Working for Target: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

By | July 19, 2023
Working for Target
Working for Target provides lots of benefits and opportunity for career advancement. Image source: Sopa Images | Lightrocket | Getty Images | cnbc.

This post provides exhaustive information about what to expect working for Target, including employment, career, and the available job opportunities you can find with the Company.

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Target Company Overview

Target Corporation is the eighth-largest department store retailer in the United States that engages in owning and operating general merchandise stores.

Target was founded in 1902 by George Draper Dayton and has headquarters in Minneapolis, MN.

Target also operates SuperTarget stores with a line of food and general merchandise items and provides an assortment of general merchandise, such as many items found in the Company’s stores and a complimentary assortment, like extended sizes and colors, sold only online.

Why Work for Target

Target offers employees a flexible, comprehensive, and market-competitive benefits package that gives you the opportunity to choose the benefits that best fit your lifestyle.

Many employees at Target Corporation declare that the company provides a tremendous work/life balance, flexible schedules, and a pleasant work environment.

Team members are often ready to help each other and train current employees.

Target team members value the ability to move from entry-level to management positions.

The Target employees describe rude customers as the major drawback of working at the company.

This plight is most understandable to anyone who has occupied a customer service position before.

The best thing to do is to smile until you are able to win the heart of the grumpy customers.

The pay at Target is low though, and working nights, weekends, and holidays is not for everyone.

However, Target provides an excellent job that requires greeting customers, assisting them ring up or return items, and helping them with locating items.

Sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, stocking shelves, setting up displays, and organizing items are also parts of your duties working as a Target employee.

The work schedule is dependent upon a selection of factors, such as personal availability, the department you work in, and the willingness of other employees to work the hours you don’t want to work.

The break room is where you can post the shifts you don’t want. Somebody will probably be willing to take your shift as most employees aren’t scheduled for 40 hours a week.

Target Company Careers and Jobs

According to Target, they don’t hire employees but build a team – one team. It is a place you can consider pursuing a career.

You have an opportunity to explore their career areas from A to Z.

Target Careers

Target has many career areas to explore. You can choose which area best suits you so you can bring your skills to the team.

  • Administrative Support

Target is seeking administrative experts who can work with the Company’s directors, vice-presidents, and managers and their teams.

You will provide important support to the management team while also enjoying the vibrant culture that defines work at the company.

  • Assets Protection and Loss Prevention

Target has positions for qualified professionals in Assets Protection and Corporate Security who have the competence and experience to recognize, assess, and mitigate risks to physical assets, stores, and guests, and team members.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

You need to bring your passion and expertise to Target to help cultivate a powerfully positive local and global presence.

You will ascend to the challenge of maintaining the Company’s good stewardship of the environment, its resources and its key partnerships with other organizations.

  • Data & Analytics

Target is dependent upon best-in-class data, analytics and insights. These elements form their knowledge base of their unique brand shopping experience.

You can help the company to ensure they have the right data, and then mine it to derive actionable insights that drive value.

  • Finance and Accounting

Target has an ability of consistently innovating and planning for the future, which rests on a solid foundation of monetary responsibility and benchmarks.

  • Financial, Retail Services and Call Centers

FRS comprises several key and high-visibility areas that elevate and nurture Target’s distinctive reputation, from guest service professionals and product designers, to vendor managers and financial and workforce management analysts.

  • Food Product Development & Quality Assurance

Target has exclusive food and beverage products department where employees offer guests value, quality, and a taste of the innovation that inspire them every day.

  • Human Resources

You can be a strategic partner to both the leaders and team members who elevate and nurture Target’s guest experience – with the opportunity to positively impact hundreds of thousands of people globally in their stores, distribution centers, and headquarters.

  • Law

This team works across the entire company to provide internal clients with cohesive guidance, whether specializing in government affairs, policy, risk management, regulatory compliance, ethics or employee and labor relations.

  • Marketing & Communications

The Target’s signature marketing is one of the ways that the company shares its brand with its guests. It helps define and communicate who they are.

  • Merchandising & Global Sourcing

You will be a part of a team that constantly delivers on the excellent value, quality and style that lift Target up as the first retailer in a competitive global marketplace.

Merchandising works across product categories to create a localized shopping experience, both online and in store through intelligent and progressive business strategies that make the most of the Company’s global resources and partnerships.

  • Product Design & Development

Employees in the product design and development unit at Target regularly come up with innovative and exclusive products that make customer shopping experience like no other.

  • Real Estate, Design & Property Management

This team brings Target’s stores and real estate to life in communities around the world, from initial design to final construction.

  • Store Operations

Through successfully developing and communicating the processes for operations, structure, model, technology and workforce-management activities, you will directly support the store mission to be guest-favorite.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics

You can imagine how Target gets the appropriate product to the right guests even better, faster and more cost effectively than before, so that no matter how guests shop – whether in stores or online – the company delivers the immediate satisfaction and convenience that they demand and deserve.

  • Technology

Target is committed to innovation, especially when it comes to technology. In 2016, maybe you heard, their digital sales grew at an industry-lapping 34%.

The company is therefore continuing that momentum by investing big to improve their digital experience.

  • Store Hourly

When people express love for Target, they’re usually talking about visiting one of their stores. Such positive and welcoming in-store experience is made possible by the teams that create remarkable experience for their visitors every day.

  • Distribution Centers Hourly

The teams of Target’s Distribution Centers are important to their success. They ensure that products arrive at the company’s stores and the doorsteps of their guests, on time and every time.

  • Store Management

Target’s store leaders join a love of business, people and service to create an environment where their guests feel welcome and everyone on their teams succeeds.

  • Supply Chain & Distribution Center Management

This is an important role in the Target Company that ensures the smooth operation of the Company’s supply chain network, so that no matter how guests shop – on or in stores – Target delivers the best satisfaction and convenience possible.

  • Strategy

The strategic crafting of a roadmap drives the success of the business at Target’s Corporation and offers opportunities today and innovative ideas for future growth.

Target Training and Development Programs

At Target, it is top priority that employees get innovative learning and development opportunities.

The company has programs that are designed to support their employees to become more efficient in their positions and reach their full potential by continually developing their skills and knowledge.

Learning and Development Opportunities

  • Team development initiatives
  • Specifically designed induction programs and competency frameworks that serve as a guide in achieving competence
  • Continuous professional and personal development courses
  • Relevant product, systems and regulatory training
  • Coaching & mentoring programs
  • Leadership and management development programs and initiatives.

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) externally endorses several of Target’s training programs.

Target is committed to investing in and developing their people and as a result of this ambition, they have lately been awarded the Investors in People accreditation.

Target also provides support to employees taking recognized professional qualification programs that are relevant to the staff’s role and business needs.

Target Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

Target is widely recognized in the world and one of America’s leading retailers. Target’s business is constantly changing, using big ideas to solve compound problems.

If you would like to enroll in the Finance Accounting Development Internship Program, your job on the team will allow you to build relationships with key internal clients across the organization to provide insight for improving business performance.

The Target’s FADP Internship Program recruitment is going on.

In your role at Target, you will gain immense knowledge and experience in the field of Finance and Accounting, and utilize your knowledge in a project based internship focused on budgeting, property and technology investments, and sales forecasting, and financial modeling/reporting.

Here are additional features of a few of the unique things this role has to offer:

  • Drive audits and smooth the progress of process enhancements
  • Explore financial statements to support expense control, accurate reporting, and effective investment management
  • Make sure there is compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, and Target Corporation Standard Control guidelines for assigned responsibilities
  • Collect data, explore results and distribute recommendations to key leaders and decision-makers inside and outside of Target.


  • Current student pursuing a 4-year degree in Business: Finance or Accounting with well-built academic performance (3.0 or above)
  • Demonstrated leadership, collaboration, communication and decision-making skills
  • Problem-solving and excellent analytical skills
  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • Functioning knowledge of Microsoft applications like the intermediary level of Excel.

Target Corporate Culture and Values

Every year, Target runs a calendar of events that works in combination with their cultural values, running a collection of initiatives to foster and embed their culture amongst their teams.

Target focuses on providing software and service that deliver the business results that their clients desire.

The team brings great experience and proficiency established on a well-built concrete set of values and behaviors.

Core Values

Target has four core values that represent their culture and are important to their success. These core values can be found within the company, driving their behaviors both internally and externally.

Here are the four core values:

  • One Team
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Keep it Simple
  • Deliver on promises.

The Vision

Target has a vision of helping their clients transform operational performance through their people, technology, and adaptable solutions.

Target Job Application – How to Start a Career (the Hiring Process)

You can search and apply for positions that interest you at Target’s Job Openings. You need to complete a Target job application online for the location that fits your needs.

There are booths available at Target stores where you can also apply. Ask Customer Service for information if you can’t see the application center.

You can also search for your desired open jobs by keyword, radius, and location.

There are also optional filters for type of job (career area), state/region, country, and city to help you get the exact job that you are looking for.

With the radius search, you can search five to twenty-five miles from a city of interest.

Sign up for email alerts for new postings in your career area of interest or location to be notified of new job openings.

Several Target stores also place advertisement signs at the front entrance of their local stores for people to see.

Check directly with the store where you would like to work, if perhaps instant openings exist or they are ramping up hiring for the holidays or some special events.

Read more Target Hiring Process.

Target Job Application Forms

On Target’s Career website, find jobs for which you would like to apply by category such as administrative or store hourly job, store location, or by group.

In order to set up a profile and fill out an application, you will need to create an account.

Based on the type of position you want to apply for, the site has different applications.

For application of an hourly position at a store, your online application will be saved in Target’s system and you will have 48 hours to complete it at a Target store, distribution center, or online.

For you not to run out of time and have to start over again, it’s an excellent idea to have a list of all the information you need to apply online ready.

Research and Prepare for Your Interview

There is an availability of employment information such as current store job openings, employment application information, career information, and how to apply online on Target’s website,

Though some applicants may spend up to four weeks to complete the procedure when competition is high, the retail store hiring process takes at least one to two weeks on average to complete.

Focus your skills on the areas on which Target places importance such as customer service and teamwork.

Immediately you land an interview, the interviewer might pose some behavioral situations to assess how you deal with issues such as loss prevention and employee conflict.

Get yourself ready to answer some of the interview questions.

Put on the appropriate interview attire for your Target interview, and tailor your resume for the specific position you want by adding skills retailers look for in applicants.

Benefits and Compensation for Working with Target Company

If you are seeking a job with tremendous benefits, you will love working at Target.

Target offers numerous benefits to their employees, including dental insurance, health insurance, and vision benefits, and 401(k).

They also include employee discount of 10% and enrollment in an Employee Assistance Program (free counseling and legal advice).

One good thing about Target when it comes to health insurance is that it covers domestic partners as well as married couples.

Core Benefits

  • 24 days holiday increasing with service
  • Company Pension Scheme
  • Life Assurance
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Discretionary Bonus.

Health & Well-being

Here at Target the management wants its people to be resilient, lead fulfilling lives, be emotionally and physically healthy, and most of all happy to be working at Target.

The Target Company has developed a well-being strategy to keep its employees happy, which focuses on physical, mental, and financial wellbeing.

In addition to monitoring the health and wellbeing of their employees through regular surveys, Target also provides training for their people so that they are better able to deal with whatever life throws at them.

The company wants its people to feel that they are making a difference in their lives.

The Target Company continues to invest in the health and well-being of its employees by providing:

  • Free fruit
  • Free eye tests
  • Sick pay
  • Subsidized gym memberships
  • A free employee assistance program including a hotline for advice and support
  • A cycle to work scheme
  • Family friendly policies
  • Financial wellbeing talks and advice
  • Wellbeing weeks
  • Flu vaccination vouchers
  • Private medical insurance

Lifestyle benefits

  • Buying or selling extra holiday
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Family friendly policies
  • Employee discount website
  • Cycle to work scheme

Work/Life Balance at Target

Target has a very good work/life balance. The management is indeed flexible with scheduling, time off, and desired hours.

If you have a last minute obligation, there is also a weekly schedule by a “swap shift” board that makes it easy to get work off.

This is typically the same across departments in the store. Hardlines/cashier/softlines/backroom usually works throughout the day after the flow team and in-stocks team have taken over the early morning session.

Nevertheless, the workload is pretty evenly distributed throughout each department so as to have happy employees.

With the amount of team members a Target store generally has, workers can still make money without cutting off their social life, and there is also a fun, friendly atmosphere which makes the work day feel cool.


If you are planning to start a career with Target and achieve great success in it, then this post will help you get the knowledge you need to actualize that vision.

You will get to know about Target and how you can start a career with the company, using the best career-building methods that the information in this post provides.
If you find this post helpful in learning about careers and employment issues at Target, kindly leave a comment in the box below.

You can also share any experience you’ve had with Target if you are or had been an employee of the Company.

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