Construction Administrative Assistant Career

By | July 14, 2023
Construction Administrative Assistant Career
The Construction administrative assistant career can lead to job positions like construction assistant manager, office administrator, and human resources coordinator.

This post provides detailed information on the construction administrative assistant career, including how to become one, the various opportunities available, and the benefits of being a construction administrative assistant.

How to becoming a Construction Administrative Assistant

Previous experience in clerical or administrative positions, some formal education, and a wide range of skills are required to work as an administrative assistant in the construction industry.

Some administrative assistants begin their careers right out of high school, while others pursue an Associate degree.

You should have a solid understanding of construction terminology, excellent organizational skills, and excellent written and verbal communication skills.

You should also be computer literate and familiar with scheduling, spreadsheet, and word processing software.

Construction Administrative Assistant Career Opportunities

Here are various career opportunities open to construction administrative assistant:

  1. Construction Assistant Manager

A construction assistant manager is responsible for managing a group of administrative assistants.

They will manage the administrative assistants and make sure they complete their work, and must also train their workers in and out of office.

Construction assistant managers may also be in charge of hiring, firing, and providing instructions to employees, as well as evaluating their workers performance.

They work with employees to develop and implement training programs.

2. Construction Office Administrator

The construction office administrator is a very large role and they act as a liaison between their company and the internal or external customers.

They possess a high level of expertise in office administration.

3. Construction Human Resources Coordinator

The job of a construction HR coordinator is to manage the human resource functions of a construction company.

They manage payroll, employee benefits, timekeeping, training, safety, and security policy along with employment processes such as recruitment and interviewing.

4. Construction Executive Secretary

The construction executive secretary is a professional who provides secretarial assistance to executives in a construction firm.

It is important that they maintain a high level of professionalism, for example in order to serve the executives and their company.

5. Construction Accounting Clerk

A construction accounting clerk is an individual who has advanced knowledge in bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll.

They are able to assist their bosses on whichever task they require. A good way to describe these individuals is accountable and dependable.

Construction accounting clerks also have good organizational skills with the ability to multi-task while maintaining a high level of accuracy and quickness.

More Construction Administrative Assistant Career Opportunities

6. Construction Marketing Coordinator

A construction marketing coordinator is an individual who has the responsibility of promoting a construction company and the services it render.

They are also responsible for supervising and coordinating marketing functions, including advertising, promotion and sales.

7. Construction Sales Associate

A construction sales associate’s job is to provide customers with the service they request from the construction company they work for.

They are also responsible for greeting customers, which makes them a vital part of the customer service team in a construction firm.

They should always provide a positive attitude towards their customers.

8. Construction Operations Coordinator

A construction operations coordinator is responsible for planning and overseeing the operations of a construction company.

They are usually in charge of maintaining the daily operations and procedures of their business, as well as developing and implementing new policies.

9. Construction Customer Service Representative

A construction customer service representative provides good customer service to their customers.

They work in an office environment which is why they must always be able to communicate with their customers effectively.

The majority of their job involves communicating with customers, either through telephone or internet.

10. Construction Office Manager

A construction office manager is an individual who has the responsibility of supervising a group of administrative assistants and doing other tasks that help them manage a construction firm.

They have excellent interpersonal skills because they must interact with every employee in their company on a daily basis, as well as make sure their workers are trained within and out of the office.

As a result, they are able to provide effective guidance to their workers.

Challenges faced by Construction Administrative Assistants on the Job

Some of the challenges faced by administrative assistants in the construction industry are:

  1. Multitasking

Multi-tasking is the act of performing two or more tasks simultaneously and also doing them equally well.

Administrative assistants in the construction industry are required to multi-task, because they are required to complete numerous tasks which must be done on a daily basis.

2. Starting and completing tasks with accuracy and timing

Administrative assistants are well known to complete their work on time. Although they work on different assignments, but still they always try to finish their work on time so that they can ensure that their company’s operations and appearance is up to standard.

3. Identifying critical information that are needed by their company

Administrative assistants in the construction industry must know what information is needed by the business.

They must know how their company’s operations are going and provide it to the executive so that they can make appropriate decisions on their business.

Major Benefits of Construction Administrative Assistant Career

Here are major benefits of being a construction administrative assistant:

  1. Variety of environments

You’ll be able to work in a variety of environments, from the office to the job site. These environments will definitely make you a well-rounded person.

2. Interesting work

Working in the construction industry is quite interesting because you get to be part of many different types of projects.

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn new things at each job site, such as applying construction innovations and safety procedures, and using new tools.

3. Advancement opportunities

Administrative assistants in the construction industry have opportunities for advancement through training and education programs offered by local unions, contractors, and professional associations.

4. Learn new skills

You’ll continue to learn new skills that will help you advance in your career for example you may learn how certain materials are used and how it affects the end result of building or designing something.

5. Good pay

The average construction administrative assistant earns $45,702 per year according to

The amount of money you earn depends on the skills you have, your employer, and the area in which you work.

As a construction administrative assistant, you can expect to earn a great salary that’s comparable to other professions.

More Benefits of Construction Administrative Assistant Career

6. Excellent benefits

Administrative assistants in construction industry have working days that may be long and varied but their compensation is definitely worth the effort.

Some of the benefits that these employees receive are: health insurance, pension plans, paid vacations and holidays, dental and life insurance.

7. Good working conditions

The working conditions are very good in the construction industry. The administrative assistants work in a well-managed office environment without the pressure to perform on their own.

They are also provided with sufficient training and guidance to develop the skills needed for their job.

Administrative assistants don’t have to work overtime which will give them the much-needed time for relaxation.


If you love a job that allows for constant learning, challenges, and intellectual stimulation then the construction administrative assistant career is a perfect one for you.

You can start this career as soon as you graduate from high school because some high schools provide classes that would help you become an administrative assistant.