Wood Frame Builder Job Description Example

By | August 26, 2023
Wood frame builder job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Wood frame builders have the skills to create framework of buildings from wooden parts.

Wood Frame Builder Job Description Example

What Does a Wood Frame Builder Do?

Wood frame builders are carpenters who specialize in the construction of residential, commercial or industrial buildings using lumber as raw material for framing.

The wood frame builder job description involves measuring, cutting, and assembling wooden parts to form the framework of a building.

Wood frame builders study the layout and blueprint for a construction project to determine the dimension and shape of a structure.

They utilize tools such as saws and planers to cut and smoothen the edges of a frame.

Also, they join and assemble wooden parts with the aid of stapler, nails, and glue to form box spring and studio couch frames.

Wood frame builders are skilled in operating power tools such as power saws, lathe machines, and sanders.

They measure wooden materials and parts using measuring tapes and squares to determine the length or width of a frame.

They also mark or indicate cutting lines on wood parts with the aid of a pencil or scriber.

As part of their duties, wood frame builders erect scaffolding, roof supports, and hoists using tools such as level and plumb rule to ensure accurate measurement of a structure.

They comply with established health and safety policies in order to maintain a safe and clean environment.

They also employ various forms of diagonal bracing when constructing light frame structures to ensure stability of building walls.

Usually, wood frame builders conduct estimate of cost to determine the budget for a wood frame construction project.

They are responsible for installing add-ons and hardware such as spring hinges, caster, and handpulls on framework.

They also construct bedding boxes by coupling plywood parts with nails, bolts and screws.

They are also usually part of a steel or concrete construction project.

Their role also involves fabricating forms into which concrete is poured during construction.

They also select and oversee the procurement of wooden materials and lumber required for a framing project.

Wood frame builders are responsible for the surface finish of wood work in a building; they apply lacquers and other protective substances to preserve wooden materials against moisture and termites.

Their work description also entails conducting inspection of floors, well panels and other wooden parts of a building to identify damaged components and initiate repairs.

The wood frame builder job requires a high school diploma and training or certification from a technical college, or by a wood framing professional.

To succeed on this job, some of the qualities required include physical strength, stamina, and math skills.

Wood Frame Builder Job Description Example/Template

Working as a wood frame builder involves performing various duties, tasks, and responsibilities.

If you are hiring for this role, the job description example below provides the major functions of the position that you can use in creating a suitable work description for finding the best candidate for the job:

  • Utilize measuring tapes and rules in establishing the dimension of wooden material
  • Cut and shape wood stock using handsaw, power saw and lathe machine to obtain the required size of wood part
  • Oversee the selection and procurement of choice wood materials required for a framing project
  • Conduct inspection of wood materials and studs to ensure there are no signs of decay
  • Apply lacquers, shellacs, and other decorative/protective finish to preserve wood components against the elements
  • Build scaffolds, frame walls, and construct forms into which concrete is deposited during a construction project
  • Oversee the attachment of handpulls, hinges and casters on a framework
  • Utilize screws, staples, and glues to join and assemble a box spring frame
  • Fabricate bedding box with the aid of nails, bolts, and screws
  • Attach spring assembly to wooden frame using pneumatic staple gun to form a box spring unit
  • Ensure compliance with established safety and health standards in order to maintain a hazard free environment
  • Perform calculations to ascertain the area, width, height or angle of a wood frame building
  • Conduct cost estimates to determine the budget required for a wood frame construction project
  • Study blueprints and construction plans to accurately interpret set specifications and building details
  • Mark cutting lines on wooden materials using scribers and pencils
  • Conduct inspections to detect damaged wood components in a building and repair or replace damaged parts.

Wood Frame Builder Resume Preparation

Are you looking to create a wood frame builder resume? If so, the above listed duties and responsibilities will be useful in completing the work experience section of your resume.

If you have worked as a wood frame builder and are making a resume, you will need to include the job experience section in your resume to show employers that you have actually carried out the functions of the position in the past and will therefore be able to effectively perform the tasks that will be assigned to you.

The above sample wood frame builder job description makes it easy and convenient for you to quickly make the work experience section of your resume.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Wood Frame Builder Job

The following are the necessary requirements most employers will want you to meet to access a wood frame builder job:

  • Education and Training: To become a wood frame builder, you require at least a high school diploma and training under an experienced wood frame builder. Certifications from reputable woodwork colleges can also increase your chances for success in the industry
  • Physical Strength: Wood frame builders are strong and able to lift or handle heavy work materials such as lumber, power equipment, and hand tools
  • Physical Stamina: Wood frame builders are able to withstand long hours of rigorous work while standing, kneeling or crouching
  • Math Skills: They are well versed in calculating the length, width or weight of wood sections required for framing.

Wood Frame Builder Skills for Resume

If you are writing a resume for a wood frame builder job, you should have the skills section in it, where you highlight the relevant qualities that will help you succeed on the job.

To quickly create an effective skills section, you can apply the requirements for the position given above if you have them.


If you are thinking of working as a wood frame builder, knowing about the duties and responsibilities of the job will help you to decide if that is the career you want to be in, and to prepare for it.

As an employer looking for good wood frame builder to hire, you can apply the sample work description given above as a template to make one for hiring and assigning tasks to your new hires.

Did you learn more about what wood frame builders do from this post? Let’s know what you think about this post by making a comment in the box below. You can also share your work activities with other readers if you are a wood frame builder.