IT Project Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 14, 2023
IT Project Manager Job Description
IT project managers usually set up meetings with their teams to review project progress.

This post provides detailed information on the IT project manager job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the IT project manager role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does an IT Project Manager Do?

IT project managers are responsible for planning, organizing, and managing the information technology processes of an organization.

The IT project manager job description entails developing and implementing IT strategies to meet the business needs of a company.

In carrying out their duties, IT project managers introduce new or revised equipment, applications or systems into company work processes to optimize operations.

They establish and execute plans for improved business functions through technological advances.

Their role also involves overseeing the interviewing and recruitment of IT project personnel.

It is the duty of the manager to supervise and coordinate project staff during the course of a project.

They maintain complete knowledge of the technical processes of a business and also allocate funds and ensure availability of materials necessary to achieve project objectives.

Usually, these project managers oversee the integration of different parts of an IT project. They achieve this by collaborating with the IT unit to help various divisions of a company learn and adjust to new systems.

Their work description also entails communicating with top management to gain insight into company goals and culture.

As part of their responsibilities, managers involved in IT projects usually oversee the budgeting for projects.

They ensure project expenditure remains within a specific cost range, and may contract labor companies, seek funds, or forfeit money-gobbling ventures to save cost.

These professionals use project management software and tools to plan and organize a project.

They monitor the progress of an IT project to ensure timely and effective completion, and also provide instruction manuals and training for users of a new system or application.

In fulfilling their role, IT project managers conduct audits of implemented technology to ascertain level of performance.

They comply with company standards of quality when performing job duties.

Conducting forecasts to identify the technological requirements of an organization is also part of the IT project manager description.

To get into the IT career as a project manager requires a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or business management, or in a related discipline.

The skills needed to succeed on the job include leadership, IT, and problem-solving skills.

IT Project Manager Job Description Example/Template

Working as an IT project manager involves performing various functions that ensure effective management of a company’s information technology processes.

The job description example below shows the common tasks, duties, and responsibilities that constitute the work activities of the role:

  • Manage resources for a project including the tools, equipment, and project personnel
  • Develop and implement IT strategies effective in delivering project within set budget and time constraints
  • Oversee the allocation of funds, as well as availability of resources required for a project
  • Use appropriate project management tools and technique to track project performance
  • Conduct risk assessments to identify factors capable of minimizing success of a project
  • Interview and coordinate the recruitment and orientation of project personnel
  • Establish and maintain positive trust relationship with third party contractors and vendors
  • Produce accurate reports of IT operations and present to management
  • Liaise with project team members to come up with solutions for improved technological operations
  • Organize meetings to discuss and review project operational strategies
  • Develop and manage annual budgets for information technology projects
  • Educate and train users to operate new systems or equipment
  • Ensure smooth transition from old technological systems to new ones
  • Evaluate the progress of project to determine the need for adjustment in strategy
  • Attend educational workshops and seminars to update job knowledge and skill.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for IT Project Manager Job

If you are looking to work as a project manager in the IT unit of a company, here are major requirements most employers may expect you to fulfill before giving you an invitation for interview:

  • Education and Training: To become an IT project manager, you require a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or business management. Advanced degree in IT or project management is necessary for the position. Also, successfully completing certification courses in business analysis, PMP, or PRINCE II is an added advantage
  • Leadership Skill: Managers direct and supervise the activities of an IT project team to realize set objectives
  • IT Skill: They are proficient in operating technological equipment, tools, and systems
  • Problem-solving Skill: They are well versed in providing IT solutions to address the business needs of an organization.


If you are an employer needing to hire for the IT project manager job, you can apply the sample job description given in this post to quickly make a good one for the position for your company.

Having a detailed work description for the role, which you can easily produce with the information in this article, will enable you to attract the best candidates for the position.

And for job seekers interested in this position, this post also helps you to learn a lot about what an IT project manager does so you can be better prepared for the career.