Dog Walker Career

By | July 14, 2023
Dog Walker Career
The dog walker career can lead to working in exciting job positions like nanny, lead teacher, and assistant manager.

This post provides detailed information on the dog walker career, including how to become one, the various career opportunities available, and the benefits of being a dog walker.

What Does a Dog Walker Do?

A dog walker performs various duties, including exercising and grooming dogs following instructions.

They are responsible for taking dogs on walks and ensuring their safety.

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How to Become a Dog Walker

To become a professional dog walker, here are steps you can follow:

  1. Take relevant classes in high school if they are offered.

Students in some high schools may be able to take animal science and business classes. High school kids may also participate in extracurricular activities that expose them to dogs.

2. Complete a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Although no formal education requirements exist for dog walkers, certain employees of animal care businesses may require a high school diploma in order to be recruited.

3. Attend animal care classes.

Independent groups fund educational programs for aspiring dog walkers.

Alternatively, dog walkers might enroll in college courses relevant to animal care and dog walking.

Animal behavior, animal body language, animal first aid, animal nutrition, dog obedience, disease prevention, leash training, and pet grooming are all topics covered in class.

4. Learn how to become a certified dog walker.

Certification is optional, but it can help independent dog walkers and business owners wow their clients and earn more money.

5. Get some hands-on experience.

Working for dog walking companies or volunteering at charitable groups can provide professional training for aspiring dog walkers.

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6. Take business-related courses.

Dog walkers interested in starting their own enterprises may be able to discover relevant academic courses or business courses given by organizations.

Students will learn how to write business plans, obtain insurance, run and promote a business, and set fees.

7. Obtain the appropriate permits.

Certain licensure is required depending on the state and the businesses that hire dog walkers.

To carry dogs, for example, dog walkers must have a state driver’s license.

Dog walkers and businesses in several states are needed to get permits in order to bring dogs to specified parks or other locations.

8. Purchase liability insurance.

Liability insurance should be purchased by business owners in case something occurs to dog walkers, the dogs themselves, or the dogs’ owners.

Dog Walker Career Opportunities

Here are various career opportunities you can explore as a dog walker:

  1. Nanny

A nanny is a person who cares for children and provides a multitude of services to an entire family.

These families include many various employees and dependents such as the mother, father, father-in-law, and the children.

Nannies will help with the day to day care of the infant or toddler. Usually, the infant or toddler is cared for by a mother while she works.

They are responsible for providing attention, love, and care to a child whom they are entrusted with.

2. Lead Teacher

A lead teacher is a person who works with children. They teach the children particular skills on a consistent basis to promote skills development and positive self-esteem.

Lead teachers also guide the child’s growth development in their age appropriate skill sets.

3. Assistant Manager

An assistant manager is a person who leads, helps, and assists the manager in management of various companies.

They assist in the management of the company by maintaining employment records and supervising other workers.

Assistant managers provide guidance to employees and give instructions to help with the success of that company.

4. Account Manager

An account manager is a person who manages all customer accounts. The customer accounts will have specific information associated with them and must be handled correctly to ensure customer satisfaction is met at all times during the entire contact period.

5. Lead Teacher

A lead teacher is a person who works with children. They teach the children particular skills on a consistent basis to promote skills development and positive self-esteem.

Lead teachers also guides the child’s growth development in their age appropriate skill sets.

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6. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is a person who works with companies to help increase sales, visibility, and brand awareness by implementing and monitoring advertising strategies, media relations, promotions, and product placement.

The marketing manager will work closely with the advertising manager.

7. Business Owner

A business owner is someone who manages their own companies to ensure efficiency and growth of profits.

They must be able to handle all aspects of business because they are the owners of said company.

This includes handling payroll, taxes, accounting and even hiring new staff members if needed.

8. Case Manager

A case manager is a person who works with people who are struggling with health issues, often people who suffer from disabilities, like cancer or diabetes.

The case manager helps the patients to understand their issues and how to live a more healthy lifestyle.

9. Legal Secretary

A legal secretary is a person who works with lawyers on multiple cases. They take notes, organize files, and prepare any information that is needed for the lawyers to help with the case.

10. General Dentist

A general dentist is a person who works in an office with other dentists to assist people in dental work.

Dental work can include anything from teeth prophylaxis to dentures and implants.

Challenges faced by Dog Walkers on the Job

There are certain challenges dog walkers face on the job, some of these are:

  1. Working with dog with behavioral problems

Some dogs may have behavioral problems. Dogs may bark, poop, play, and be destructive on a regular basis.

The dog walker must be able to handle the barking, pooping and playing because it can interfere with the dog owner’s ability to work.

2. Working with children

A dog walker may work with children on the job. Children are unpredictable and may be loud, messy and may not listen to directions.

The dog walker should be able to handle the children. Also, it would be helpful if the dog walker knew how to communicate with children.

3. Working with dog owners who may have allergies to dogs

Dog owners may have allergies to dogs. They may not want to walk the dog because it is allergic to the dog owner’s hair, fur, or dander.

A dog walker should be able to handle this scenario.

Major Benefits of Dog Walker Career

There are several benefits that come with a dog walker career. Some of these are:

  1. Have flexibility

Dog walkers can have flexible schedules. They can work at any time of the day and any day of the week. As long as they can meet the owner’s needs, they can set their own schedules.

2. Can have more than one career

Dog walkers may want to take other jobs while they are working their dog walking careers.

They are usually able to work dog walking jobs while working other jobs or even attending school full-time.

This gives them more opportunities to make money and try out different careers that interest them.

3. Can enjoy having company in the morning and evening

There is a sense of companionship while dog walking. They enjoy having company in the morning and in the evening.

Dog walkers can get a mental break by spending time with the dog or their owners.

They can also get to know the owners better and learn about how the dog owner’s family lives.

4. You make dog owners happy

Dog walkers make dog owners happy because they help them have fun while they have a break from their everyday responsibilities.

They can take that responsibility off their shoulders and put it onto the dog walker’s shoulders.

The owner knows that everything is taken care of at home and does not have to worry about anything.

More Benefits of Dog Walker Career

5. You get to go on walks and get exercise

The most important benefit of dog walking is that it gives you exercise. While you are walking your dog, you can be thinking about the job and not your personal life.

Dog walking is a great way to de-stress from the demands of a regular 9-to-5 job.

6. Dog walkers can earn money while getting to know dogs

When dog walkers get to know their clients better, they can set rates for their services accordingly.

They may make less than an owner because they want the owners to become repeat customers.

This allows them to know the dog owners better and understand what they need.

7. Dissatisfaction at work is not an issue here

Dog walkers can have their own schedule. They can get to know important people in the dog owner’s life.

Dog walkers can learn how the family and the dog interact with each other. They will have a more fulfilling job than someone who is unhappy with their job.

The dog walker can feel free to be themselves and not worry about peoples’ negative opinions.


Dog walkers can have a rewarding and enjoyable career. Dog owners are grateful for the services that dog walkers provide to them.

With all of the benefits of the dog walker career, it is no wonder that there is a growing demand for the role.

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