Desktop Support Technician Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 13, 2023
Desktop Support Technician Job Description
Desktop Support Technicians ensure all desktops and computer equipment run smoothly at the workplace.

This post provides detailed information on the desktop support technician job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be asked to meet to be hired for the desktop support technician role by most employers/recruiters.

What Does a Desktop Support Technician Do?

Desktop support technicians can be viewed as the I.T ninjas of every organization; their responsibilities range from installation, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading computer hardware, peripherals and equipment to ensure optimal workplace performance.

The desktop support technician job description entails troubleshooting problematic areas (in person or by electronic means of communication like telephones or email) with accuracy and speed.

He/she is responsible for installations on the desktop and peripherals, and is also saddled with the task of helping all the staff and stakeholders at the firm to resolve any IT related incidents and requests.

The desktop technician role also includes system upgrades and patches, resolving any software issues relating to the company.

His/her duties also involve monitoring system configurations and maintaining a level of functionality.

He/she has as part of their work description the responsibility of running system maintenance and recovery tasks.

The computer desktop support technician also attends to the needs of the customer either by phone or in person while maintaining customer satisfaction as well as impeccable service delivery.

Desktop Support Technician Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Desktop support technicians perform various functions in an organization to keep computer hardware and equipment in top working state.

The tasks, duties, and responsibilities highlighted below represent a typical computer desktop support technician’s job description:

  • Organize training session for staff on the usage of new software/ applications and hardware
  • Carryout diagnosis and repair of network-related problems
  • Bring up-to-date and preserve computer inventory and surplus equipment
  • Sustain and fix issues on LAN/WAN, VoIP telephone, Biometric, Video systems and other computing equipment
  • Make sure desktop computers interconnect seamlessly with various systems
  • Preserve passwords, data integrity and file system security for the computing environment
  • Vouch for and implement upgrades on systems to guarantee longevity
  • Evaluate functional needs to decide system purchase specifications
  • Ascertain and repair hardware and network connectivity issues
  • Launch VPN access for all remote users
  • Support for technical upgrading and maintaining of entire desktop systems
  • Assist in testing and deployment of new applications and systems
  • Maintain an excellent level of customer service, ensuring that all customers are treated efficiently and in appropriate manner
  • Maintain outstanding verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate seamlessly with technical and non-technical colleagues at all levels in the organization
  • Resolve issues by carrying out problem analysis to implement temporary or permanent solutions
  • Accurately record, update, and document requests using the IT service desk system and any other duties as assigned by the company.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – For Desktop Support Technician Role

Employers looking to recruit for the role of desktop support technicians in their organization expect interested individuals for the job to possess certain skills, abilities, knowledge, experience, and educational qualifications to be eligible for an interview.

Shown below are major employers requirements for the position of computer desktop support technician that you will need to meet if you are seeking the job:

  • Previous experience working in an IT support role, preferably four or more years experience
  • Previous work related experience in a customer service related role could be a plus
  • Minimum of an associate degree or OND in computer science, information technology, or in a related field
  • Excellent IT skills and knowledge of troubleshooting computer related issues both hardware and software, as well as desktop, laptop and mobile devices
  • Knowledge of Microsoft system center configuration manager, VMWare virtual desktop infrastructure, encryption software, as well as other software can be an added advantage
  • Knowledge of windows server, active directory, Microsoft exchange server, as well as TCP/IP, DNS and DHCP is desired
  • Good communication skills, both oral and written
  • Ability to meet new people and commence conversations
  • Ability to multitask effectively and work in a fast-paced environment.


From the desktop support technician duties and responsibilities highlighted in this post, we can tell how vital the role is to a company.

Therefore, if you are an employer or a hiring manager needing to recruit for the position, you should go for the best that you can find.
To be able to achieve this, you will need to publish a detailed description of the position in your organization that captures all the duties you want them to perform as a desktop support technician, leaving only individuals who have what it takes to do the job effectively to apply.

You can create such job description by applying the sample copy and information in this article.

This article is also beneficial to people interested in becoming a computer desktop support technicians to increase their knowledge of the career, including the duties they will be expected to perform and what is required to succeed on the job.