Marketing Manager Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Marketing Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Marketing Managers employ different platforms, including social media and SEO to reach their product’s target audience.

Marketing Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Marketing Manager Do?

The marketing manager job description involves the planning/directing of marketing initiatives, overseeing the development, pricing and distribution of product services in order to maximize company profits.

Marketing managers carry out a demographic survey to identify a target market for specific products/services.

The results of the survey are essential to determining the advert medium suitable for the market.

Marketing managers fulfill a major role of managing marketing personnel; motivating them to foster effective product publicity and sales support.

They are in charge of the planning, developing, and implementation of marketing strategies necessary for the achievement of set goals.

They also bear the responsibility of preparing and presenting a feasible budget to company executives for approval.

Marketing managers oversee the introduction of new products/services to ensure its reception by consumers.

They usually assess product demand by personally interviewing consumers or distributing questionnaires to obtain data on consumer opinion and interest in a product.

They also conduct market evaluation to determine prices of competing products and the outcome of a price change.

Marketing managers usually determine price estimates of newly introduced products by calculating cost of production and percent profit.

It is the duty of marketing managers to supervise and oversee the activities of assistant marketing managers/employees to ensure they work in line with company standards and meet set targets.

Marketing managers are in charge of the design and publishing of advertising materials. They review marketing/advert concepts and slogans to ensure the right message is passed across to consumers.

As part of their work description, marketing managers utilize social media platforms to promote and publicize products/services in order to reach a target market.

They usually contact media houses and agencies to subscribe for advert spaces on television, radio, and print publications.

They occasionally conduct price negotiations with product distributors to strike favorable bargain for distribution of products.

They also produce catalogs that outline available products/services and their accompanying prices.

The marketing manager job typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, advertising, marketing, or other related disciplines.

Qualities necessary for the job include persuasion, interpersonal skills, decision-making skills, and communication skills.

Marketing Manager Job Description Example

If you are applying for the marketing manager role, here is a job description example that highlights the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities most employers will likely assign to you:

  • Conduct demographic surveys to identify target market for products/services
  • Utilize results of a market survey to determine most suitable medium for advertisement
  • Motivate marketing personnel to foster effective promotion and advertisement of products and services
  • Plan, develop, and implement marketing strategies essential to the achievement of set targets
  • Prepare and present a realizable and detailed budget to executives for approval
  • Oversee the introduction of new products to ensure its reception by a target market
  • Obtain information on consumer product opinion by interviewing and distributing questionnaires to consumers
  • Determine price of competing products in the market and the outcome of price change
  • Supervise the activities of assistant marketing managers and other marketing employees to ensure efficient and productive work operation
  • Oversee the design and publishing of advert materials
  • Review marketing concepts to ensure the right message is passed across to consumers
  • Calculate cost of production and percent profit to determine price of new products/service
  • Utilize social media platforms to promote and publicize products in order to reach a target market
  • Contact media agencies to subscribe to advertising spaces on television, radio, and print publications
  • Produce catalogs which contain a list of available products and their accompanying price.

Marketing Manager Resume Preparation

You will be expected to make a resume when applying for the job of a marketing manager.

To effectively prepare the work experience part of the resume, you can adopt the functions of the role stated in the sample job description provided above.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Marketing Manager Job

To be considered for employment as a marketing manager by most firms, the following are the usually required qualities and skills you will need to have:

  • Education and Training: To become a marketing manager, you require at least a Bachelor’s degree preferably in advertising, journalism, marketing, or other related disciplines. Having a prior experience in the field of marketing is an advantage towards securing the job
  • Persuasion: Marketing managers are skilled at convincing a potential customer to purchase a product or subscribe to a service
  • Interpersonal Skills: They are able to relate and interact with people of varying behavioral characteristics
  • Decision-making Skills: As one of their qualities, marketing managers are skilled in taking appropriate marketing decisions.

Marketing Manager Skills for Resume

Still looking to build a marketing manager resume? If so, then the above mentioned qualities will be essential in completing the skills section of your resume to gain the attention of potential hirers.

Employers of marketing managers usually look for applicants with the above required qualities because they believe individuals who have them will make highly effective managers.

So, if you do have the required skills, highlighting them in your resume will certainly increase its impact on employers.


To be well prepared for the marketing manager’s job, you need to know the kind of duties and responsibilities you will likely be required to perform. The above detailed job description for the position becomes useful.

Also, employers needing good marketing managers can use the job description template above in designing effective job descriptions for recruiting and assigning functions to their new staff.