Pharmacy Technician Salary in Iowa and How to increase it

By | July 14, 2023
Pharmacy Technician Salary in Iowa
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in Iowa are Mason City, Ottumwa, and Cedar Rapids. Image source: uihc.

The pharmacy technician salary in Iowa is $35,011.

Cities with the highest paying salaries include Mason City, Ottumwa, and Cedar Rapids.

Some of the top paying companies include Avella Specialty Pharmacy, US Department of Veterans Affairs, and Catalent Pharma Solutions.

Pharmacy Technician Salary in Iowa Cities

Here is a table showing salary information for pharmacy technicians in the largest cities in Iowa:

 CitiesSalary HourlySalary Yearly
1.Des Moines$17.14$33,572
2.Cedar Rapids$21.12$41,384
4.Sioux City$15.97$31,285
5.Iowa City$16.53$32,390
7.West Des Moines$16.12$31,582
10.Council Bluffs$20.09$39,366
14.Cedar Falls$16.82$32,960
17.Mason City$32.01$62,721
19.Fort Dodge$15.97$31,283
26.North Liberty$12.59$24,663
Salaries of pharmacy technicians across the cities of Iowa.

10 Cities with Highest Pharmacy Technician Salary in Iowa

Here are top 10 of the highest paying cities for pharmacy technicians in Iowa:

 CitiesSalary HourlySalary Yearly
1.Mason City$32.01$62,721
3.Cedar Rapids$21.12$41,384
4.Council Bluffs$20.09$39,366
9.Des Moines$17.14$33,572
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in Iowa.

Skills-based Pharmacy Technician Salary in Iowa

Some of the current skills that can influence salary upward for pharmacy technician in Iowa include:

  • Aseptic technique; +21.64%
  • Infusion experience; +17.70%
  • Medical terminology; +17.42%
  • Hospital experience; +12.54%
  • Root cause analysis; +58.93%.

Experience-based Pharmacy Technician Salary in Iowa

Experience is one of the most important factors that need to be considered while calculating pharmacy technician salary in Iowa.

Pharmacy technicians with 10 years or more of experience earn a much higher rate of $41,461 than those who are new to the job market with less than one year experience; $33,397.

10 Companies with Highest Pharmacy Technician Salary in Iowa

Here are some of the highest paying companies for pharmacy technicians in Iowa:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.Avella Specialty Pharmacy$28.26$55,357
2.US Department of Veterans Affairs$24.73$48,263
3.Catalent Pharma Solutions$21.87$42,836
4.Cannabis & Glass$21.81$42,722
5.Option Care Health$21.77$41,138
6.AIDS Healthcare Foundation$21.00$41,077
7.Costco Wholesale$21.00$41,034
8.U.S. Army$20.94$40,758
9.Cleveland Clinic$20.80$40,682
Companies that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in Iowa.

10 Highest Paying Pharmacy Technician Jobs in Iowa

Here are the top paying pharmacy technician jobs in Iowa:

  1. Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician; $41,800
  2. Certified Pharmacy Technician; $50,591
  3. Specialty Pharmacy Technician; $41,667
  4. Hospital Pharmacy Technician; $40,606
  5. Senior Pharmacy Technician; $42,370
  6. Pharmacy Technician Supervisor; $61,112
  7. Walmart Pharmacy Technician; $37,460
  8. CVS Pharmacy Technician; $37,712
  9. Compounding Pharmacy Technician; $36,753
  10. Pharmacy Technician Team Leader; $64,100.

More Benefits for Pharmacy Technicians in Iowa

There are various types of benefits that are provided by employers to pharmacy technicians in Iowa. These include:

  1. Sick leave

Sick leave is a type of leave that the employee gets in order to take care of their health.

The employee usually takes a sick leave when they are not feeling very well and needs to stay at home for treatment or recuperation.

2. Vacation pay

Vacation pay is a salary paid to the employee each year based on seniority, which depends upon the company policy.

This type of salary is generally higher than your regular monthly salary offered by the company.

3. 401(k) plan

A 401(k) plan is a type of savings account in which money is accumulated over the years. This money can be withdrawn anytime to meet any financial needs of the employee.

4. Stock options

Stock options are issued to the employee so that they can purchase a particular number of shares of stock at a particular price.

If you meet the required criteria, you may be able to buy more shares at a discounted price.

What Related Job Titles to Pharmacy Technician Earn in Iowa

Here are earnings of related jobs to pharmacy technician in Iowa:

  • Medical assistant; $47,018
  • Medical receptionist; $36,895
  • Laboratory technician; $59,355
  • Healthcare assistant; $50,726
  • Patient care technician; $49,615.

Pharmacy Technician Salary and Job Outlook in Iowa

The job outlook for the State of Iowa is optimistic, with job growth of 5.46%. According to projections, overall job growth will increase from 2,930 (2020) to 3,090 (2030).

Annual job openings are anticipated to be around 130.

How to increase your Pay as a Pharmacy Technician in Iowa

Here are some ideas you can explore to increase your pay as a pharmacy technician in Iowa:

  1. Education

With years of experience and training, you can get a better job, get promoted and increase your salary to great extent in Iowa as a pharmacy technician.

You do not have to be a pharmacy technician graduate or a pharmacy technician degree holder to show how hardworking you are in front of your superiors.

2. Experience

Experience is the best way to make yourself known before receiving a raise. So, if you have been employed with the company for a long time, you can apply for a higher position that requires more experience.

3. Apply to more companies

Many people feel that staying with one company is the best way to increase their pay.

However, you should be open to applying to other companies, as they can also offer better salary packages and benefits.

4. Annual review

Always ask for annual review to discuss the goals you met and to plan for the next year. This will give you a chance to ask for more pay or better employer benefits.

More Career Opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians in Iowa

There are other related career options you may explore with a pharmacy technician background:

  1. Patient care technician

A patient care technician is a health professional that helps the medical providers in their duties.

They are responsible for helping to care for a patient as well as ensuring that the medical providers perform efficiently.

2. Medical assistant

A medical assistant performs basic tasks under the supervision of a doctor or another certified health profession.

They can assist in many activities such as checking vital signs, preparing patients for examination, monitoring health problems and recording information about them.

3. Laboratory technician

A laboratory technician is a health professional who works in laboratories. They analyze and detect many blood, tissue, and body fluids to determine the patient’s condition.

4. Medical secretary

A medical secretary is a health professional that helps an office manager, physician or another health care provider organize records, keep patients updated, and maintain correspondence with other individuals.


This post has explained the job and salary information of a pharmacy technician in Iowa.

The future is looking good for pharmacy technicians in Iowa, so don’t hesitate to explore more about it.

We also shared ideas to increase your salary as well as other job options in related fields.

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