Working for ConocoPhillips: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

By | August 18, 2023
Working for ConocoPhillips
ConocoPhillips: One of the biggest oil refiners in the world. Image source:

Working for ConocoPhillips: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

If you are looking to work for ConocoPhillips, this article shows you all you need to know about employment, jobs, and career at the company, and the benefits you will can get as an employee of ConocoPhillips.

ConocoPhillips: Company Overview

ConocoPhillips, an international, integrated energy company and the largest refiner in the United States, is the third biggest integrated energy company in the United States, based on oil and gas proved reserves, production and market capitalization.

ConocoPhillips is a worldwide, non-governmental, the fourth largest refiner in the world, and the eighth largest total of proved reserves company of all time.

The Company is widely known for its technological expertise in deepwater exploration and production, reservoir management and exploitation, 3-D seismic technology, high-grade petroleum coke upgrading and sulfur removal.

It is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and operates in more than 40 countries. It has assets of $93 billion and roughly 35,800 employees worldwide.

ConocoPhillips stock, under the symbol “COP”, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It has 4 core activities worldwide which include petroleum refining, marketing, supply and transportation; petroleum exploration and production; chemicals and plastics production, and distribution through a 50 percent interest in Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC; and natural gas gathering, processing and marketing with a 30.3 percent interest in Duke Energy Field Services, LLC.

Additionally, the Company is investing in quite a lot of emerging businesses like gas-to-liquids, fuels technology, emerging technologies, and power generation.

Why Work for ConocoPhillips

ConocoPhillips provides a workplace that is harassment free and that values each individual and respects their rights. The company’s code of business conduct, ethics and equal employment opportunity policy, places steady global standards for how the employees are treated.

As part of ConocoPhillips’ fair treatment attitude towards its employees, the company does the following:

  • Maintains an open-door policy, and formal procedures for resolving workplace issues.
  • Provides equal opportunities and fair treatment in recruiting, compensation, professional development and advancement.
  • Staffs an ethics hotline, through which employees may anonymously share information, raise questions or lodge complaints.

At ConocoPhillips, there are several opportunities to work in all kinds of assets and expand your experience base. The pay and benefits are fantastic which offer all health care benefit opportunities, as well as stock options and retirement.

You should consider ConocoPhillips a safe and organized place to work. Employees spend less time at meetings to allow more time to get their work done. There is better communication between departments in order to make things run smoothly.

The work environment is professional, with valued added positions to enhance the safety culture of the company. Special Managers render unlimited support to their team.

You can stay busy but not stressed, and you have the chance to learn a lot about operations in the oil and gas, as well as other fields.

To make ConocoPhillips a perfect place to work, there is room for advancement; and you’ll make lots of friends while working there. There are also lots of benefits and compensation packages.

The company struggles to keep productive the workplace and safety culture. They have the best safety culture you can ever experience, with organized projects.

In general, ConocoPhillips is a good company to work for especially if you are young. Policies apply to retention of the young employees, there are several opportunities offered for going around the company and learning new areas of the company.

Job schedule includes processing shipment with different classification code to pass custom, movement of materials required at offshore, and loading dock for shipment and services to expatriate to ensure all goods required for work on site are well packaged and shipped in a timely approach.

Careers and Jobs at ConocoPhillips

Today’s energy industry faces two key challenges such as attracting a skilled work force that is equipped to do business globally and providing a work environment that attracts, develops and retains high-performing employees.

The continued success of ConocoPhillips centers on ensuring that the company has a solid global workforce that can contribute the right skills, in the right places, to achieve strategic objectives.

As many experienced professionals approach retirement age, ConocoPhillips is faced with the challenges and opportunities of attracting new talent to the organization.

All employees at all levels of experience, who are newly hired, are provided with training and development programs designed to optimize their career at ConocoPhillips.

The company’s goal is to attract top-performing candidates into a supportive growth environment and to retain these individuals with challenging and satisfying work that meets the goals of the company and exceeds their expectations.

You can realize unlimited growth potential at ConocoPhillips. The company’s innovative culture emphasizes continued personal and professional development that enriches your talent, stretches your horizon, and moves you forward with your career. These programs vary across ConocoPhillips’ worldwide locations.

As you join ConocoPhillips, you’ll become part of an innovative, entrepreneurial culture that encourages collaboration, expects accountability, values safety, drives for results and inspires success.

The industry and the workplace offer compelling opportunities to discover, explore, develop, and release your true potential for greatness.

Over 17,000 employees around the globe embrace what ConocoPhillips has to offer, and the company hopes that you become part of the winning team for a better future career.

ConocoPhillips has many career areas to explore which are listed below:

  • Drilling and Completion
  • Engineering
  • Offshore and Onshore Operations
  • Finance
  • Business Professionals
  • Geosciences
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Land Management
  • Projects
  • Supply Chain

Training and Development Programs at ConocoPhillips

ConocoPhillips supports community development initiatives that go beyond the company’s recognition as a producer of oil and gas.

ConocoPhillips, in making a sustainable contribution, focuses particularly on education, health, and cultural programs.

ConocoPhillips’ Accelerate Graduate Program

ConocoPhillips’ Accelerate Graduate Program combines on-the-job work assignments, technical and non-technical training, mentoring, and networking opportunities to accelerate the development of the company’s career professionals.

Graduates benefit from varied work assignments which help build technical skills and industry knowledge, and provide capacity to fully capitalize on individual abilities.

Graduates participate in the company’s global Engineering Academy, with access to the expertise of global specialists in their fields.

The professional development of graduates are supported by career coaches and technical mentors with career planning assistance, increasing technical proficiency, and identifying development and networking opportunities.

With ConocoPhillips’ Early Career Professionals and Graduate Program, the company is developing graduates and supporting their careers.

The Training for the Next Generation of Geoscientists

This training and development program is a cost-effective way to give global employees of geosciences hands-on experience, real-time training and on-the-job learning.

Subject Matter Experts (SME) from the Subsurface group and Human Resources’ (HR) technical learning team work as a team to find creative solutions to bring their training to Alaska, Canada, Indonesia, Lower 48, Norway, and the U.K employees.

Self-paced, independent learning and virtual, instructor-led sessions are all part of Geosciences Academy.

ConocoPhillips also looks for opportunities for experienced geoscientists to pass their knowledge to the next generation.

The foundation for a new approach to technical training at ConocoPhillips is also set by Geosciences Academy. conocophillips

ConocoPhillips’ Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

As a participant of internship program at ConocoPhillips, the company will provide you with unique and challenging projects that will improve your knowledge about your field of study.

You will have the opportunity to highlight what ConocoPhillips has to offer, and you will learn more about the latest innovations in the ever changing energy industry.

For internships in Exploration and Production, the company hires from multiple disciplines such as engineering, geology and business. Interns in Health, Safety and Environment; Finance; Information Technology; Global Supply Chain; and other areas are also hired.

The brightest and the best students from colleges and universities around the world are sought by ConocoPhillips.

More than 300 students, in 2013, participated in the internship program in different locations throughout the United States.

Challenging Assignments

ConocoPhillips will immerse you in an environment that can offer you exciting and challenging opportunities to make contributions.

Each summer, ConocoPhillips prides itself on the real-world projects they offer and the value interns add to their company.

No matter what your specific discipline may be as an intern, you can count on using the knowledge you have acquired in life and in your studies to advance your experience and understanding, and contribute to ConocoPhillips’ success in the process.

Knowledgeable Mentors

Through building of meaningful relationships with experienced professionals, interns at ConocoPhillips grow and develop themselves personally and professionally. As a result of this, ConocoPhillips provides each intern with a mentor.

In order to help you get used to your job, mentors share knowledge and insight they have gained from their on-the-job experiences and years of service. Mentors often become lifelong friends, and not just for knowledge-sharing and networking.

ConocoPhillips Summer Internship

There is possibility for geology students in their third or fourth year of study to take part in ConocoPhillips’ summer internship.

The students will conduct authentic tasks and challenges as the program gives a golden opportunity to get to know the organization and the upstream business, both via different lectures and through day-to-day work.

The estimated period for summer internship is eight weeks from June 17th to August 9th, 2019. Summer Internship Students will be offered housing support from outside the Stavanger Area.

The internship program includes the following:

  • Introduction to the different technical disciplines
  • Highlight of tasks considered important to the company
  • Work with other summer interns in a team
  • Conference and presentation training
  • Relevant subject for your studies
  • Technical mentor, sponsor, and buddy

Qualifications required:

• Good knowledge of oral and written English
• Students of Geology in their third or fourth year

Qualifications preferred:

  • Proactive and ability to ask questions
  • Ability to perform tasks individually as well as with a team
  • Excellent computer literacy
  • Good Organizational skills
  • Interpersonal oral and written communication
  • Decision-making ability
  • Adaptability and dependability
  • A minimum average of grade B
  • Technical/Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving ability

ConocoPhillips Corporate Culture and Values

ConocoPhillips maintains first class culture and values. They prove this fact by treating employees well and actually value them.

ConocoPhillips listens to the employee opinions when deciding on corporate wide changes, and they have done a good job at staying competitive with the industry.

The spirit values of ConocoPhillips include safety, integrity, people, responsibility, innovation and teamwork.

ConocoPhillips delivers strong performance, and keeps its promises to its stakeholders, communities and each other.

ConocoPhillips also has the culture of solving problems and developing new approaches together, as a team of people. The company is not just about what they do, but how they do it.

The company believes it’s important to promote an atmosphere where visitors can share ideas and questions with the leaders and one another.

You are allowed to contribute to the company’s dialogue by keeping your comments relevant to the topic and community.

In order to foster a relevant and respectful community, ConocoPhillips reserves the right to moderate or delete comments you direct at issues that are off-topic or insulting without prior notice.

Job Application – How to Start a Career with ConocoPhillips (the Hiring Process)

When applying to join ConocoPhillips, you should know exactly what to expect. As you read on, you’ll get to know how to move along with the hiring process.

ConocoPhillips’ jobs are posted on the company’s careers website, and applicants who apply online are reviewed.

A paper or email version of your resume cannot be accepted, so please follow the instructions and set up an online account to apply.

The company reviews applicants who apply and selects candidates who best fit the available position.

The interview process can differ, depending on your experience and the job for which you’re applying.

Generally, the company conducts on-site interviews, where you will meet with Human Resources representatives.

You will be invited back to meet with several key people with whom you’ll be working, if the first screening is successful. You’ll then be issued a time frame regarding when to anticipate a decision.

The company will call you to extend an offer, after the interview process is completed and you are determined the best fit for the role.

You will receive a written offer of employment that must be accepted after the verbal offer is accepted.

The company will then commence a pre-screening process such as a background check and drug test, which takes about two weeks.

The company’s on-boarding tools and process will assist you to know exactly what to expect after you finish the pre-screening process. And note that the company wants a smooth transition for new team members.

Interview Tips

The interviews always manage to get the adrenaline flowing no matter how many times you’ve been through it. The best antidote is preparation.

As ConocoPhillips is all about innovative solutions, you should have a few instances in mind of how you’ve solved particular problems in the workplace, whether they were product-, service- or people-related.

The company’s website has all the information about the company, as you’ve most likely already discovered.

Take a few seconds to review it. You’ll possibly find some interesting factoids that will make great conversation starters and get the interview going on a more relaxed way.

Benefits and Compensation for Working with ConocoPhillips

At ConocoPhillips, you will be provided with world-class benefits and performance-based compensation packages that keep your goals in mind.

The company has flexible benefits plans to help you meet individual and family needs and balance your life/work priorities.

ConocoPhillips cares about your health and well-being and offer onsite programs and amenities wherever possible.

By joining one of several savings plans such as a 401(k) plan and a company pension plan, ConocoPhillips’ employees can save for retirement.

A great number of employees are offered dental coverage benefits, while a large number of survey participants receive health insurance benefits.

Other privileges ConocoPhillips offer its employees include a company cell phone, life insurance, and gym membership.

Work/Life Balance at ConocoPhillips

Sixteen employees of ConocoPhillips rate the company’s work/life balance as C, placing it in the bottom of thirty-five of similar size companies in the U.S.

While eighty-six percent of ConocoPhillips employees are satisfied with their work life balance, sixty-seven percent feel they are burnt out.

For employees to feel happy, productive and fulfilled, they need a well-proportioned work/life balance.

Six percent of employees at ConocoPhillips have a very long day to work, even longer than twelve hours, while about forty-four percent of them work eight hours or less.

The greater number of ConocoPhillips’ employees feel satisfied with their work life balance and think they are burnt out.

Workers who have stayed with ConocoPhillips for like two to five years and employees with three to six years experience believe they have good work/life balance, while those working in the Operations department and those with ten years experience think there is room for advancement.


ConocoPhillips is a well-renowned company with unique individuals to work with. You may consider having a career with ConocoPhillips because of the company’s great work/life balance and flexibility of the job.

In this post, you will get all the information you need to enable you study well about ConocoPhillips and learn about the Company’s jobs, career, and employment, and the conditions of work there.

Did you find this post helpful in learning about careers, jobs, and employments at ConocoPhillips? Kindly leave a comment in the box below. You can also share some experience you’ve had working with ConocoPhillips if you are or have been an employee of the company.

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