Career Personality Test: 20 Important Facts and Practice Questions and Answers

By | July 18, 2023
Career Personality Test
The career personality test helps employers/recruiters know if you will be effective in certain job positions or careers.

This post provides exhaustive information on career personality test, to help you learn all you need to know about the test, to take it successfully to decide the best career or job position to take up.

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What is Career Personality Test?

A career personality test is designed and used by companies to find what a particular individual can do best and for what types of jobs he or she will be suitable.

Professionals understand their priorities, career aspirations, desires, values, and goals using this test.

When it comes to career, various individuals have different mindsets and various needs and requirements and skills and competencies.

Not all individuals with the same educational qualifications are able to handle similar type of job.

If you desire to change your career but don’t know which technique to use, don’t fret!

A personality test will assist you in describing your goals more clearly and finding the career opportunities that will suit you according to your personality type.

20 Important Facts about Career Personality Test

Below is a list of important facts about career personality test that you need to know if you desire to take the test soon:

  1. Career personality tests can be split into various segments

Career personality tests can be broken into various parts including career assessment tests, personality assessment tests, assessment on how to have a successful professional life, and personality tests for career paths.

All these sections play an important role in helping individuals make their career choices.

  1. Personality tests are not recognized in small organizations

Career personality tests are not known in small companies, but several industry giants that are known for developing people regularly provide opportunities to their employees to understand their competencies and career interests so they can work productively at the right company.

  1. Career personality tests identify individual attributes

Career personality tests are used to identify the abilities, interests, values, likes, desires, and ambitions of the individuals related to various jobs.

The main aim of conducting these tests is to allow people to identify the careers they can do extremely well in by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, interests and disinterests, skills and competencies, as well as likes and dislikes.

It is good to conduct these tests before taking admission in a particular course but as most people don’t engage in that, several giant organizations help their employees achieve what they are best at.

  1. What personality assessment test consists of

Personality assessment test consists of various questions and scenarios. The main purpose of this test is to determine the personality, character, capability, emotional quotient, eagerness, and preferences of an individual inside different professional fields.

  1. Personality patterns

The personality patterns are designed to identify which particular line of work is ideal for an individual where they can give their best.

The individuals are told what careers match their personality based upon the results of the test.

This test is used by organizations to determine the capability of an individual within a selected area.

  1. Career personality test helps you strike a balance

It’s very important to understand how to have a successful, long, and fulfilling professional life.

Most people who are not happy with their professional lives are depressed in their personal lives too. Thus, maintaining a balance is crucial.

Work balance can be achieved only when individuals do what they are fond of.

A career personality test helps them understand how they can bring efficiency in their work to live a fulfilling and satisfying life.

  1. Career personality test helps you choose the right career

When you’re exploring which careers may fit you the best, your personality is one factor that is important to consider.

Career assessments and personality tests assess your strengths and weaknesses, your values, your interests, and your skills.

You might send them away as not too necessary, or try them for the sake of the fun of it. Or you might find that, in light of a recent career crisis, they can help you think through your choice of an occupation.

  1. When to try a career personality test

An assessment can be a good way to discern which choices might be ideal for you whether you are looking for your first job or you’re interested in a career change.

A career personality test can still be useful if you already know what kind of work you want to execute.

It can tell you whether you need more experience or training. It can reveal what skills you have that make you a strong candidate for a particular job.

They can also help you to write a more effective resume and cover letter.

These tests will never provide you with a definitive answer on what you should do with your life.

But they can rather be an effective tool in your whole career planning, assisting you to make a better-knowledgeable choice.

  1. Are career personality tests valid and reliable?

You can find a wide variety of career personality tests and assessment tools online. When you take a career personality test, bear in mind that it may have little or no professional validity.

But they are fast and easy to understand, and simple to take. The answers you pick might give you insight into what might be a good match for you.

  1. Types of career personality tests

Below is a list of categories of career personality tests, including:

  • Skills assessments – these allow job seekers to assess the skills they have already, and find the kind of work they relate to.
  • Intelligence tests – these tests are designed to evaluate your IQ. Combined results from several specially designed tests measure an individual’s intelligence quotient (IQ).
  • Inventories – these are checklists used to identify things you relate to or do not.

They assess how your interests correspond to those people already employed in different positions.

Career inventories, such as the strong interest inventory, offer a summary of your interest areas and occupations matching those interests.

  • Personality tests – these tests are used to evaluate your personal qualities, emotions, and stability.

Career counselors are often used as a tool in the self-assessment part of the career planning process.

While some of these tests are easily understood online, others need a counselor to interpret them.

  • Behavioral tests – these are similar to personality tests, except that they concentrate a little more on your emotional and mental health.

These assessments aim to help you see where you are especially gifted emotionally, as demonstrated by your hypothetical responses to life’s challenges rather than trying to spot out weaknesses.

  • Motivational tests – these look like career tests and inventories that are aimed at helping you understand the kind of work and problems that motivate you (in both formal and informal settings).

Job seekers in their career search use this test to develop greater self-awareness.

  1. Why take a career personality test?

Career personality tests might seem like a strange idea if you’re not familiar with them.

However, taking the test can expose surprisingly new insights you may not have thought of before.

You could disclose hidden skills, passions, behaviors, and more that you might not pick up on a day-to-day basis by taking career personality tests.

  1. What are the benefits of a career personality test?

A career personality test will make you identify career paths suited to your personality and interests and determine areas of strength to help guide your job search, and provide you with confidence in interviews.

You will also discover weaknesses that you can improve on, which are important for professional growth and promotions.

Furthermore, the test will make you understand your work style in order to maximize productivity and recognize your communication style so that you can improve working relationships you keep with colleagues.

  1. How can I use a career personality test to advance my profession?

Knowing yourself is the key to ensuring that you find a job, company, and work environment in which you thrive when it comes to advancing your career.

Understand various characteristics like your communication style, working style, emotional intelligence, as well as strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Examples of career personality test

Some of the examples of a career personality test you will likely encounter include:

  • Jungian personality test
  • Leadership style test
  • Communication style quiz
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ) quiz
  • High5 free strengths test
  • Disc.
  1. How to pass a career personality test

Employers use face-to-face interviews, references from prior positions, and other types of tools to collect information about job candidates.

In some cases, organizations may ask candidates to take a career personality test before extending a job offer.

If you’re asked to take a personality test, it helps to know what information an employer is looking for and what method to use so as to perform the best you can.

Below are a few tips that will help you pass your career personality test in the best possible way:

  • Answer honestly
  • Keep away from too many of the same answers
  • Study the job description
  • Consider taking a practice test
  • Take your time
  • Look forward to questions about your integrity.
  1. What do career personality tests measure?

Your answers in a career personality test provide insights that help the employer know if you are the right person for the job.

Here are some examples of features that are being examined by employers:

  • Judgment: Directors cannot be present at all times; therefore jobs often require independent thinking and decision-making.

Career personality tests indicate how you will respond in certain situations – either stressful or otherwise.

  • Interpersonal skills: Your answers give employers a hint on how you get along with others, provide feedback and support, and interact with colleagues.
  • Motivation: Employers want to know what makes you attain success and whether their company’s culture provides it and your answers on a personality test indicate this.
  1. Why do companies use career personality tests?

In order to handle a great number of job candidates, companies use career personality tests to gain insight and information and be able to choose the best possible person for a job role.

The reason for this is to protect their investments in recruiting, hiring, and training employees, and not to make a judgment about a candidate as a person.

Career personality tests are designed to help identify if the person’s nature and behavior are suitable to the job requirements.

Career personality tests give information that harmonizes with interviews and other kinds of screening actions.

Companies also want to understand how you can fit successfully into their systems.

  1. Can you refuse to take a career personality test for a job?

You may decide not to take a career personality test, but that could lead to the removal of your job candidacy.

Employers don’t want to care if you suck or not because they meet a lot of candidates every day.

The employer may decide to hire someone else if you refuse to take the test.

In most cases, employers are allowed to administer career personality tests as long as they do not judge them based on biased reasons.

  1. What are career personality tests used for?

Career personality tests can be used in various ways including interviews, aptitude tests or assessment centers, and for making a hiring decision.

The test is used to assess the character traits of candidates applying for a job role.

  1. Can you fail a career personality test?

Because your answers are individually-based, they cannot be marked as right or wrong.

Remember your employer will be looking to see certain qualities in order to hire someone.

Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure you understand what skills and strengths are likely to be valued.

Career Personality Test Practice Questions and Answers

Some of the career personality test practice questions and answers that are common these days include:

Question 1

If there is one thing you should change about your personality, what would it be?

This question is asked by hiring managers to decide your level of self-awareness and how open you are to self-improvement.

Think of choosing a part of your personality that could be improved on and help you better carry out this job.

Ensure to explain how you’re working to make this trait better or finding ways to use it to your benefit.

Answer: “The expressions on my face can sometimes become visibly unfriendly that some misinterpret it as me not being engaged in a conversation or duty.

Nonetheless, this unfriendliness has proven valuable in times of stress because of how calm I look – an attribute that has a positive influence on my colleagues.

I can assure you that I’m really dedicated to my work and put a lot of concern into it.

But I am becoming more aware of how my facial expressions may be misinterpreted and changing to ensure I carry out my engagement.”

Question 2

Can you tell me about a stressful situation that occurred in the past and how you handled it?

This question intends to decide if you can remain quiet under pressure and still complete your job duties efficiently.

You can let the hiring manager see the ways that you manage stress and work through it.

Choose a previous scenario that emphasizes your determination, commitment, decision-making, and quick critical thinking skills.

Answer: I once dropped a meal on the kitchen floor during a Friday night dinner rush when I was serving as a waitress at The Country Pub.

I first made an apology to the Sous Chef, who put a rush on the replacement order without delay.

I then told my manager what occurred and asked if there was anything we could do for the diners.

He agreed to allow me to offer free drinks while they waited.

I eventually let my table know that there would be a little delay with their orders and served them a round of cocktails for free.

I didn’t allow the accident to have an effect on my mood, and I paid more attention to the table for the rest of the night.”


Career personality tests are a range of questions designed to help employers understand better what type of person you are and what type of employee you will be. These tests are long at times.

The answers you give provide a profile of how you might react and respond to specific situations you may come across in the workplace, such as the idea to provide a data-based assessment of how you communicate, solve problems, and perceive others and the world around you.

Understanding your motivations throughout your career will make you spot a job that satisfies you.

And keep in mind that what you’re pursuing today might not be the same in a year or two.

Therefore, a career personality test helps you focus on your professional growth so as to keep your career path moving forward.

>> Discover your personality traits, what personality traits employers/recruiters are looking for, and how to make top score in career personality tests.