Hotel Sales Manager Job Description Example

By | August 23, 2023
Hotel Sales Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Hotel Sales Managers are concerned with the sales growth and profitability of their hotels.

Hotel Sales Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Hotel Sales Manager Do?

Hotel sales managers are responsible for generating revenue for hotel management.

The hotel sales manager job description involves meeting with clients and coordinate business deals that seek to promote the hotel and its services.

Hotel sales managers in performing their duties develop and implement sales strategies required in maximizing returns.

They establish objectives and execute necessary action plans required to achieve set financial goals.

They also carry out research to identify ways to increase customer base.

Sales managers work with a team of sales representatives whose responsibilities are to scout and secure clients for a hotel.

They assign and delegate job tasks to hotel sales representatives according to their capability to ensure an even distribution of workload.

They also mentor and motivate these reps to put in their best effort to achieve set objectives.

The role of sales managers in charge of hotels also involves conducting analysis to evaluate current client base and identifying changes/trends in the hotel industry.

They usually prepare and oversee the distribution of promotional materials such as flyers and billboards.

They also schedule and hold meetings with hotel sales team to discuss and decide on suitable strategy for increased hotel sales.

As part of their responsibilities, sales managers contact government and business organizations to offer them hotel services in order to secure contracts for an event hosting.

They liaise with wedding and event planners to improve hotel patronage and enhance booking.

They also communicate with clients to respond to their inquiries and convince them to close a sales deal.

Usually, the hotel sales manager work description entails overseeing the processing of payments and the offering of discounts when necessary.

It also includes ensuring clients’ needs and requirements are met during their stay in a hotel.

Hotel managers of sales also maintain good working relationships with customers to encourage regular patronage and future business deals.

To work in this role require a Bachelor’s degree in business studies, marketing, finance, or in any other related discipline.

To be successful as a sales manager in a hotel requires certain qualities, including persuasive, customer service, and leadership skills.

Hotel Sales Manager Job Description Example/Template

The job description example below shows the various duties, tasks, and responsibilities typically performed by sales managers in most hotels:

  • Develop action plans and set objectives for increased revenue and maximum profit for hotel management
  • Implement sales and marketing strategies necessary for attracting clients to patronize a hotel
  • Maintain a clear understanding of hotel policies and ensure compliance
  • Carry out research and analysis to identify new markets and business opportunities
  • Oversee the hiring and training of hotel sales representatives and other hotel personnel
  • Seek out business with large organizations such as churches, sports clubs or corporate firms to convince them to patronize their hotel
  • Prepare and distribute promotional and advertisement materials to create awareness for hotel products/services
  • Maintain a complete knowledge of all the services a hotel provides so as to conduct successful sales
  • Explain and notify clients of recent upgrades and available options for hotel services
  • Oversee the management of client account and service tab
  • Collaborate with event and wedding planners to ensure increased patronage and hotel booking
  • Oversee the processing of payments and offering discounts to client when necessary
  • Assign job duties to hotel personnel and ensure effective performance of assigned tasks
  • Supervise the customer service unit of a hotel to ensure compliance with set standards of hospitality and customer service
  • Maintain contact with clients to obtain feedback and encourage continued patronage.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Hotel Sales Manager Role

To work as a hotel sales manager may require having the following qualifications, which are commonly set by employers to get the best candidates for the position; it is believed that applicants who can satisfy the requirements will be more effective on the job:

  • Education and Training: To become a hotel sales manager, you require a Bachelor’s degree in business studies, marketing, finance, in other similar field. You also require several years of experience as a sales or marketing representative, preferably in the hospitality industry
  • Persuasive Skill: Hotel sales managers are able to convince potential clients to subscribe to hotel services
  • Customer Service Skill: They courteously interact with customers and ensure their needs and requirements are met
  • Leadership Skill: They are well versed in coordinating and managing hotel human resources to ensure smooth operations and maximum profit
  • Pre-employment tests: To be hired as a manager in a hotel, some recruiters may require taking a test or two to confirm you are the right person for them. Find out the type of job assessment tests you may be required to take and how to make top scores.


The sample hotel sales manager job description given in this post provides employers a template they can use in designing a work description for attracting the best candidates for hiring into the position, and for assigning tasks to them.

This post also provides job seekers interested in the hotel sales manager job the information they need to learn about the functions of the position that they will be expected to perform if hired.

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