Commercial Carpenter Job Description Example

By | August 23, 2023
Commercial carpenter job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Commercial carpenters are responsible for erecting scaffolding and building framework.

Commercial Carpenter Job Description Example

What Does a Commercial Carpenter Do?

Commercial carpenters are specialized woodworkers found at large construction sites.

The commercial carpenter job description entails providing professional carpentry services during construction of commercial structures such as schools, churches, bridges and hospitals.

Commercial carpenters are skilled in operating a range of equipment and machinery which residential carpenters are not familiar with.

They work with complex power tools such as jackhammers, power drills, etc. They also work with non-wood materials among which include steel and concrete.

Commercial carpenters in performing their duties carry out welding of metal parts during construction.

They maintain an up-to-date knowledge of heavy-duty carpentry materials and complex processes.

They are also able to read and interpret construction plans and blueprint to determine the materials and dimensions specified.

Since commercial carpenters work on more complex and sophisticated structures, they establish and ensure adherence to procedures and regulations for safety of life and health.

They usually measure and mark cutting lines on construction materials using pencil, chalk, and scriber.

They also utilize plumb bob and level to verify the horizontal/vertical elevation of a structure.

As part of their work description, commercial carpenters develop and implement strategies for achieving the requirements a city has set for a commercial structure.

They often oversee the construction of a building interior to ensure proper installation of window frames, staircases and doors.

They also fabricate and set up shelves, furniture and other wooden fixtures.

Commercial carpenters usually erect temporary construction structures such as scaffolding and framework.

Their role may also involve participating in the building of industrial structures such as power plants, dams, and sewer systems.

They also operate and utilize pulleys and cranes to put up and install building framework.

They are also responsible for aligning floorboards to join seamlessly with elevator or escalator.

The educational requirement for the commercial carpenter position is a high school diploma.

With a high school education, you can proceed for a 3-4 year apprenticeship program under the training of an experienced carpenter.

Some qualities required for the position include physical dexterity, strength, and attention to details.

Commercial Carpenter Job Description Example/Template

The functions performed by commercial carpenters are varied; below is a job description example for the role that aptly captures the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually assigned by most firms to people who work in this position:

  • Build shoots and concrete forms for pouring cement mixtures during large constructions
  • Work and maintain knowledge of various construction materials among which include wood, fiberglass, steel, and concrete
  • Read and interpret building plans/blueprint for large and complex structures
  • Take measurement of distances and materials to establish the dimension/size of a structure
  • Cut, shape, and smoothen the surface of materials using power saws and sanders
  • Build door, window frames, furniture, and staircase using choice raw materials or pre-fabricated wood products
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations to minimize risk of workplace accident
  • Operate and use welding machines to fasten metal parts to one another
  • Erect ladders and scaffolding in order to assemble wood/metal parts above ground level
  • Inspect structures to identify and repair defective or damaged sections or parts
  • Use plumb bobs, levels and squares to ensure an even and level surface/structure
  • Direct and supervise laborers and other construction aids
  • Ensure a structure meets the requirements set by a municipality
  • Build and layout flooring and dry walls to ensure accurate elevation
  • Design and build fixtures such as building cabinets, shelves, molding and furniture.

Requirements-Skills, Abilities and Knowledge – for Commercial Carpenter Job

To qualify to work as a commercial carpenter, most employers common set the following requirements to screen and get the right candidates for the job:

  • Education and Training: To become a commercial carpenter, you require at least a high school diploma. You also require 3-4 years supervised apprenticeship under an experienced carpenter. You may opt for a 2-year associate’s degree in carpentry at a technical college
  • Physical Dexterity: Commercial carpenters are adept at maintaining good eye to hand coordination when working on materials with various tools
  • Physical Strength: They are able to lift and handle heavy work materials and implements
  • Attention to Details: They are able to construct structures which are properly shaped and in line with set specifications
  • Pre-employment test: To be accepted into the commercial carpentry apprenticeship position, most employers will require that applicants take a test and pass it. Get more information about Job Assessment Tests and how to easily make great scores in your apprenticeship test.


If you are a business owner needing commercial carpenter job description template to use in designing a work description for the role in your company, and for hiring the best candidates for the position, the sample job description given in this post will be helpful.

Also, to job seekers interested in this position, this post provides the major duties and responsibilities you may be expected to perform if hired by most businesses.

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