Working for CVS-Caremark: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

By | August 24, 2023
Working for CVS-Caremark
CVS-Caremark: The largest pharmacy health care provider in the United States. Image source: chaindrugreview.

Working for CVS-Caremark: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

If you are thinking of working for CVS/Caremark and need information to learn about employment, career, jobs and related issues at the company, then this page is what you are looking for.

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CVS/Caremark: Company Overview

CVS/Caremark provides health care services and operates through Pharmacy Services, Retail or Long Term Care, and Corporate segments.

The Pharmacy Services segment provides pharmacy benefit management solutions. The Retail or Long Term Care segment involves in the selling of prescription drugs and assortment of general merchandise. The Corporate segment includes providing management and administrative services.

CVS/Caremark was established in 1963 by Stanley P. Goldstein and Ralph Hoagland and is headquartered in Woonsocket, RI.

Why Work for CVS/Caremark

CVS/Caremark is constantly working towards helping people on the path to better health and better careers as the largest pharmacy health care provider in the United States.

The company is able to positively influence health behavior and shape the future of health care for people, businesses and communities, because they appear in so many moments, in ways that are more affordable and effective.

Career Growth

Every day, CVS/Caremark is shaping the future of health care. You will receive, as an employee, a competitive benefits package that connects you with affordable, personalized and flexible programs for managing your overall wellbeing.

Partnering to Create a Better Workforce

Because the success of CSV/Caremark depends on the various talents, skills and experience of their colleagues, the company works with organizations around the country in all communities to help them discover, attract, and retain new people to join their team.

Inspiring Health in Communities

Because CVS/Caremark is on the front line of public health issues such as tobacco cessation, diabetes care and opioid abuse, they actively encourage their colleagues to take care of their own health.

CVS/Caremark provides programs and tools to improve financial, emotional and physical wellbeing to all colleagues.

Great Places to Work Awards

CVS/Caremark is recognized by Fast Company as one of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies List for 2018. CVS/Caremark was also honored as Fast Company’s No. 7 on Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Health.

This is the latest recognition in a series of third-party acknowledgments for CVS/Caremark such as Diversity Inc’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity, FORTUNE’S Most Admired Companies, Points of Light’s Top 50 Community-Minded Companies, Human Rights Campaign’s Top Places to Work for LGBT Equality, Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens, and the Disability Equality Index’s Top Places to Work.

Great Benefits

The colleagues of CVS/Caremark are offered a benefits package that is competitive, comprehensive, and customizable to meet their personal needs and goals. The company believes benefits and compensation come in many forms, which is why they also invest in wellness programs, and recognize their colleagues for their achievements.

Prescription for a Better World

Every year, CVS/Caremark outlines their progress for their Prescription for a Better World roadmap in their Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Now in its tenth year, the report focuses on three pillars that support their strategy including Planet in Balance, Leader in Growth, and Health in Action.

Planet in Balance captures the company’s focus on operating an environmentally sustainable business. Leader in Growth highlights the value the company places on conducting business with integrity. Then they bring through Health in Action quality health care that is affordable and accessible to their communities.

CVS/Caremark Careers and Jobs

CVS/Caremark has lots of career and job opportunities for those interested to work with purpose across their organization. There are many careers to explore at CVS/Caremark. You can have a look at them below.


Data drives success at CVS/Caremark. You can join the company to discover ways to interpret, test, model and analyze information and ultimately help people on their path to better health.

Five million customers visit CVS/Caremark’s retail pharmacies every day, and from each of these interactions the company gathers some of the data that they use every day to drive their decisions.

You can use data as part of the company’s team to optimize the industry’s largest and most advanced retail rewards program called ExtraCare. With it, you can build bridges across data sets to help with medication adherence and to build tools and models to help create brand new services.

Data that helped the costs of lower patients is one specific example of data making a difference in Specialty Medical Benefit Management. These patients have rare diseases and high cost medications and by looking deep into the data, the company saw that they could streamline processes, connect various areas of their company, and finally deliver a solution that makes tough, costly treatments easier and more affordable.

Pharmacy Technician Supervisor – Specialty

Your responsibility as a Specialty Operations Supervisor involves directing, daily supervision of Customer (Pharmacy) Service Representatives (PSRs), and more.

Proposals Consultant

As a Proposals Consultant, you will effectively manage pharmaceutical costs and develop health care outcomes through the company’s Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM), Mail Order, and more.

You will discover new opportunities for the company’s B2B partnerships and develop creative strategies to get results, and lots more.


This includes:

• Senior Product Manager, Retail Mobile
• Senior Manager, IT Systems
• Sr Advisor Developer
• Sr Advisor IT Systems
• Application & SQL Developer
• Digital Site Ops Consultant
• Sr Manager Architecture
• Application Development – Senior Manager
• Product Manager – Digital MinuteClinic
• Production Support Advisor
• Senior Manager User Experience Research
• Sr Advisor Developer
• UX Designer, Advisor
• UX Researcher
• Senior Product Manager – API
• Site Merchandising Manager
• Product Manager – Digital Innovation Lab
• Digital Leadership Program – Analyst
• Digital Personalization Strategy Director
• Senior Manager, Pharmacy UX Strategy & Design
• Sr Advisor Digital Automation Architect
• UX Developer
• Senior Manager Omnichannel Order Management
• Product Manager – Digital Specialty

CVS/Caremark Training and Development Programs

CVS/Caremark attracts and retains talented colleagues as they pursue their purpose of helping people on their path to better health.

The company provides meaningful job training and employment opportunities to individuals from different backgrounds through a range of workforce initiatives.

The CVS/Caremark’s Regional Learning Centers are important components to these initiatives, serving as a center for job training and a pipeline for new talent.

CVS/Caremark has Regional Learning Centers in New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, and Cleveland. All the houses have full classrooms, mock pharmacy, and office space that closely look like an active CVS Pharmacy location.

There are at least a full-time manager and a full-time coordinator that manage relationships with internal and external partners.

CVS/Caremark focuses on attracting and equipping various talents for careers so as to support the growth of their company.

CVS/Caremark has a whole team of colleagues dedicated to make sure that youth, veterans, mature workers, and individuals with disabilities have a place within their company.

CVS/Caremark also works with churches, schools, universities, faith-based and community organizations to hire people with various backgrounds.

CVS/Caremark’s core workforce programs include:

Regional Learning Centers

CVS/Caremark has four fully equipped store and pharmacy training locations that support the development of colleagues and partnering community agencies.

MyCVS Journey Pathways to Health Care Careers

This program is designed for underserved youth that provides hands-on career exploration through job shadowing, intern experiences in CVS Pharmacy stores, training, employment and mentoring.

Registered Apprenticeships

There is a provision of professional mentorship, classroom and online instruction, pre-employment and post-placement retention support, and on-the-job training to the participants.

Heroes2Careers Military Hiring Program

This program is designed for hiring qualified veterans and military spouses through targeted recruiting efforts, skills building and mentoring.

Talent is Ageless Mature Worker Hiring Program

This is a program that cultivates private and public partnerships at the local, state and national level with the goal of recruiting more mature workers into all areas of the business.

Abilities in Abundance

This program offers job training, skills development programs, and placement opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

CVS/Caremark Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

CVS/Caremark offers internship program for higher level students, including Undergraduate, Masters, and MBA students, which imparts invaluable skills, and offers insight into a potential career path with a Fortune 7 company.

Highlights of the program include a well-structured program plan, hands on project work, access to mentorship and networking opportunities, and learning and development sessions.

In the course of the 10-week program, interns will be in a supportive learning environment, contributing both on a team and independently against key department initiatives. Competitive compensation such as payment is offered to eligible candidates.

CVS/Caremark offers internships in 25+ business areas including:

• Analytics
• Supply Chain
• Digital
• Specialty Pharmacy Services
• Enterprise Strategy
• Human Resources
• Information Technology
• Marketing
• Merchandising
• Process and Product Innovation
• Accounting/Finance/Audit
• Product Development
• Store Operations


You must submit an online application and complete an initial questionnaire and/or a phone screen, to be considered for an internship at CVS/Caremark.
You are encouraged to complete your application in full and include as much information as possible and an optional cover letter.

CVS/Caremark Corporate Culture and Values

CVS/Caremark has a culture of helping people on their path to better health. The company is pioneering a bold new approach to total health, whether in their pharmacies or through their health services and plans.

CVS/Caremark makes quality care more accessible, affordable, simple and seamless, creating innovations that not only help people get well but help them stay well in body, mind and spirit.

CVS/Caremark is creating unmatched human connections to transform the health care experience, by unlocking the power of data and opening their hearts to the needs of each person.

The company brings expertise and care to communities around the corner and across the country, delivers essential products and prescriptions right to people’s doorsteps, provides essential services in their homes, and places a wealth of resources at their fingertips.

They work together across their disciplines, surrounding those they serve with personal support that matches their unique circumstances.

The company’s health with heart is a promise that no matter where someone is on their path to better health, they’ll be with them all the way.

CVS/Caremark Job Application – How to Start a Career (the Hiring Process)

CVS/Caremark is a proud owner of more than 9,800 stores situated in 49 states throughout the United States. The pharmacy retail chain also has stores situated in Brazil and Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia.

With a collection of positions offered by CVS/Caremark, you can find yourself working as a cashier to district manager to a beauty consultant. CVS/Caremark may be the right career choice for you if you are looking to work in an environment that promotes good health.

How to Apply for Employment at CVS/Caremark

The commonest method to use to apply for a position at CVS/Caremark is through the company’s online application portal.

The Application Information
Specific hours of operation at CVS/Caremark may vary by location, but many of the locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

16 years is the minimum age for employment at CVS/Caremark, and interested applicants can apply by filling out and submitting an online application via the application wizard.

Searching For an Open Position

Searching for an open position requires that interested participants visit the career page. You can then choose to search for hourly positions or management positions.

On the search page, you can enter in specific criteria such as job category, a keyword, or the location in which you are interested.

You can click “search” and all open positions meeting the criteria will be shown, once the information is entered. You can click on the “Req ID” link to view more information about the position.

Applying For a Job

You will need to conduct a search for an open position following the above steps, in order to apply for a position at CVS/Caremark. Click the “apply to job” button once you find the job you are interested in. Then create an account to be transferred to the application.

At the first section of the application, you will be asked whether you have ever been employed by CVS/Caremark. You will then be prompted to paste or attach your resume and cover letter.

The next sections include your personal information, education information, and work history. You will have to answer questions about any military status as well as disabilities.

Other sections include your availability to work and what shifts you are willing to work. You will need to state whether or not you will participate in a drug and background screening.

You will be able to submit your application for consideration once you have gone through this section.

Application Tips

You may be asked questions that you are not sure of as you go through the application process. It’s necessary to always fill out your application as thoroughly as you can. Below are some tips to help get you through the process.

Make an Excellent Cover Letter

It is important to include a cover letter in your application as this is demanding, and your cover letter should cover your skills and achievements for the required job.

If you don’t have a cover letter you should try as much as possible to create one. Your potential employer may only look at your cover letter before deciding on whom to shortlist.

The Drug Screening and Background Check

You will be asked if you are willing to submit to a drug test and a background check if the company employs you. It is essential to give attention to the laws in your areas as you may be able to object without any consequences.

If you are required to take a test by law, acknowledge that you will submit to one.

Weekend and Holiday Shifts

Since CVS/Caremark is a retail pharmacy store, they are open overnight, on the weekends and on most holidays. Therefore the application will ask if you are willing to work these shifts.

Although you may not have to work these shifts, however, you need to express willingness to help your application advance through the hiring process.

Should You Follow Up?

You can log back into the account you created when you initially applied with the aim of following up on the position you applied to. Your account screen will indicate what positions you applied to and the status of your application.

Another way to also follow up on a position is by calling the hiring manager at the specific location you applied to. Ensure that you give the manager a couple of days to look over your application before calling.

You should ask to speak directly with the hiring manager when placing a call to follow up. Ask when a better time to call back would be if he or she is unavailable.

Benefits and Compensation for Working with CVS/Caremark

As a colleague of CVS/Caremark, you will receive a competitive benefit package that links you with flexible, affordable and personalized programs for managing your overall wellbeing.

The comprehensive competitive and customizable benefits package that CVS/Caremark offers will help you meet your personal needs and goals.

The CVS/Caremark benefits and compensation come in many forms, and that’s why the company invests in wellness programs to recognize their colleagues for their achievements.

These benefits offerings include medical, prescription, dental and vision coverage, colleague stock purchase plan, a company contribution to a health savings account (HAS), adoption benefits, life, accident and disability insurance, tuition reimbursement, paid time off, and a colleague discount at the company’s stores as well as access to many others.

CVS/Caremark is committed to providing fair compensation to all of their colleagues, including performance-based compensation incentives and stock options for eligible colleagues. The company meets all state and federal minimum wage requirements.

CVS/Caremark is a company that’s passionate about giving back to their colleagues and the communities they serve. The company provided $1.5 million in grants to colleagues experiencing unanticipated hardships during the past five years. And they’ve committed $50 million to help people lead tobacco-free lives over the next five years.

Here is a summary of CVS/Caremark benefits so as to understand how the company supports your physical, financial and professional health.

Physical Health

CVS/Caremark offers a diversity of programs to make sure that you and your family live well and stay well. This ranges from basic care such as medical, dental and vision coverage to wellness programs and better-health incentives.

Financial Health

CVS/Caremark cares about your long-term financial health and arranges for a set of benefits and programs that allow you to plan for the future with peace of mind.

Professional Health

A successful career is dependent on a healthy work/life balance and a supportive work atmosphere. CVS/Caremark offers a lot of benefits to meet your needs. These include time away from work and other support services.

Work/Life Balance at CVS/Caremark

The Work/Life Balance at CVS/Caremark is rated a B- by 99 employees putting it in the Top 40% of similar size companies in the US. 62% of CVS/Caremark employees are satisfied with their work/life balance while 40% feel they are burnt out.

About 63% of the employees at CVS/Caremark work eight hours or less, while 7% of them have a very long day – longer than twelve hours. The Majority of CVS/Caremark employees are satisfied with their work/life balance and do not feel burnt out.

In general, employees who have been at the company for less than 1 year and employees of other ethnicity believe they have good work/life balance while employees in the Product department and those in the Marketing department think there is room for improvement.

For employees to remain happy and productive, both at home and place of work, they need a well proportioned work/life balance.


If you are planning to start a career with CVS/Caremark and attaining a greater height in the company, this post will help you to have a deep knowledge about the company to realize your dream.

If you find this post helpful in improving your knowledge about careers, jobs, and employment at CVS/Caremark, kindly leave a comment in the box below. You can also share any experience you’ve had with CVS/Caremark if you are or had been an employee of the company.

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