Wood Box Maker Job Description Example

By | August 26, 2023
Wood box maker job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Wood box makers have the skills to make good looking boxes and crates from wood.

Wood Box Maker Job Description Example

What Does a Wood Box Maker Do?

Wood box makers are artisans who cut, shape and assemble wood parts to form boxes and crates.

The wood box maker job description entails using various hand tools and machinery to fabricate or repair wooden boxes of diverse sizes and use.

Wood box makers utilize measuring tapes and rules to establish the size/dimension of a woodwork project.

With the aid of pencils and scribers, they mark or indicate cutting lines on a wood material.

They also work with squares and protractors to determine cutting angles on wood stock.

As part of their responsibilities, wood box makers operate power tools such as power saw, sander, and lathe.

They set up and control these machines to produce precise and detailed wood products.

They also liaise with other woodworking professionals to plan and design the outline/shape of a box.

Usually wood box makers cut wood materials into varying sizes/shape using power or bandsaws; they also assemble wood parts with the aid of nail guns, power stapler and glue to fabricate boxes into desired shape and size.

As part of their duties, wood box makers oversee the selection and purchase of various wood types required for a box making project.

They carry out cost estimates to determine the price and amount of raw materials/equipment needed for box construction.

They also merchandise and bid for contract to supply organizations with units of wooden boxes.

They make use of clamps to secure and fasten wood sections during an assembly process.

Their role also involves trimming and smoothening of the edges and surfaces of an assembled box using sandpapers, planar and drawknife in order to achieve a level area.

Also, they coat wood materials and boxes with protective and decorative finish to give the products refined appearance and long shelf life.

Wood box makers in fulfilling their work description, repair damaged wood boxes and containers using a range of hand or power tools.

They salvage wood parts from partly damaged crates/boxes with the aid of nail puller, hammer or crowbar.

They also use handfiles to sharpen saw blades when they go dull.

Wood box makers usually create compartments in wooden boxes using felt pads, cardboard fillers and wood boards to separate a box into various sections.

They also move assembled boxes with the aid of hand trucks.

The wood maker job position is a vocational occupation that requires at least a high school diploma and training by experienced woodworkers and box makers.

The qualities you need to excel on this job include physical dexterity and strength, and technical skills.

Wood Box Maker Job Description Example/Template

The role of a wood box maker entails various functions; here is an example of the job description for the position, showing the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities commonly performed by people responsible for making wood boxes in most firms:

  • Plan, design, and layout the shape, size and weight of a proposed wood box project
  • Establish the details and specification of a box or container by taking measurements with the aid of tape or rule
  • Read and accurately interpret information contained in the layout/plan of a wood box or crate
  • Collaborate with other woodworking professionals to exchange ideas and work on the planning/design of wood products
  • Operate hand and power tools such as sandpapers, drawknife, powersaw, and lathe
  • Cut and assemble lumber and wood parts into various shapes and sizes using hand/powersaws, nail gun, and bolts
  • Draw cutting lines on wood materials or workpieces with the aid of pencils and scribers
  • Employ the use of protractors, squares, and calipers in determining the dimension and angle of cutting
  • Utilize drawknife, sandpapers, and sanders in abrading wood parts to achieve a level/smooth surface
  • Indicate size on the end of assembled boxes to allow for easy arrangement or sorting
  • Select and procure different forms of wood required for a wood box construction
  • Set up and assemble machine parts, equipment, and tools for a wood construction project
  • Oversee the repair of damaged wooden boxes and containers
  • Separate wood boxes into sections using cardboard fillers and felt pads to create various compartments inside a box
  • Remove nails from used wood products with the aid of a nail puller or crowbar in order to salvage woodparts
  • Apply shellacs, lacquer and other protective/decorative finish over the surface produced boxes.

Wood Box Maker Resume Preparation

If you are preparing a resume for the wood box maker job and have previously worked in that role, you can make the work experience section of the resume by using the duties and responsibilities of the position highlighted in the above sample job description.

The job experience section is an important part to include in your resume if you have got some experience of the job; it assures employers that you will be able to perform assigned roles with little or no supervision.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Wood Box Maker Job

If you are thinking of applying for the wood box maker job, here are important requirements most employers may ask you to meet to qualify to access the job:

  • Education and Training: To become a wood box maker, you require at least a high school diploma and 4 -5 years of apprenticeship under an experienced woodwork professional. Obtaining certifications from recognized technical institutions will improve your knowledge of the work and expose you to greater opportunities in the industry
  • Physical Dexterity: Wood box makers are able to work with efficiently with a range of tools and equipment. They also maintain good eye to hand coordination when working on a project
  • Physical Strength: They are able to handle or lift heavy work tools and wood material during construction
  • Technical Skills: They are well versed in accurately interpreting blueprints and operating automatic systems and power or hand tools.

Wood Box Maker Skills for Resume

Again, if you are making a resume for the wood box maker job, you can make an effective skills section by applying the above highlighted qualities.

The skills section is an opportunity to show employers the relevant skills and qualities that you possess and are bringing to the job if hired.

Since most employers are interested in having the above qualities in their choice applicants for the wood box maker position, it means having and highlighting them in your resume will more likely get employers attention to your application and to respond to it favorably.


The detailed wood box maker duties and responsibilities provided in this post are beneficial to both individuals looking to work in the position and employers needing the best candidates to hire for the job.

Individuals can learn more about what wood box makers do while employers can apply the work description template given above in designing a suitable one for their firms for hiring the perfect wood box maker.

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