What Jobs can you get with a Business Administration Degree? Detailed Answer

By | August 28, 2023
A degree in business administration degree jobs
A degree in business administration provides opportunities to getting various rewarding jobs in the business sector.

What Jobs can you get with a Business Administration Degree? Detailed Answer

If you are thinking of taking a college program in business, one question that will come to your mind before taking the decision is: “What jobs can you get with a business administration degree?

This post seeks to fully answer this question so that you can make an informed decision whether or not you want to pursue a career in business administration.

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In the corporate world of business, there are multifarious fields a business administration degree graduate can find him/herself in, ranging from government establishments, private businesses, the banking industry, to human resources, business analysis, and marketing.

A business administration career is available in almost every area imaginable and holds a promising job outlook as companies and firms are always in need of sound managers, financial advisors, accountants, and strong leaders.

Business administration degree holders are well-positioned for these positions as they possess the required skills, such as excellent communication skills, leadership and good decision making skills.

The indispensability of business administrators has led to the popularity of the course as a favorite amongst undergraduates around the globe.

Business administration takes the top spot as the most popular course studied in the U.S and Australia as published by USAToday College and Rediff.

It also goes ahead to be the second most popular subject in the U.K as published by The Telegraph.

The popularity of business administration degree can be attributed to the necessary skills it provides for one to stand out from the crowd of applicants seeking positions in a variety of careers, as well as the job market competitiveness it creates.

As a business administration degree holder, you do not have to worry much about what you can do with your qualification as there are lots of opportunities in the business world where you can apply your skills and knowledge.

Now, what can you do with a business administration degree?

Here is the breakdown:

What can you do with a Business Administration Associate’s Degree?

There are several job options available for business administration Associate’s degree holders; these job opportunities span from the administrative field to the sales industry, real estate business, and accounting department to mention but a few.

A 2-year Associate’s degree program is a valuable academic course of study that furnishes students with a solid footing in business practices, provides them with knowledge of management, as well as effective communication and critical thinking skills.

Getting an Associate’s degree in business administration offers an understanding of economic principles, marketing methods, and the ability to utilize computer systems and technology in the expansion of businesses.

This is why a business admin Associate’s holder can go ahead to get a job in various sectors or decide on academic advancement thereby pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.

The jobs business administration Associate’s degree holders can get include positions as:

1. Accountant: Their duties involve preparing a company’s asset and liability through account analysis; they keep record of financial transactions and proffer financial advice.
2. Office Manager: They specialize in the design and implementation of office policies, maintenance of office systems and staff supervision.
3. Real Estate Broker: They broker deals between property buyers and sellers to strike a good bargain and fair price for land and house properties.
4. Sales Agent: Their job entails sales of company products and services, conducting market research/survey for a client’s products, management of customers’ calls and inquiries about products/services, and presentation of research and survey reports to upper level management.

Business administration Associate’s degree holders in their capacity can also find roles as human resources manager, operations manager, insurance sales agent, trade worker, administrative assistant, and legal secretary among a host of other job options.

Their salary falls in the range of $29,815-$61,110 for female earners and $31,853-$70,625 for male earners according to a recent statistic by Payscale.

What can you do with a Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree?

To increase career professionalism and remuneration, a Bachelor’s degree in business administration comes in handy to provide students with the required knowledge and management of business operations, as well as the organization of people, proper resource management and decision making skills.

A holder of Bachelor’s in business admin can compete favorably for entry-level positions when pitted against their Associate’s degree counterparts to secure positions as:

1. Budget Analyst: Performs planning and implementation of business budgets for private firms, public and/or government establishment
2. Corporate Auditor: Specializes in monitoring of a company’s financial records and tax.
3. Economist: Surveys and carries out research on how to use raw materials and resources to manufacture products.
4. Human Resources: Oversees and supervises the recruitment, hiring, interview, and welfare of a company’s staff
5. Contract Negotiator: Serves as an intermediary between two or more organizations helping them broker a fair deal with good results.

According to Payscale, the salary for Bachelor of business administration graduates is estimated to be in the range $35,693-$72,566 for female earners and then $39,090-$85,846 for male earners.

What can you do with a Business Administration Master’s or Doctorate Degree?

For holders of the highly revered Master’s of Business Administration and higher degrees, there are several things you can do with your degree; choice career paths ranging from fields in finance, marketing, technology, business, and accounting are available to you.

Holders of MBA usually secure top level management positions as financial advisors, marketing managers, I.T. Directors, logisticians, sales directors, operations managers, senior accountants, health services managers, and chief financial officers.

He/she can also get a job as a business development manager.

Their salary range is pegged at $42,995-$100,230 for female earners and $51,859-$123,892 for male earners, according to Payscale projections.


With a degree in business administration, you would have gained valuable management skills and business knowledge, which give you the opportunity to get into various job positions and establish your desired career. It is also a highly-rated professional course with a positive job outlook.