Cashier Resume Example

By | September 3, 2023
Cashier Resume
A good resume is needed to land a cashier job.

If you are seeking the job of a cashier, then you need to create a compelling resume or CV that can quickly convince the recruiter/employer that you are the cashier they are looking for.

There are usually several cashier job positions to be filled, including in the retail sector, however, to get them, you would need to have a good resume.

The reason is not far-fetched. It is not likely that you will be the only person applying for the job.

The chance is that there will be other people, some experienced cashiers and some people who are looking forward to their first cashier job. There will be people of different qualification and experience also competing with you for the job.

To be able to pick the best candidate(s), one of the documents the employer will demand to see is the applicant’s resume.

The resume tells them a lot about the applicant’s qualification and suitability for the job. A great resume will get you an interview appointment with the employer where you will be able to let them see why you are the best person for the job.

You can learn how to write your resume yourself by studying some good cashier resume templates or samples, and follow their formats in creating yours.

Here is an example of a good retail cashier resume that you can use as a template in writing yours and increasing your chances of getting an interview.


Cashier Resume Example/Sample/Template

Rhoda Jons
123 Down Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 33333 • Home: (222) 333-4444, Cell: (111) 111-1111 •

OBJECTIVE: Seeking the position of Cashier in a growing retail chain where my people skills will be effectively utilized to providing exceptional customer service.


Highly gifted cashier with solid experience in retail, providing superb customer service and ensuring all procedures and processes that enhance revenue are maintained for the growth and success of the firm.


  • Two years solid experience in retail environment and cash handling
  • First-rate customer service skills
  • Strong math knowledge and ability to use computers
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to give attention to details
  • Strong ability to perform duties under pressure and perform multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Strong ability to accept and learn new ideas, and take up new responsibilities
  • Ability to be calm, objective, neutral, and make good decisions under pressure
  • Excellent people’s skills, with the ability to create a friendly, and cooperative working relationship with others
  • Excellent ability to communicate with the public, customers, and fellow staff
  • Excellent ability to read, understand, and execute instructions perfectly
  • Exceptional ability to adhere to company’s policies, processes, and systems
  • Uncommon ability to work effectively and efficiently in a fast paced work environment.


Sundy Stores, ATL
2011 – Present


  • Provide efficient, friendly, and informative service following established customer service standards and corporate vision
  • Check out customer’s purchases speedily and correctly, applying accurate codes, departments, and prices
  • Maintain 100% accuracy of cash register, and make sure all payment transactions are carried out with precision and efficiency
  • Put customers’ groceries in bag and ask if they need more assistance
  • Say “thank you for shopping at Sundy” or “have a great day!” as farewell to customers after shopping
  • Ask for back up on registers when necessary
  • Answer customers questions, and refer unresolved cases to customer service, supervisor, or the front end manager
  • Ensure proper procedures are taken in balancing cash drawer at the close of shift
  • Ensure security procedures are followed in handling pick-ups, quick change artists, potential shoplifters, and drawers
  • Ensure front end area is always orderly, organized, and clean
  • Place shop backs away and clean register at the end of shift
  • Make request to front end manager for equipment or replacement that are required
  • Participate in department meetings
  • Take initiative during slow times to stock items, or perform other tasks assigned by the supervisor or front end manager.


  • High school diploma.

Would you like to share your idea of making a better resume for the cashier job, or you have questions about making your resume better? Please share it in the comment box below:

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