Construction Safety Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 22, 2023
Construction Safety Manager Job Description
Construction safety managers ensure project sites are safe for workers.

This post presents exhaustive information on the construction safety manager job description, including the main duties, tasks, and responsibilities they typically carry out.

It also provides the major requirements that candidates for the construction safety manager role are usually asked to satisfy to be qualified for hiring.

What Does a Construction Safety Manager Do?

The core responsibility of a construction safety manager is to work with contractors to identify specific hazards on project sites, such as potential electrocution, toxic substances, heights or threats to human life, and develop strategies to minimize or eliminate the risks or exposure to such hazards.

His/her work description involves conducting daily safety inspections and audits to ensure compliance with government regulations, as well as ensuring that Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws are strictly obeyed.

Safety managers help construction crews to remain focused on finishing assigned jobs and delivering quality projects to the company’s customers in a safe environment.

Their work description may also include checking for appropriate safety clothing or gear and ensuring the display of safety signage.

Construction Safety Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Construction safety managers perform various functions to keep project sites safe. Here is a job description example that captures the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities commonly performed by individuals who work as construction safety managers:

  • Screen projects and project sites before work commences, identifying safety-related risks
  • Inspect active project sites to evaluate ongoing work conditions to guarantee compliance
  • Liaise with external parties such as government-employed inspectors to evaluate the process of construction sites
  • Work with project management teams and field workers to implement and device solutions to safety-related issues on project sites
  • Review blueprint designs for disposal systems, evacuation plans, lighting, and ventilation to ensure minimum or no danger to the safety or health of the site guests or workers
  • Work with senior management to create plans for emergency procedures
  • Maintain safety related paperwork, including OSHA 300 logs and safety training certifications, such as OSHA OTI
  • Train company employees on safe work practices and emergency procedures
  • Discipline subcontractors and employees who fail to comply with minimum safety standards
  • Represent construction company in meetings with government bodies and other organizations on issues regarding workplace health and safety
  • Interact with licensed bodies for regular update on legal regulations and program initiatives on workplace safety and environmental issues.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for the Role of a Construction Safety Manager

To work as a construction safety manager, some firms may expect candidates to have an advanced degree, however, for most small and medium sized companies, an advanced degree may not be necessary.

Extra training resources, including OSHA training are available to support a candidate interested in this career path get the role easily.

If you are seeking the job of a construction safety manager, the following are major requirements and qualifications you will need to meet to be able to access the role with most companies:

  • Minimum, five years experience in construction, identifying threats and developing appropriate protection measures
  • Decent communications skills – the ability to communicate effectively both written and oral
  • Good listening skills – the ability to listen effectively and receive feedback from the employee perspective without passing judgment
  • Knowledge of OSHA standards and regulations relating to the specific trade or activity being managed
  • Good organizational and recordkeeping abilities – the ability to maintain good records of all safety-related activities
  • Ability to access heights via ladders or scaffolding as the majority of his/her job would require climbing to access construction above ground level
  • Expertise in the specific skilled trade or type of work the company does will assist the construction safety manager in being able to design and implement solutions for the company
  • Good team player, Self-confident, motivated, and independent
  • Job Assessment Tests: Employers may require candidates for this position to take and pass certain pre-employment exams to determine if they are the right fit for the job.

Individuals interested in the construction safety manager career should look for the following certifications:


You will find the sample job description for the construction safety manager position provided in this post valuable if you are an employer hiring for the role.

You will be able to produce a great description for the position in your company with no trouble and swiftly too by making use of the content of this post, and that will accelerate your likelihood of getting only the best-qualified people applying for the job.

This post will also be helpful to you if you are interested in the construction safety management career as you will learn about the duties and responsibilities of the manager and so be able to make informed decision about taking the career or not.