Working for State Farm: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

Working for State Farm: Employment, Careers, and Jobs.
It is important to learn about working at the State Farm Insurance Company before deciding to begin a career there.

Working for State Farm: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

This post provides exhaustive information on working for the State Farm Insurance Company, including the employment, careers, and jobs that the company offers, to help you decide if taking up a job with the State Farm is what you want to do.

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State Farm Insurance Company Overview

State Farm Insurance Company offers different insurance and financial services in the United States and Canada.

The company’s products consist of boat insurance products, accident, general, auto, renters, health, disability, condo owners, homeowners, life and annuities, fire and casualty, long term care, and business.

State Farm also provides motor cycle, flood, farm and ranch, personal, articles, personal liability umbrella, volcano damage insurance products, and community organizations.

The company provides different banking products, including checking and interest checking accounts, certificate of deposits, individual retirement accounts, money market accounts, and savings accounts.

The company also offers loans, such as home equity, home mortgage, and vehicle loans; credit cards; gift cards; online banking services; and mutual funds.

With headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois, State Farm Insurance Cos was founded in 1929 and operates as a subsidiary of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.

Why Work for State Farm Insurance Cos

According to the State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Employee reviews, Richardson from Texas, a current employee and a Sales Representative, states how the company is a good one with great benefits, schedule flexibility, fun work environment, good management, and lots of job options.

Former employee of State Farm from Hollywood, California, on February 25, 2019, expressed how the company offers great pay and is a good environment that will definitely be recommended to people in Los Angeles County.

According to the review of State Farm’s former employee and Systems Analyst/Programmer from Bloomington, Illinois, State Farm has a very large IT Department with over 10000 IT personnel working in every facet of IT imaginable, such as Mainframe, Mini Computers, PC’s, Big Data, Cloud, etc.

State Farm tries to keep current with Industry standards despite its size, although the pace of adoption may be sluggish.

There is stable change, requiring everyone to keep learning new skills and teaching themselves new things.

In a review by a State Farm former employee and agent, the company is a fun workplace. State Farm is a welcoming place where you will have a smile on your face and have a chance to work in the midst of respectful individuals.

If you are still in school and you work at State Farm, then you will get lots of benefits working there.

There is also a lunch break to enjoy.

Farm Insurance Careers and Jobs

State Farm remains perfectly equipped to offer employment on a national scale with nearly 350 claims offices and 30 operations centers scattered across the country.

Roughly 80 million policies are managed by the insurance provider for customers in every region of the United States and they therefore need to hire employees throughout the nation.

The company employs workers across the whole range of services the insurance firm offers in addition to hiring across a widespread geographic range.

Consequently, job seekers consistently encounter career opportunities in areas of business like accounting and finance, banking, and claims, and customer service; human resources, information technology, and marketing; research and underwriting.

Claims and Customer Service positions represent the most commonly available types of jobs while the wide variety of employment opportunities gives candidates access to different career fields.

Indeed, more employees of State Farm work in claims than in any other area of business the company performs.

Entry-level workers who often start out in the position of claims associate help customers affected by car accidents, property loss or theft, health issues, or any other affliction covered by the insurance policy.

Assisting policy holders also is the main concern of customer service representatives who characteristically work in centralized response centers strategically positioned around the country and carry out the majority of interactions by phone.

State Farm Positions and Salary Information

State Farm regularly offers employment to candidates seeking entry-level work at the individual offices of local insurance agents in addition to hiring claims associates and customer service representatives most frequently.

All of the jobs that are frequently available feature recurring communication with customers and comes with a competitive starting salary as well as the potential for additional benefits and other employment benefits.

Claims Associate

The primary duty of claims associates involves gathering information. They work closely with policy holders and probe for details of situations necessitating the involvement of the insurance company.

General Job duties of claims associates include obtaining all necessary documentation, asking investigative questions, and making the resulting information available to the insurance agent or appropriate claims adjustor.

There are diverse ways that claims associates communicate with customers, such as mobile app, telephone, and live chat through the State Farm website.

Claims associates make between $25,000 and $30,000 per year.

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives work within a nationwide network of response centers and assist policy holders in different ways.

Their major responsibilities include collecting payments for insurance premiums, resetting passwords for customers with accounts on the State Farm website, and starting new claims.

Customer service representatives may also open new accounts, provide insurance quotes, print and send out mailings, and assist with the billing process, depending on the specific type of response center.

Because the job entails frequent customer interaction by phone, previous customer service or call center experience often proves helpful if not required.

During the hiring process, the ability to work flexible hours also helps applicants, as response centers remain open around the clock.

Customer service representatives are paid between $10.00 and $14.00 an hour.

Agency Service Assistant

Your job as an agency service assistant involves working in support of local insurance agents.

You will take up the office position and perform clerical duties, such as answering the phone, basically providing general administrative support, and responding to the questions and concerns of policy holders.

Moreover, Agency service assistants make cold calls to draw new customers. Job seekers planning to apply for the position must therefore feel comfortable with discussing the benefits of State Farm Insurance and calling strangers.

Agency service assistants receive hourly pay of between $13.00 and $15.00.

Available Positions at State Farm

Available positions at State Farm include:

  • Sales Associate
  • Underwriter
  • Claims Adjustor
  • Property and Casualty Analyst
  • Technician, Bank Operations Center Representative
  • Bank Response Center Representative
  • Bank Collection Center Representative
  • Catastrophe Team Member
  • Claims Representative
  • Claim Processor
  • Estimator
  • Health Claim Examiner
  • Life Claim Examiner
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Agency Specialist
  • Secretary, Systems Analyst
  • Audit Manager, Bank Compliance Analyst
  • Bank Business Analyst
  • Payment Specialist
  • Next Door Lab Research Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Legal Secretary
  • Managing Attorney
  • Seasonal Employee
  • Insurance Sales Representative
  • Agent
  • Agency Team Member
  • Sales Representative.

State Farm Training and Development Programs

State Farm Insurance is looking for candidates for agent training program where all majors are welcome.

As you train with State Farm, the program will team you with a local agent.

The extensive training program includes classes, on-the-job training, and the resources of a Top 100 company.

During the training, you will enjoy a base salary payment plus commission from your sales.

The program’s objective is to train new agents to take over agencies for retiring agents.

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, email Beth Anderson at and include your resume.

If you don’t have a resume you may still indicate your interest.

Supplier Diversity Program

State Farm created the Supplier Diversity Program to identify and encourage equal opportunities for businesses owned by minority groups, people with disability, and women.

This is to ensure that they are able to provide quality products and services to meet the needs of their customers at competitive prices.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 are tracked and reported at State Farm spent with certified diverse suppliers to increase opportunities with MBEs and WBEs.

A Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

The Minority Business Enterprise is at least 51 percent owned, run, and managed by a minority or minorities and is designed to make profit.

Minority and diverse groups include:

  • African Americans
  • Hispanic Americans
  • Native Americans
  • Asian-Pacific Americans
  • Asian-Indian Americans
  • People with Disabilities
  • Disabled Veterans
  • Veterans
  • LGBT
  • Caucasian Female.

A Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) is an enterprise designed for profits, regardless of size, physically situated in the United States or its trust territories, which is at least 51 percent owned, managed and run by a woman or women.

How Do I Apply?

In order to participate in the State Farm Supplier Diversity Program you must:

Complete the Supplier Diversity Application

Complete a State Farm Supplier Diversity Program application. Once you have completed the application, please print and mail it to the Supplier Diversity Manager.

Your business must be certified as minority-owned, woman-owned, or a person with a disability, in order to participate in the State Farm Supplier Diversity Program.

A copy of your certificate should be enclosed together with your completed application.

If you are not currently certified or are obtaining certification, please forward your company information to the Supplier Diversity Manager once the certification process is complete.

Once Received

Once the information your company provided is received, it will be entered into the State Farm Supplier Diversity Database.

By applying keywords that describe your business and products, buyers and associates will be able to search for potential suppliers.


Within 45 days, you will receive notification that your information has been entered into the company’s database.

If there is a match between the products and services your business provides and the company procurement needs, you will be contacted by a State Farm associate.

Although there may not be immediate opportunities available for your business, your information will remain in the company’s database for a year.

Please, forward updated information and certification to the address listed below prior to the one-year expiration date.

Please forward your completed application and certification materials to:

State Farm Insurance Companies
One State Farm Plaza A-1
Attn: Supplier Diversity Manager
Bloomington, IL 61710
(309) 766-2342

State Farm Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

In the State Farm Insurance Internships, you will get real work experience and a taste of classroom work as you jump in and join the team.

You will have the opportunity to demand more from your internship as you join a community of good neighbors.

Here is a list of the State Farm Summer Internships:

  • Intern – SR MAGNet – RDC
  • Intern – Technology – RDC
  • Intern – Strategic Resources – RDC
  • Internship – Research & Development Center
  • User Experience Internship
  • Law Intern
  • Intern – Claims
  • Intern – Process Operational Support
  • Technology High School Intern
  • Intern – Administrative Srvs
  • Intern – Public Affairs

State Farm Corporate Culture and Values

State Farm’s culture is a great one, and that makes the job to be interesting and the company a good place to work.

State Farm offers great pay and good environment – most recommended to people from L.A. County.

The company has great benefits and growth opportunities, as well as a chance for goal achievement where part time students can earn some money for a specific purpose.

There are nice and helpful people at State Farm, and the environment is relaxed and full of fun.

It has positive and fun workplace culture with management that is involved and encouraging.

At State Farm, there are accommodations for workers who need a place to stay.

The key to working with a large company with many small franchise agencies is to ensure the Agent for which you work leads well and understands the culture of the larger company.

State Farm has a culture of making every department you work in most enjoyable, and there is an opportunity for stay-at-home mothers.

While working at State Farm, there will always be an opportunity to think innovative.

Being at State Farm will provide the opportunity to learn the insurance industry, with great training, lots of vacation, and a nice 401(k) plan.

State Farm is a company where management is supportive and proactive with employees, and team mates value each other.

State Farm’s Mission, Vision and Shared Values

State Farm has a mission of helping people manage the risks of everyday life; recover from the unexpected events and and realize their dreams.

They make it their business to be like a good neighbor who bring various talents and experiences to their work of serving the State Farm customer; and who built a leader company by selling and keeping promises through their marketing partnership.

State Farm’s success is built on a basis of shared values. These shared values include mutual trust, integrity, and financial strength, quality service, and relationships.

State Farm has a vision of being the customer’s first and best choice in the products and services they provide, as they maintain leadership in the financial services arena.

State Farm’s customers’ needs will determine their path, while their values will guide them.

State Farm Job Application – How to Start a Career with the Company (the Hiring Process)

State Farm maintains a widespread and continuously growing workforce of more than 65,000 associates.

Therefore, the company provides jobs at offices and response centers nationwide.

The minimum age to work at State Farm is 18 years. They operate from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and close on Saturdays and Sundays.

Tips for Applying for Jobs at State Farm

To apply online for State Farm jobs, you need to first of all register at the Careers section of the company website.

You must provide a username, password, and email address before you can register.

You may then browse and apply for available positions. As you select a specific job opening, the application form appears for registration, which mainly focuses on past employment and academic background.

You can supplement the information provided in the form by uploading a resume.

Review the page for accuracy and completeness before submitting the application, because you are unable to go back and change information submitted for a particular job posting.

On the other hand, the overall account remains active for 12 months.

You are allowed to quickly and easily check the status of your submitted applications online.

You must go back to the company Careers webpage to determine the status of your submitted applications.

You will first log in with the information created at the beginning of the application process, and then click the button labeled ‘Active Applications’.

There is no specific time for checking the status of your submitted applications.

Read more about the State Farm hiring process.

State Farm Benefits and Compensation

State Farm offers a comprehensive package of job benefits to reward the hard work of employees and retain the most talented associates.

State Farm’s employment benefits package includes medical coverage with vision and dental plans, 401(k) savings plans, personal time, and paid vacation, and a variety of wellness programs.

Other benefits available to eligible workers include adoption assistance, tuition reimbursement, and credit union membership, and discounts from various merchants.

State Farm Work-Life Balance

State Farm offers its employees Work/life & Well-Being benefits – from flexible schedules to casual dress, to feeling appreciated each day.

Have a look at some of the ways you can experience work-life balance and flexibility at State Farm.

Flexible Work Arrangements

State Farm has made available in many locations various flexible work arrangements, such as part-time positions, job sharing, and compressed workweeks.


In order to help you and your eligible family members balance the office and the home front, State Farm has designed the Life/Works Employee Assistance & Work/life Program, which offers free, private, 24/7 resources.

Life/Works can help with several issues like money, life, work, health, and family.

Activities Associations

Employee associations provide cultural, social, physical, and outdoor activities for you and your family, some of which include holiday parties, discounted event tickets, and bus trips like shopping; theater shows and sporting events.

Anniversary Recognition

As a way of honoring you for your years of service, State Farm Insurance Cos allows you to choose a gift from an online catalog for milestone anniversaries, with an addition of monetary awards as you reach longer seniority.

Dress Philosophy

State Farm trusts you to dress for your day, whether that means putting on business casual wear or jeans; you’re made to be comfortable and productive which is important to your wellness as an employee.


State Farm offers a year-end appreciation to each employee and retiree, which allows every employee to select a gift from an online catalog.

Live Well, Be Well

You gain support and help from these perks and programs to make informed lifestyle decisions to arrive at your total well-being like physical, financial, social, career, and community.

You get most of these benefits at no cost.

Relocation Assistance

You may qualify as a new employee for relocation benefits such as marketing/home-finding assistance and moving household goods.

Determining which benefits apply depends on relocation distance and experience level.

A transfer to another State Farm location later on in your career attracts additional relocation benefits.

Other Services

In addition, a lot of State Farm locations offer automatic teller machines, commuter vanpools, full-service cafeterias, and postal services.


If you are planning to start a career with the State Farm Insurance Company and achieve a big success, this post will help you get the knowledge you need to actualize this dream.

If you find this post helpful in learning out about careers and employment at State Farm Insurance, kindly leave a comment in the box below.

You can also share any experience you’ve had with State Farm Insurance if you are or had been an employee of the company.

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