How to become a Certified Beachbody Coach

By | August 27, 2023
How to become a beachbody coach
If you love being fit and healthy and like to help others achieve the same level, then you can consider becoming a beachbody coach.

How to become a Certified Beachbody Coach

If you are interested in becoming a beachbody coach, there are certain trainings and certification programs you can take that can help you achieve it.

This post guides you into the exciting and rewarding career of beachbody coaching to increase your knowledge about the job, so you can make informed decision of becoming one or not.

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Who is a Beachbody Coach?

A beachbody coach is someone who distributes beachbody products, or represents some company, and earning commissions on products sold.

A beachbody coach also helps customers reach their fitness goals and ambitions through support, accountability, and challenge groups.

Beachbody Coach Training

Beachbody experience can be gotten through training and practical performances.

Engagement in real beachbody activities will not only widen your knowledge and experience, but will create more opportunities.

Here are two training programs you may wish to try:

1. Team Beachbody

Team Beachbody, a community for fit and healthy living, offers training to individuals to become beachbody coaches. As a coach, you have the opportunity to
to earn income from helping others live fit, healthy, and more fulfilled life just like yourself who has used the team beachbody procedures to improve your life.

By the end of the six weeks, individuals in the coaching program are to reach Success Club 5 or 10. It costs just $39.99 to start a Beachbody business, including first month’s business service fees and coach business complete kit.

2. Team Lean & Fit!

Team Lean & Fit is another training program for individuals wanting to become a beachbody coach.

The program consists of three types, namely:

1. Part-Time: Coaching purposely to pay for your own Shakeology and Fitness programs – some training required
2. Full-Time: Coaching mainly as a full-time job & income – all trainings required
3. No-Time: Coaching only for the 20 percent discount – no training required

Week 1 Program

In the first week of the program you are required to chat with somebody for about 20 minutes, and then the person will discuss with you your goals and upcoming training.

Next is to join the Team Facebook Group. For ‘Team Lean & Fit’ follow:

And for ‘Elite Stonghold Group here is the link:

You can then locate your coach online office by visiting the team beachbody website and signing in.

After signing in, click the “Coach” tab. The link to the “Coach Online Office” can be seen on the left side of the screen.

Spend 95 percent of your time and pay attention. This is where you track your customers, receive payment, and establish a new coach placement.

Under the “News & Training” tab select “Coach Training Academy” also known as CTA.

Week 2 Program

In the second week, you will enroll in accelerated coach basics through the Facebook link that will be sent to you.

You will be given daily assignments for 14 days to prepare you for the accelerated diamond course.

This course will boost your business in the future and make you a professional coach.

Decide on first challenge group date, as you are expected to put together your first challenge group date by the third or fourth week.

The price for the program is a one-time $39.95 sign-up fee and $15.95 per month.

How to Obtain Certification in Beachbody

Beachbody certification is vital and necessary, and must be given serious attention.

There are many certification programs but here are three good ones, which can serve a better purpose.

1. Insanity Certification: Insanity workshop is a one-day workshop course teaching a complete Insanity workout. A subsequent test is taken by the instructors to assess their practical knowledge for effective training of clients using group exercise system.

It costs $249 to obtain Insanity certification. If you enroll into this program, you will be taught by Insanity Master Trainers. You will really feel the touch of a master with Insanity Certification Program.

2. P90X Certification: P90X Certification is a training program introduced to allow fitness professionals to become P90X Certified; for them to teach and train P90X in gyms and other fitness facilities using official P90X logo and other licensed materials as part of their professional credentials.

It costs $498 to attend P90X Certification Program. An email confirmation will be sent to you after payment.

3. Piyo Certification: A certification program accredited by NASM and AFAA in which yoga or Pilates experience is not a necessity. But you should understand the importance of having experience in basic yoga poses.

It is going to cost you $189.00 of your money and 9 am to 5 pm a day of your time for you to obtain Piyo Certification.

You have to take workout clothes and sports bra with you, and possibly a pullover warm clothe in case you are not working out. You may also take along water bottle, towel, cleansing wipes, mat, snacks, lunch, pen and paper.

If you do not take lunch with you, you may be in the number of those who will walk to nearby restaurants for something to eat during the 45 minutes break time.

During the training, there is a Piyo class to be taken with a Master Trainer, and practical group work. Piyo Certification lasts for two years, but may be changed to one year soon.

Job Duties and Responsibilities of Beachbody Coaches

A Beachbody Coach has a major role in selling Beachbody products, but that is not a Coach’s only duty or role. A Beachbody Coach also supports his customers to achieve a desirable result, answer any question they have to ask and help them out as quickly as possible.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Beachbody Coach include:

  • Supporting customers through phone calls, email, skype, or any other means you choose in order to ensure that clients meet their fitness goals and follow meal plans.
  • Sharing products and business opportunity.
  • Sponsoring new coaches.
  • Selling products like Shakeology.
  • Motivating customers.

Job Opportunities for Beachbody Coaches

There are numerous job opportunities for Beachbody Coaches, depending on personal qualities and qualifications.

Here are some job opportunities that you can find being a beachbody coach:

The Fit House Wife

‘The Fit House Wife’ program offers three ways you can earn income as a beachbody coach:

1. Earning by Commissions: You make twenty-five-percent commissions on sales made from your site, receive twenty-five-percent discount on all products and programs, and qualify for customer leads if you can go further on to build your own team with two coaches or more.

2. Team Bonus: The essence of building a team is to attract weekly Team Bonus. Talk to your clients, family and friends to see if some of them would like to sign up on your team. You need two people to qualify for Team Bonus, and more coaches to keep your bonus flowing.

3. Customer Programs & Corporate Team Building: The advantage of building your team with additional coaches is to qualify for customer leads. People buy a program without having a coach, and beachbody assigns them to you.

You make twenty-five percent of their future purchases and qualify for more leads to earn higher if only you grow your team and work hard on your business.

There are also monthly and yearly rewards for coaches that are doing well. Those rewards could come as paid trips, ipads, and clothing. There is also provision for corporate quarterly bonuses for top coaches.

If you work hard, you will get these corporate bonuses, which are possible with determination and persistence.

The Average Income of Beachbody Coaches

As a result of new coaches joining every day, and about 100,000 beachbody coaches joining every month, it becomes hard to determine the real average income. Every beachbody coach is paid based on their own individual efforts.

As independent business owners, beachbody coaches have to be serious with their business if they actually want to earn big.

Some Coaches make above $100,000 a year while some do not earn a dime. It really takes some time to earn big in beachbody coaching.

Years of experience contribute a major factor in that you no longer struggle to build a huge customer base or learn the business afresh, but reap the fruits thereof.

Many individuals have different reasons for becoming a beachbody coach. Some would like to treat it like a real business and build a large income source for themselves, while some would just handle it like a part time affair and earn extra $50 to $100 a month, maybe selling to friends and coworkers.

For that reason it becomes difficult to determine the actual average income of beachbody coaches, because people have different goals when pursuing the career.

Instead of looking for the average beachbody coach income, you can set a goal of how much you’d like to earn, how much time you will devote to your business, and what to do in order to reach your goals.