two important benefits you will be bringing to the company if you are employed as a factory worker.

The other two sections give the employer a lot of information of your capability and experience in working as a factory worker.

Though the resume example below is for an experienced person, you can still fill these sections if you have not worked before as a factory worker. You can highlight related job experiences such as an internship position in a factory.

Studying the resume sample below and using it as a template can help you to make good and effective resumes for a successful factory worker job hunting.


Factory Worker Resume Sample/Example/Template

Maria Stone
ABC Link Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 77777 • Home: (111) 555-9999, Cell: (222) 999-9999 • mariastone@this-is-a-factory-worker- resume-sample.com

OBJECTIVE: Seeking the position of a Factory Worker with XYX Inc., bringing 4 years of experience working in a factory, great physical ability and attention to details to the effective operation of XYX.


  • 4 years eventful experience as a factory worker
  • Profound knowledge of the operation, maintenance and use of simple machines
  • Knowledge of industrial arrangement management and order of things
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Good communication as well as human relation skills needed in creating a harmonious working environment with colleagues
  • Skilled in moving finished product and equipment both physically and through the use of equipment designed for that purpose
  • Great experience in processing, sorting, and packing of products
  • Great understanding of the approach, nature, and expectation in the production process of different products, and how to put these understanding to use by way of action
  • Experienced in assessing products and materials for quality and standards
  • Great ability to use the machine, assist machine personnel and assemblers to enhance speed in production.


Segkof Textile Industries Inc., Atlanta

Factory Worker
2009 – Present

  • Coordinate and supervise production
  • Supervise the production department and ensure cleanliness and proper sanitation at the department
  • Responsible for for the servicing, maintenance, repair of machine and replacement of warn-out parts
  • Coordinate and train newly recruited workers on the use, management and maintenance of machines
  • Responsible for making sure that all finished products are of top quality and that they meet approved standards
  • Ensure and ascertain the proper arrangement of finished product and coordinate and manage its movement and transportation outside the factory
  • Coordinate the assessment of products and materials, vet and scrutinize the fabrics brought in to ensure proper production.


  • Diploma, Rayview High School, Atlanta, 2001
  • Certificate, Mechanical Instrument Handling, Repairs, and Maintenance, Dickky Roch School of Mechanical Work, Atlanta, 2002
  • Lift Truck Certification
  • Basic Knowledge of the Computer
  • Human Relation Certificate.

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