Email Marketing Specialist Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Email Marketing Specialist Job Description
Email Marketing Specialists help organizations develop and implement effective marketing strategies using emails.

Email Marketing Specialist Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides complete information of the job description of an email marketing specialist to help you learn what they do.

It highlights the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that commonly make up the email marketing specialist work description in most organizations.

This article also provides information on the requirements commonly set by recruiters for prospective candidates for the email marketing specialist job to meet to be considered for employment.

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What Does an Email Marketing Specialist Do?

An email marketing specialist is responsible for coordinating email marketing strategies in an organization.

His/her job description entails identifying a target audience for the services of his/her organization or brand, developing email lists, and carrying out email marketing campaigns; proofreading emails and examining and assessing campaign performance.

In other words, an email marketing specialist is responsible for overseeing the email marketing campaigns of an organization or company, creating newsletters, and managing various email databases, and optimizing email campaigns for better and efficient delivery and higher open rates.

He/she is responsible for creating email marketing campaigns in order to promote the product or service of an organization or business, determining the target audience, and designing and devising campaign plans, as well as launching email campaigns in order to generate awareness and create leads for the organization or business.

Email marketing specialists carry out other important duties, including maximizing revenue opportunities from the organization’s customer database, maintaining the organization’s email list by using product or service giveaways, and developing effective content marketing strategies, as well as rendering guest blogging services to ensure that the organization’s subscriber list is always growing.

They also design engaging and click-friendly subject lines for emails that will invite more subscribers to check out the content of the sent emails.

The email marketing specialist work description also involves examining the current engagement methods and content in order to ensure they are effective; handling of the organization’s social media channels, and updating market automation strategies.

Becoming an Email Marketing Specialist

Becoming an email marketing specialist requires individuals to possess several skills and abilities, such as creativity and knowledge, superior writing and editing skills, and good interpersonal and oral communication skills; ability to efficiently use databases for tracking leads, sound proofreading abilities, and strong understanding of impactful marketing messages; familiarity with database tools and marketing expertise.

In terms of academic qualifications, the position of email marketing specialist requires individuals interested in the career to have acquired a Bachelor’s degree in an academic field such as marketing, communication, or any other similar discipline.

Most employers or organization also demand several years of professional working experience in email marketing for hiring for the role.

Email Marketing Specialist Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Email marketing specialists perform various functions in ensuring effective coordination of email marketing strategies in an organization.

The major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly characterize the work of an email marketing specialist are shown in the job description example below:

  • Designing, developing, and implementing strategic marketing campaigns that are aimed at achieving the organization’s goals
  • Analyzing the current email marketing campaigns and providing suggestions or recommendations for improvements
  • Ensuring that all email campaigns are in conformity with current email best practices in the industry
  • Monitoring and reporting on several email campaigns in order to guide developments or improvements
  • Ensuring continuous development in performance through testing
  • Liaising and working with the content strategist in order to create effective email content that boosts the organization’s product or service awareness
  • Researching, identifying, and examining digital trends and coming up with recommendations for greater and better engagements and new opportunities for the organization
  • Creating ongoing campaigns that are specifically designed to target new customers, current customers, and re-engage past customers
  • Ensuring that marketing messages are concise, conveyed clearly, and properly delivered to prospects
  • Overseeing and monitoring the maintenance, security, and integrity of several email databases
  • Updating the organization’s marketing automation strategies which may involve sending out an unlimited number of emails every month, and going above and beyond sending out automatic replies.

Email Marketing Specialist Job Description for Resume

If you have worked before as an email marketing specialist or are presently holding the position and are writing a resume for another job, you can complete the work or professional experience section of the resume by applying the sample email marketing specialist job description given above.

The professional experience section of your resume gives you the opportunity to state the duties you have successfully performed or are presently carrying out working as an email marketing specialist, which makes your resume more powerful to getting you an interview with the recruiter.

You can adopt the right duties for the email marketing specialist position in making the professional experience section of your resume from the above job description example.

Email Marketing Specialist Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

If you are seeking the job of an email marketing specialist, be aware that most recruiters will expect you to fulfill a set of requirements to be considered for the role.

This is to enable them to attract the best candidates who can effectively carry out the obligations, objectives, and purpose of the position.

Given below are major requirements most recruiters will want you to meet if you are applying for the email marketing specialist role:

  • Superior writing skills, which enable the email marketing specialist to efficiently write awesome, inviting, and click-friendly content
  • Several years of proven work experience in the email marketing industry
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills to effectively and efficiently liaise with colleagues, clients, and upper management
  • Adequate knowledge of content management systems, as the marketing specialist is required to write amazing content that will get the organization or business more clicks
  • Adequate knowledge of SEO/SEM and familiarity with various marketing automation tools
  • A Bachelor’s degree in an academic field such as Marketing or Communication, or in any other similar discipline.


If you are a recruiter or HR manager looking to hire for the email marketing specialist position in your organization, you will need to write and publish a description of the job.

This is important so that prospective candidates for the position will be informed about the duties and responsibilities that define the email marketing specialist job in your organization, which will help them to decide whether to go for it or not, and help you to get the best candidates.

You can make a detailed description of the available email marketing specialist job in your organization by applying the sample job description above.

Also, individuals who are interested in the email marketing specialist career and want to learn about what the role does will find this post helpful in providing the information.

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