Accounts Payable Associate Job Description Example

Accounts Payable Associate job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Accounts Payable Associates process, organize, and record payable invoices. Image source:

Accounts Payable Associate Job Description Example

The accounts payable associate is often in charge of processing, organizing and recording payable invoices as instructed by the supervisor of the department.

He/she inputs data from invoices, coded and certified by the required corporate or property staff.

The job description for this role often involves generating and mailing out refunds or accounts payables.

The individual for this post is expected to respond to inquiries from his/her organization’s department or property personnel.

The accounts payable associate might also be involved in managing paychecks and organizing the process for direct deposit.

He/she will then send the payroll and check reports to the supervisor for validation and endorsement before giving out checks to the personnel concerned.

He/she organizes information on remittances from wire transfers, checks and drafts, and from invoices offered by vendors, while also obtaining information relating to specific items.

He/she ensures confirmation of accounts before crediting them, following standard procedures.

The accounts payable associate will also take a leading role in working directly with other corporate units, such as the payroll finance and shared services department.

He/she will be involved with the finance and accounting staff to resolve matters and issues involving transactions flowing to the conventional ledger, as well as enhancing accounting processes and flow of information within the various transactions.

Accounts Payable Associate Job Description Example

The individual aspiring to work as an accounts payable associate should expect to perform a number of specific tasks and responsibilities, which would depend on the employer and the industry they are servicing.

However, for most accounts payable associate jobs, the following job description example captures vital duties and functions they usually perform.

  • Work on received mails and route invoices for validation
  • Ensure coding and entering of invoices after the necessary approvals have been acquired
  • Validate invoices for payment and prints out checks
  • Gather checks and invoices together for endorsement
  • Render assistance with the use of phone setups and utilities for periodic sales
  • Help with processing operations for reimbursement
  • Ensure coding of items such as expenditure reports, invoices, vouchers and check requests
  • Ensure accuracy of codes, while complying with set procedures to guarantee appropriate entry into the monetary system
  • Examine and solve issues relating to purchase orders and processing of invoices
  • Offer guidance and assistance to accountants on how to accomplish tasks
  • Support the enhancement and handling of procedures and policies concerning general accounting tasks.

Accounts Payable Associate Resume Preparation

Preparing a resume for seeking a vacant accounts payable associate position is one of the important things you will need to do if you are thinking of getting a new job for that position.

Such resume can easily be produced by using the information in the job description sample provided above.

The functions of the post that have been stated can be modified to reflect your work experience in writing your resume.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – for the position of Accounts Payable Associate

The following educational qualifications and attributes are needed for the individual holding the post of the accounts payable associate to effectively function on the job.

Prospective employers usually require applicants for the position to show proof of possessing these attributes to be considered for hiring.

  • Possess at least four years general accounting and accounts payable experience
  • Efficient skills in utilizing the phone, couple with excellent customer service dexterity
  • Possess outstanding organizational skills and the ability to function well in a fast paced environment
  • Possess practical knowledge of MS Office packages; and must be well acquainted with the use of computerized accounting systems
  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree, with the ability to ensure appropriate follow up on unresolved issues
  • Must be helpful in assisting officers in attaining set targets
  • Must be versatile and given to details
  • Possess the ability to function excellently in a team environment
  • Must possess commendable organization and client support skills.