What are your Strengths? 15 Best Interview Answers

By | August 27, 2023
How to answer "what are your strengths?" interview question
Having an interview soon? If yes, then “what are your strengths?” is a question to prepare for.

What are your Strengths? 15 Best Interview Answers

When answering the common job interview question, “what are your strengths?” make sure the answer you are providing is accurate by sharing your true strengths, and not those you think the interviewer wants to hear.

Refer to instances where you’ve demonstrated these in a professional setting.

Your strengths could include experiences you had with a specific software or task, expertise in a certain field, a track record of working with similar products or clients, and more.

They could also include talents which consist of writing, programming, selling, litigating, organizing, and translating abilities.

Also, consider your competencies such as skills in managing up, team building, influencing, problem-solving, and relevant educational or training background on topics critical to the job including, internships, mentoring, training seminars, college degrees and certifications.

Here are examples of answers to the question that you can use in preparing for employment interviews:

15 Best Answers to the “What are your Strengths” Job Interview Question

1. The fact that I was fond of teaching people tricks and ideas, I got into the call center supervision. I love supervising and that made their jobs easier and full of fun. They told me it was my strength, and I’m always ready to inspire people to try things at first they think are hard. As you help them gain confidence they are meant to improve with time, and that’s my joy.

2. I am a skilled salesman with years of experience. I have earned a bonus each year since I started with my current employer, because of my overzealous sales strategy.

3. One of my biggest strengths is my people skills, which can be used when I want to introduce myself to customers and start conversations with them. My experience has given me the time management skills that are required for this position. And I will go beyond making sure that deadlines are met.

4. My greatest strength should be my experience, because I’ve worked as a bartender for three years and I’m used to working independently and with a team.

5. Hard-working, tolerance, and fast learner. I was told I possessed these personal qualities when I diligently attended to a greater number of customers with other fewer staff members, and I made a huge amount of money from book sales that same day.

6. Smiling always whether the situation is good or bad, and working in every environment are my strengths. This experience was paramount during my last job. I got recommendations from my boss and that increased my ego.

7. I am an all rounder in my work, effective and efficient in both oral and written communication, and also a perfectionist in my tasks.

8. I am a positive thinker, self-confident, hardworking, self-motivated, and I can make adjustments easily and can learn new things.

9. I’m a people person. As a customer service rep for the past five years, I enjoy handling tough cases as it gives me a chance to solve problems. I enjoy interacting with the public and love doing outreach. Many employees found it stressful and didn’t enjoy being part of the Superior Crew, but I really found out the love I had seeing many people come through so quickly. Not only was I constantly part of the activities, but I was able to provide an in-person shopping assistance to a few last minute gift buyers. It really felt great with my team having the highest sales over the weekend.

10. As an architect at Dens Building & Construction Companies., I had to learn all aspects of managing a business, from taking care of the IT work to visiting construction sites. I bring my architectural expertise during the registration exam, but I also have the entrepreneurial strength and spirit. My experience shows that I excel wearing a few various hats including construction helmet.

11. I have the ability to talk effectively and persuade people. I am a good listener, and that helped me in the past to identify customer needs so I can sell more effectively.

12. I think some of my greatest strengths are my communication skills and readiness to follow instructions.

During my last internship, I made sure that everyone on the team was using the same page and I took the initiative to send out a weekly email to keep the team updated, which took place when I assisted to manage some of the social media accounts.

This ended up being so helpful that the updating of weekly social media was made to be full-time responsibilities of the entire staff members.

13. I have quite a few strengths; probably the greatest is my reliability. Part of my reliability is consistency and punctuality, and I have had it for the past three years.

But it’s more than that. A lot of people know me for my trustworthiness and speed on delivery.

For example, my boss had a very serious project that required to be completed within a short period of time.

He asked me in a meeting with the rest of our team to carry out the project. He gave me the project because he knew that I would deliver on time – he told me after the meeting.

He was right. I just delivered the project before the day scheduled, and it was right the first time, no corrections needed.

14. I have been told that I am an excellent telephone communicator, with skills that make it easy to get along with all sorts of people.

15. I have been working on multiple projects and I needed to supervise and keep an account of each project and organize things with many teams, and I am able to do it efficiently with my problem-solving ability.

My team members recognize me as a person to meet for solving issues.


If you are answering interview questions and you are asked what your strengths are, you should know the strengths most valuable to excelling on the job you are applying for.

When discussing this, try to lay up examples of how you had in the past applied certain skills, such as patience, discipline, creativity, determination, versatility, leadership, and management to achieve success in your previous position.

This will help you to easily convince the interviewer that you are effective on the job and can do better than other applicants.

These skills or your strengths should be explained with truthful and rigid examples of where you worked in the past- or are currently working – in order to back up your claim.

What the interviewer is looking for is how you can use those skills to achieve the same volume of success in your new position.

Make as many references as you can to solidify your convictions, and you will be sure of winning the interviewer’s heart.

Did you find these tips useful in answering the “what are your strengths” question commonly asked at job interviews? Do share your thoughts in the comment box below. You may also give additional examples to the question that have worked for you.