Facilities Manager Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Facilities manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Facilities Managers ensure staff are not exposed to hazards or danger in the work place.

Facilities Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Facilities Manager Do?

Facilities managers generally oversee the maintenance, repair, and smooth running of an organization’s systems, equipment and general operations.

The facilities manager job description involves coordinating various company business operations, ranging from employee management, building equipment maintenance, and negotiations with contractors.

Facilities managers also ensure that building premises are cleaned and well kept all the time.

Their role also involves ensuring that an organization’s work environment conforms to the established health and safety standards.

They are also responsible for general staff safety and so must ensure employees are not unduly exposed to hazards and unsafe conditions in the work place.

In performing their duties, facilities managers supervise the operations of an organization’s security apparatus to ensure it is in top shape to respond to emergency situations.

They are also in charge of renovating and repairing of damaged building components, ensuring that the property is well maintained.

It is also part of the work description of the facilities manager to employ and supervise the work of contractors to ensure they perform their tasks to agreed specification.

Facilities managers are responsible for providing leadership in a building and allocating space in the premises for various uses.

They will need to carry out surveys to find available and suitable property for lease.

They also perform financial forecasts to identify viable business opportunities for a company.

In fulfilling their role, facilities managers employ the use of performance management systems to observe and identify the level of productivity and achievement of set goals.

To determine ways to reduce expenses and increase profits, facilities managers will need to analyze costs of production/supply.

Their functions also entail preparing and supervising budgets so as to achieve set objectives and targets.

The coordination of general building activities, including parking, waste disposal, and regulation of entrance/exit in building premises is also part of the facilities manager’s responsibilities.

They are also expected to properly keep all records, including financial and non-financial details that are relevant to the organization.

Facilities managers work activities also involves negotiating with vendors and clients to reach terms, conditions and price of contract services that are acceptable to all parties.

They are also expected to review operational costs periodically and make some adjustments in certain expenses so as to save cost and keep the business running optimally.

Facilities managers also conduct periodic inspections of building equipment, processes and systems to ensure they are functional and efficient.

The facilities manager job requires at least a high school diploma and relevant managerial experience to access.

Having a Bachelor’s degree in business or management degree increases job prospects.

Qualities required to succeed on the job include eye for details, decision-making, and team work skills.

Facilities Manager Job Description Example/Template

Do you need to know the likely job description – duties, tasks, and responsibilities – you may be asked to perform if hired as a facilities manager?

If so, then here is an example of a typical work description for the role:

  • Oversee the cleaning and upkeep of building premises to ensure a tidy work environment
  • Monitor the operations of an organization’s security outfit to ensure effectual performance of duties
  • Ensure the work environment of an organization complies with set health and safety requirements
  • Oversee general staff safety by minimizing exposure to hazards and unsafe conditions
  • Supervise the renovation and repair of damaged building components to ensure proper refurbishing
  • Hire and supervise the activities of contractors to ensure they carry out their job responsibilities
  • Oversee the management and allocation of space in a building premises
  • Conduct surveys to identify building availability and suitability for lease
  • Carry out financial forecasts to predict potential business opportunities for a company
  • Utilize performance management systems to monitor and determine level of productivity and achievement of set goals
  • Analyze costs of production/supply to identify way to reduce expenses and maximize profits
  • Prepare and manage budgets to achieve set targets and objectives
  • Coordinate general building activities such as parking, waste disposal, and regulation of entrance/exit
  • Maintain accurate record of all relevant financial and non-financial details
  • Conduct negotiations with vendors and clients to establish the terms, conditions and price of contract services
  • Review operational costs to make appropriate expense adjustments necessary for optimal running of a business.

Facilities Manager Resume Preparation

If you are working on a resume for the job of a facilities manager, the sample job description shown above can be applied in creating the work experience part of the resume.

If you have worked as a facilities manager before, highlighting the functions you carried out on the job in your resume can be helpful in convincing recruiters that you are capable of handling the role effectively.

So, you can go ahead to quickly make your resume’s job experience section by applying the duties and responsibilities of the job highlighted above.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Facilities Manager Job

The following are the common requirements that employers looking to hire facilities managers mostly set for suitable applicants to meet:

  • Education and Training: To be hired as a facilities manager, you require at least a high school diploma although having a Bachelor’s degree in business or management disciplines increases job prospects. Prior experience in a managerial field, as well as certifications from notable facility management institutes may also increase your chances of securing the job
  • Eye for Details: Facilities managers are watchful and keen to identify performance-limiting situations, as well as challenges in business operations
  • Decision Making Skills: They are able to take appropriate business decisions that ensure efficient work activities
  • Team Work Skills: Facilities managers are able to work with contractors, building staff, and vendors in order to achieve set goals.

Facilities Manager Skills for Resume

To add value to your resume, you can adopt the above qualities and skills that employers usually require from facilities managers in making the skills section of your resume.

Having such a skills section will make your resume better appealing to recruiters because they can see that you have the qualities they believe will enable you perform well on the job.


The duties and responsibilities of a facilities manager given above are useful to you if you are thinking of getting into that career.

Now, you can make up your mind if those are the activities you will enjoy performing probably for the rest of your life.

The facilities manager job description template also provided above can assist employers to quickly design a suitable work description they can use in hiring the best person for the job, and to give responsibilities to them.

Did you learn new things about what a facilities manager do? Let’s know your view about this post, as well as share with us your experience working as a facilities manager if you are one, in the box below.