Contact Center Representative Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 14, 2023
Contact Center Representative Job Description
Contact center representatives need to always improve their knowledge of company products to be effective in answering customers’ questions.

This post provides detailed information on the contact center representative job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the contact center representative role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Contact Center Representative Do?

Contact center representatives are responsible for managing communication between an organization and its customers.

The contact center representative job description entails responding and providing solutions to customer inquiries through emails, web chat, text messaging, and phone calls.

Contact center reps actively listen to customers to identify their needs and proffer recommendations suitable in meeting such needs.

They use company product database in providing answers to customers’ inquisitions or issues.

They also suggest company products, services or methods necessary to meet the requirements of clients.

In performing their duties, contact center representatives receive and manage large amount of inbound calls from customers.

Their role also entails operating call handling equipment such as computer systems, headset, and monitors.

They also create tickets to record interactions with customers.

Part of the responsibilities of these representatives includes maintaining customer’s accounts by updating contact information and documenting phone conversations.

They may take client’s orders and oversee processing of payment for purchased products or services.

When faced with difficult or complex issues, contact center representatives escalate/refer customers to supervisors or more experienced personnel for proper resolution of a problem.

Their work description may also involve giving product/service information to customers, thereby maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of company goods, associated service charges, and warranty.

They also send out product literature such as handbooks or brochures to customers interested in specific goods or services.

Contact center representatives in fulfilling their obligations follow up on customers to ensure they are satisfied with received products or services.

They comply with established communication standards and procedures when interacting with customers.

Conducting research to obtain information useful in addressing the needs of clients is also part of the contact center representative description.

They accomplish organization’s sales targets by seizing opportunities to upsell products/services; they endeavor to achieve daily call handling quota as assigned by superiors.

They also occasionally attend educational programs and workshops to update job knowledge and skill.

To become a contact center representative, you require a high school diploma and experience in a customer support role.

Some of the qualities needed for succeed on the job include communication and active listening skills, as well as empathic nature.

Contact Center Representative Job Description Example/Template

The job of a representative at a company’s contact center where customers can make complaints and inquiries involves various functions.

Provided below is a job description example that highlights the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities usually performed by contact center representatives in most companies:

  • Conduct research to locate and provide information useful in responding to customers’ inquiries
  • Take orders, forward requests, and process payments for purchased products
  • Enter information into contact center database to create and maintain up-to-date customer accounts
  • Operate call handling equipment such as monitors, computer units, and CRM tools
  • Inspect work equipment to verify they are operational, or to notify tech support in case of malfunction
  • Receive inbound calls from existing and potential customers to address their concerns
  • Place outbound calls to follow up sales leads and persuade potential clients
  • Reply customers’ inquiries concerning product features, services or company information
  • Ensure compliance with call handling standards and customer service requirements
  • Proffer recommendations/solutions effective in addressing customers’ issues and meeting their needs
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of company products, services, warranty, and charges
  • Build and maintain positive trust relationship by engaging customers in open interaction
  • Transfer or escalate customer calls to appropriate staff for effective resolution
  • Upsell company products and services to boost and help achieve sales target
  • Participate in workshops and educational programs to improve on existing job skill.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Contact Center Representative Role

If you are interested in the job of a contact center representative, here are major requirements you will be expected to fulfill by most recruiters to access it:

  • Education and Training: To become a contact center rep, you require at least a high school diploma. Employers usually offer on-the-job training to bring new recruits up-to-speed on contact center operations. Prior experience in a customer service or customer support role is an advantage for the position. Exposure to CRM systems and processes on the other hand increases job prospects
  • Communication Skill: Contact center representatives are proficient in conversing with customers using appropriate language and expression
  • Active listening Skill: They pay close attention to customers’ complaints/inquiries so as to provide solutions effective in meeting their needs

Empathic Skill: They are able to reassure clients that their challenges are not without solutions.


Are you writing a job description for the contact center representative position? If you are, then the sample copy provided in this post can assist you to quickly and conveniently make one.

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