Digital Asset Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 22, 2023
Digital Asset Manager Job Description
Digital asset managers ensure an organization’s digital assets are successfully uploaded to the digital asset management system.

This post presents exhaustive information on the digital asset manager job description, including the main duties, tasks, and responsibilities they typically carry out.

It also provides the major requirements that candidates for the digital asset manager role are usually asked to satisfy to be qualified for hiring.

What Does a Digital Asset Manager Do?

Digital asset managers are responsible for leading an organization’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) team, ensuring that all digital assets are successfully, with accurate metadata, uploaded into the digital asset management system.

The digital asset manager job description entails collaborating with major members within their organization to develop its digital asset management strategy and vision.

Their role also include creating, implementing, and regularly improving the organization’s digital asset management platform.

Digital asset managers analyze and organize all digital assets designed and uploaded to the digital asset management system.

They work with team leaders on metadata, taxonomy structure, tagging, implementation and rollout of DAM, upload and organization of assets, troubleshooting, and training.

And with in-depth knowledge and understanding of workflow management, digital asset managers are responsible for leading the development and implementation of workflow system for the organization.

They also drive the organization’s asset strategy and implementation on content decentralization and personalization, and have the duty to evolve and coordinate the photo rights management platform.

The work description of a digital asset manager may also entail organizing escalation and production flows, creating training materials, collaborate with contact center partners to lead the implementation of asset workflow support.

It also involves maintaining high quality standards and ensuring digital asset production is optimized by designing the right processes.

Leading, coaching, identifying and triaging issues with I.T. partners, and developing the Digital Content Specialist also form part of the functions of the digital asset manager.

The job of a digital asset manager involves collaborating with a team of various professionals and units, including agencies, customer care center, franchises, and cross-functional partners, such as global regions, digital designers, digital producers, photographers, copywriters, videographers, and partners on Digital Production, Distribution, Franchisee Services, Brand Marketing, Digital Field Marketing, and Customer Care teams.

Digital Asset Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Digital asset managers perform various functions in ensuring that an organization’s digital asset management platform is effective.

The following are examples of common tasks, duties, and responsibilities usually associated with the job description of most digital asset managers:

  • Leading the creation and evolution of digital asset management capabilities by developing the in-house roadmap focused on streamlining operations, optimized userflows, permissions, and maintaining best practice asset management.
  • Discovering ways to enhance automation of tagging and asset ingest
  • Designing and implementing taxonomy and metadata management strategies following industry best practices (SEO, ADA, automation, global); creating requirements and taking them to the market
  • Performing ingesting, organizing, general asset maintenance and management, as well as associated issue management, and curating daily in the digital asset management system
  • Performing digital asset lifecycle maintenance activities, such as digital archiving and asset expiration
  • Providing leadership on assigned project initiatives, such as designing new formats for global conference support, Enterprise DAM, and photo rights management
  • Coaching, leading, and designing the Digital Content Specialist
  • Prioritizing the work, developing training materials, and making sure steady state productions are on target
  • Providing oversight and direction to the image workflow implemented by the Customer Care Team
  • Maintaining and contributing to standards and governance by being abreast of industry best practices
  • Creating solid candidates for the digital asset management roadmap by requesting suggestion from users of the DAM
  • Maintaining all company video/photography publishing to the websites by work effectively together with the Digital Production Operations Team
  • Developing more skills and expertise in digital asset curation and syndication by being current with prevailing technologies in the digital world, and so be able to contribute to the evolution of new content formats
  • May be required to effect changes to images on property pages following request from franchisee
  • Serving as an expert for the Content Management System (Adobe Experience Manager), and the Digital Asset Management system (DAM).

Requirements – Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge – for Digital Asset Manager Role

If you are seeking to work as a digital asset manager, here are major requirements and qualifications you may have to meet for most employers to consider you for the position:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • At least five years of proven leadership experience in digital production/digital asset management in relevant industries
  • Experience of successfully leading at least one direct report for two years or more
  • Experience with asset curation, with at least 2 years experience in DAM administration or in a related field
  • Strong knowledge of DAM, ADA, metadata taxonomy, and SEO best practices, strategy principles and concepts for assets and digital content
  • Solid knowledge of web publishing and content management systems best practices/standards
  • Solid knowledge of media Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Strong knowledge and experience with Adobe Experience Manager and other content management systems
  • Sound experience in data governance, standards and process development
  • Solid ability to work with Microsoft Office Suite, Google Analytics or other tool, HTML/CSS, JIRA or other project management tool, SEO Implementation, and Basecamp
  • Strong communications skills, including reading and writing in English
  • Strong knowledge and experience working with APIs; innovative and logical thinker
  • Strong ability to perform core project management documentation, including Statements of Work and Business Requirements Documentation, and authoring Status Reports
  • Well organized and highly structured individual, with ability to give attention to detail
  • Profound leadership skills, with the ability to build and lead a team
  • Excellent analytical skills, with the ability to apply data in providing solutions and driving strategic business decisions
  • Profound project management skills
  • Pre-employment Assessment Tests: In hiring for this position, recruiters may require applicants to take certain tests to prove their suitability for the position.


This post has provided a comprehensive report of what digital asset managers do. Therefore, if you are an employer looking to hire for the position, you can apply the sample job description provided in this post in creating detailed description for the job that suits your organization.

With a detailed and well targeted work description, you will be able to attract the best qualified candidates to your offer, which makes your recruiting successful.

This post is equally useful to individuals interested in the digital asset management career. They will be able to learn a lot about the duties and responsibilities of the role of a digital asset manager and make the right decision about the career.